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Cody Gartner Sep 2016
While you're out walking, or working,
don't forget to hold that thought,
and just enjoy being in the world.
You are happening,
at the same time you're out there,
walking, or working.
© Cody Gartner. All rights reserved
Cody Gartner Aug 2016
I was told by someone
I never met before, today
to write down what I really want,
and where I would like to go,
and put it away somewhere close.
And to watch for those opportunities,
and they will come around.
I'm going to try that.
© Cody Gartner. All rights reserved
Cody Gartner Jul 2015
The most valuable possession you will own in your life is your name.
And life is long, it will give you all the time you need to love yourself.
Those special words that mean You
© Cody Gartner. All rights reserved
Cody Gartner May 2015
He had a blue heart, that was pure gold.
As musicians, there's a lot we can learn from
The King;
In that one note,
Can sound like the world in you.

Rest In Paradise,
BB King
(September 16, 1925 – May 14, 2015)
Cody Gartner Oct 2014
Love is found, above the waves,

In a sea it's whispered, sleep.

Above where schools of stars, fly with fish,

and below, swimming footprints.

Only where he dreams, she being drawn in,

And she dreams away with him,

Is drawn in the sands.

Two splashes of gravity,

painting one, whirlpool of sight.

Time, tireless to mix their colors together,

revealing the depths of love,

if only, for what only is

one day in time.

By, Cody Gartner
© Cody Gartner. All rights reserved
Cody Gartner Aug 2014
We stand,
among the past;
alike present,

We love,
perfect, as partials;
as surely as numbers
count, to two.

We reach,
to scale heights;
of the multitude,
in the multiple
of our fingers.

We breath,
as though as
if the babe;
faith, at this new

To stand, we breath,
To love, we reach,
out to, and to all,
when need be,
walk with them.

A sure footing,
to close a distance
ourselves have yet to share.
To an extent found
as thin; yet as hidden
in air.

In a world
we are people;
here, to there.

In a prayer
we are people;
hear, to there.

But when we,
as close as people,
can reach closer
We stand, we love, we breath,
we reach, In prayer.


By, Cody Gartner 5/4/12
© Cody Gartner. All rights reserved
Cody Gartner Aug 2014
A storm of the heart, beats--

As nightingales nest their voices,

Amongst the tumultuous of trees.

And through the bellow of icy trills,

cast away their voices

afar and part, as nets--

Of vessels of gold; dens of straw.

Nestlings of knotted hearts, and tidal ribbons;

flowing above an endless sea of night.

Chorales of silver winged stars,

shimmering down

to where all things lay withered,

And dark; numberless acreages sleep.

A soul globes, crystalline halo

above a dream in solitude.

By, Cody Gartner 8.2.14
© Cody Gartner. All rights reserved
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