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Cora Lee Aug 2016
He's rebellious
But I won't tell...

He's cried twice today
But always strongest.

He's empathetic
But a formidable temper.

He's a sweetheart
But impenetrable walls.

He's rebellious
But they'll never know...

He'll make a good soldier.
Cora Lee Aug 2016
Waiting eagerly for her to strike
To double you over in your own haste
Scramble to escape the fervor bestowed upon you
Burdening you

Obediently kneeling
Praying for that glorious slap in the face
To fling you into action

Inspiration's slave.
Cora Lee Jan 2015
I do not envy ignorance.
We are breakable.
We are fearful.
But we are human.

I do not wish anyone an end.
We can be cruel.
We can be fake.
But we are all human

And to be human is to be beautiful.

We are kind.
We are proud.
We are curious.
We are resilient.
We are vulnerable.
We are meaningful.
We are human.

And we humans are so *beautiful...
Cora Lee Dec 2014
I have good intentions,
I promise.

I'm doing my best,
I promise.

I want to help you,
I promise.

I'm a good person!
Please listen to me, I promise you I am!

I need you to understand me...
Cora Lee Dec 2014
I have weird habits like:
Avoiding capital 'n's because they look harsh.
Eating food in the shower.
Only matching socks when I'm sad.
Always finishing a started book.
Wringing hands, tapping feet, shaking legs.
Talking to myself.
Always having a song stuck in my head.
Watching myself do everyday things.
Adding a squeak to the end of a sneeze.
Talking like a littler person when I am nervous.
Swallowing my food strangely.
Refusing to sit properly.

I don't understand:
Thumb twiddling.
The school system.
How pi was defined.
Brand names.
Cooked vegetables.
Lip gloss.
People that dislike reading.
My step mom.
High heels and flip flops.
Why there are wars.

I love:
Peanut butter.
Random knowledge.
My boyfriend.
Brushing my teeth.
Anime and Manga.
Patterns and colors.
My family.
Writing utensils.
Loud music.
Floor rugs.
My best friend.
Tiny containers.
Kind strangers.
Window shopping.

And your inconsequentialities -
May I discover them, dear?
I ache to know these things of you that define us all.
Cora Lee Jul 2014
Letter to the Letter K:
To my favorite letter,

You are incredible. Present in the coarsest and most uncommon of words, you confound me. Your asymmetry is balanced by your astonishing performances. How I envy you, striking Letter K...

Letter to the Letter B:
To the letter that most irritates me,

You are infuriating. You are not soft enough to be considered delicate, yet not hard enough to be considered harsh. You include your self in words beautiful and bulky, bold and benign, never making up your mind. You are frustrating, Letter B...
Cora Lee Jul 2014
Don't turn to religion and
Don't get ****** in.
Hundreds of 'good-doers'
Eradicating sin.

They'll tear you down
To build up their throne,
Tell you there's no other way.

They'll take you in
To spit you out,
Tell you you're impure.

Turn to the rest and
Don't be contained.
Hundreds of outcasts
One and the same.

They'll tear you down
To build up his throne,
Teach you all his ways.

They'll take you in
To let you out.
They'll show you that you can be good...
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