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 Dec 2014
abstract eyes
In the morning, when I’m still in my dreams
I wake to you, tangled in my sheets

I picture us like this forever and on
I’ll be the night sky, you’ll be the stars
I know I'm young but, the world could be ours

Can’t you see

Dear paris,
you come and you go
It’s been months now
and I can’t let you go

I can’t believe that im stuck like this
I know im young, but its me that you’ll miss

Can’t you see

In this nightmare of within and without
Its sin and its doubt
And its you

I'll be the window in your room
I can show you outside but I can't push you through

Can’t you see

When I close my eyes I see us there
With neither doubt or worry
Neither name nor despair

The only thing that saves me
is the hope I hold within
I’ll see you in my sleep, love
I’ll stay that way to win

Can’t you See

In the morning, when I’m still in my dreams
I’ll wake to you, tangled in my sheets
a song
 Dec 2014
Westley Barnes
Blood felt in a caress
Was the last gift of love I sent you home with.
My thoughts gently clinging to the curled ends
of your hair.
The moon bright as a baby's skin
The wind from the sea leaving nothing untouched

I could think of a Springsteen lyric
but this isn't the summer
and my clothes cling too tightly
To this body which I intend only to please you.

I think instead of a friend telling me of a power-out
When he lived in a minor Chinese mainland city of seven or 8 million
And how all he could see for  miles around for an entire week afterwards
was smog.
And I contrast that
With when in the relatively far west of this tiny island
We stood laughing in wonder at how the stars hung so closely down on us
And how smog is all that fills my head
When I try to remember words you use
When you speak of the moon.
 Dec 2014
Haydn Swan
If I held out my hand
would you take it ?
it's warmth ready to permeate your soul
but what would it tell you of me ?
the scar on my finger
the wrinkling skin
the crooked pinkie
the gnarl on my thumb
stories to be told
if you would only take hold.

— The End —