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 Dec 2013 CM Rice
Mike Hauser
i started out this morning
determined to remember the things i forgot
and those things in my life
that I could not
turn off the bitter cold
that resides within the hot
that's how I started out this morning
to remember the things I forgot

as the day progresses
i travel to where it is i've been
stepped into the revolving door
and revolved around again
back out on the inside
where it all began
that's how the day progresses
look at where i've been

as evening participates
bringing with it a knowing surprise
so as not to give it away
i close my one open eye
living for this moment
like a man who has just died
that's how my evening participates
is anyone surprised

this day has been a wonder
as i wonder where i'm at
counting on my fingers
to see what i have left
as i slide through this life
leaving out what has been said
this day has been a wonder
as i wonder where i'm at
 Dec 2013 CM Rice
Is this what it feels like?
To be strange yet accepted?
To be not okay yet okay?
To be loved yet hated?

I am my own abhorrence
And this seems to slip away
unnoticed for other humans
 Dec 2013 CM Rice
 Dec 2013 CM Rice
Don’t give up she whispered
But deep down she knew she would
One day
She will fade
She will vanish
They might cry
But hey ! they would never die
They didn't care from the beginning
So why should she try ?
She's tired
She could never please them
She could never be like " them "
She's not normal
She knows
She knows ……
 Dec 2013 CM Rice
i see you in the silence
and the blanks of
mind. crazy how violence
says more about love
and its power. the contrast
is fading unlike your
eyebrows, and the last
drop of sanity hits the floor.
thoughts of you as
your actual presence,
because your absence has
finished its evanescence.
 Dec 2013 CM Rice
Bright Eyes
 Dec 2013 CM Rice
I have songs on my phone
that remind me of my father
I listen to them on the longest rides home
in December,
They keep me warm
when my car is ready
To surrender
To the winter
And I have songs on mixed CD's
that remind me of my ex boyfriend
I listen to them on the
way to class at nine in the morning
They tell me that I'm worthy
of love, even if Love wanders
There are songs on the radio
that have woken me up
five days out of the week
for four years straight
and songs that have cradled me to sleep,
just the same

I don't need you to sing into my voice mail
or string together notes that sound
like my hands feel
If you sit beside me long enough,
I'll hear your laugh in
a Bright Eyes song at
Seven in the morning
Just when I feel like
I can hardly go on
You'll surface beneath my chest
And sing into my lungs
Until I catch my breath...
*If you sit beside me long enough
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