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GC May 21
she is magnificent, she is beautiful, she is enough
right now
she is a queen, deserving of her own love & attention
she's a runner, she loves SCI-FI, she loves cooking & reading
she is a good friend, nurturing herself and those around her
shes competitive, but in the sense that she has fun when playing
she takes care of herself, tracks her habits, and monitors behavior
she approaches blockages & sees them as they are
she protects her heart from invaders & limits the world
access to her heart is valuable
she dreams BIG
she does NOT settle
how did I get so lucky to be her
thank you, universe
GC Apr 19
So much space
So much content to consume all around me
One year ago today
I was in your arms for the first time
My heart belonged to my image of you
My future, my path
Enraptured by your presence
Everything left into a nicely wrapped question mark
Bolded by your aura
By the scent of you
My fingers touching your skin, holding your weight

Today I am free

Mentally and emotionally separate from you
From all
I've cocooned my heart because I know what she needs
She's preparing for the life she's always dreamed of
GC Apr 18
I can see clearly now
how loving all my pieces will set me free
how its been that way all along
how I'm capable of doing anything I want with this life

I don't really know what that thing is that I'm meant for

but I do know that I'm going to find it
  Apr 2 GC
My feet
Hips lined up
Just so,
Arms reaching,
I settle
Into stillness
And notice
The twist
In my breath
My body
I follow,
And belong.
GC Feb 1
I miss you
The legacy you left behind
No witness aside from these eyes

My mind replays that night
Your body cold and still

Blood on your forehead
In your eyes

I'm only here because of you
I'm only me because of you

I breathe in for the both of us
Keep you here
Each moment you're reborn

I'm only here because of you
Because of you
GC Oct 2019
Wow I've been gone

So distracted

Feels like the universe is just sending me distraction after distraction

Just not getting the lesson

Come on Gabby

Don't you see you're not pushing

You're not thriving and I'm watching you

I'm watching as you lose your sense of self

What sense do you think will last forever

It's like you took two steps forward after already knowing it's all going to fall in

Why are we here again

Crossroads of love

You just can't get enough of them
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