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Colin Makgill Mar 2020
What if years after the butterflies, and after the fire and ash has settled there is nothing but the pooling of guts. The detritus that lies smitten with various bacterial lineages, and a hot ooze that overboiled from the seams of your heart now are being slowly engulfed; Mesmerised by the steady beats and thumps, the fissioning crowd wells in awe, clawing, a cacophony of enzymes heaving toward the heavy membrane. Swell; where trichogramma turns to ask the orchid floating among the horizon: what do parasites contribute to an ecosystem?
Perhaps the cumulative swarm of such chemically catalytic beasts, towering, twisting, spitting emulate the acute plasmic oxygenation of a flame. A perhaps.
Such are perhaps.
Colin Makgill Feb 2018
Watching the monsters sleep and slumber
A masked owl whispers and wanders
Tree bark yawns with the break of twilight
Flames cackle casting embers of amber and seething whites
A cauldron of fireflies crash amongst the leaves
With the winter breeze hurling them throughout the sky
A mouse hurries late for it's meeting in the old shed
Where the spider lies back stretching in her web
The stars roll around laughing about something bright that was said
The moon sighs overhead while clouds encircle the lunar light
Puddles shiver and grasses bloom with frost bite
The aching orchard hums a tune of summer nights
Colin Makgill Feb 2018
And they pulled up their hands
After soaking themselves in space
Took a breath and began blowing sand
Forged from dust amongst an age of waves
Where clouds of ash could fall like snowflakes
And their embers rained
A storm of ore was gently sprayed
Over the pattern of valleys and figment shapes
The rocky canvas flooded with pigment and seething grains
As shadows played against the flame
They lay in a wake of clay and paint
Bellowing songs of ancestors throughout the cave
Colin Makgill Feb 2018
A cycle of rain and nitrogen
And everything looks a lot like mud
But that's where the stuff grows you know
Where the ancients have fallen
Cause here's a place too sow seeds you see
To spread your wings and fall over and over again
Rest easy
Crash your waves
Flood the sky
Sink into the earth
As here's a place made for no mortal
That's why the sun and stars came to play
Colin Makgill Feb 2018
Whatever a smiling ocean is
With its grin as wide as dunes
And its lips pressed to the moon
Walking with the creatures of the deep
Where magma crawls and the rocks creep
Through sandy meadows filled with reefs and scales
And a stormy shadow of sunken sails
You'll see the sun piercing through
Where all you can breathe is blue
Colin Makgill Jan 2018
Dancing round the fire pit
As you cut and burn your hair
Casting stars and spirits a flame
With your amber coloured braid
Thicken the air with talk
Bash rocks and sharpen spears
Crossed legs under a withered night sky
A game of meteorites
Fireflies and mosquito bites
The shine of rain
Your smile coarse in my veins
Colin Makgill Jan 2018
Acorn, maize and hawthorn
baby we were all born from light
beaten broken shattered
maybe we won't matter
if matter is all that we like
so its come to this
an abyss of crazy ****
****** out torn from fright
hazy from a kiss
crossed out promises
we got boxes of it
dreams of sailing the night
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