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clem turner Mar 25
tell me how all the clouds
seem to float when i close
my eyes. do they stand, do
they stare? when the turn,
do they look behind? when
i drop to my knees, when i
grab at the grass below me,
do they even bat an eye?
what am i when you have the
sky? what's below when you
have the sky?
clem turner Mar 25
i sing a song to you
with lyrics i can't even pronounce,
with lyrics that predate words,

and when the time comes
and i clock myself and i
crawl out of my skin,
and the worst life i wrote
becomes my own,
and when my hands start
to curl and sharpen and
i'm not thinking clearly,
and when the night crashes
down into my haven built
for one,
and when my eyes close
and my heartbeat dies
and i can't feel a thing,

i will remember this.
i will remember i've been making half a bed.
clem turner Jul 2019
i see you
and i wonder when this will end -
when the honeymoon phase will end
[because it always does]
and we'll have to pack our bags
and ride back to our home
after a few weeks in paradise.

how the deciduous trees will transform
into eyesores,
life sour without the view of palm trees
or the smell of sunscreen.
wrote this awhile ago... yikes.
clem turner Jan 2019
step out of your bones for awhile
let my voice soothe you,
just let me drive.

you've been thinking too hard.

sit back.
you have time to relax,
before they come back;
and dig their fingernails in:
an attack.

i'll keep you safe.
my hands, like headphones,
framing your face.
close your eyes i'll take you

i'll squeeze your shoulder
like a promise.
if you can trust me
with three minutes.
my words, immortal
in your pocket.

you've been thinking too hard.
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