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I think I must know
what it is to be a seed:
buried and hoping
  Jan 10 Emily Williams
If I were blessed enough
To have you in my arms
I would savor you
Like the finest wine
Explore you
Like treasured ruins
And trace your body
With fire at my fingertips
My own ritual of worship
To a living masterpiece
  Nov 2019 Emily Williams
My sunset is
Your sunrise
I feel far from you and
I miss you, my sunshine
Emily Williams Nov 2019
No longer am I
afraid of the sun, let its
rays turn me golden
I don't need to hide anymore
Emily Williams Apr 2019
The dawn is still
the air is sweet,
the rain-soaked earth
beneath my feet

My gaze is soft
my mind is clear-
no longer are
any torrents near

Gone are looming fogs
and howling gales-
pock marked hoods, the only
lingering evidence of hail

While the winds whipped,
and power surged-
cramped in a musty shelter
My heart urged: "Emerge, emerge!"

Gently creeping over fallen
leaves and brush,
sometimes destruction
is a necessary push

After the storm,
the return of me.

All I needed-
only room to breathe,
only room to be.
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