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clem turner Mar 26
my, how the day is looking.
so bright for such a bleak, dull plan -
something inside must be aching.
if you needed a sign,
i'm your man.

[the crowd you've drawn seems to disapprove,
though you can't see them,
your back to the terminal
and your toes hanging over the
edge of the platform]
clem turner Mar 13
hay un demonio,
plagado de gripe
se desploma en su silla
on el pelo, mojado, en su cara.

Un demonio estornuda.

"Dios te bendiga", dice su ángel.

Un demonio mira fijamente.
i'm in spanish class
clem turner Jan 24
step out of your bones for awhile
let my voice soothe you,
just let me drive.

you've been thinking too hard.

sit back.
you have time to relax,
before they come back;
and dig their fingernails in:
an attack.

i'll keep you safe.
my hands, like headphones,
framing your face.
close your eyes i'll take you

i'll squeeze your shoulder
like a promise.
if you can trust me
with three minutes.
my words, immortal
in your pocket.

you've been thinking too hard.
clem turner Oct 2018
here i go: i'm jumping
like i'm meant to do.

i keep getting emails from accidental subscriptions
like an old ex-beau or something,
i don't know.

i had thought blindly that it would all come to this:
an image drawn with pixie sticks
and Elmer's glue.

how many words are left inside my tired head?
i'd really like to try and find them
if i can.
clem turner Oct 2018
he steps outside and is hit with that blast of air,
unfamiliar to his skin after hours of warmth
inside his friend's home,
late-fall sinking into his starch-stiff sleeves.

his shoes drag him to the curb,
his steadily freezing fingers fishing his phone from his pocket, opening Lyft.

maybe placing his trust eggs in the basket of an unfeeling application is foolish,
but this is better than having no basket.

he'll take better care of this one
He's smashed his basket a few times in the past.
It's taken him a long time to reconstruct.
clem turner Sep 2018
i was hoping you’d have gotten it by now
i thought you said that you were good at these guessing games,
yet, i still didn’t want to call you out.
u know these lyrics sound much better without names

but if you need me to,
i can write this out to use:
pay attention to the letters and the words
if you’ll just listen close
you’ll hear me crying out to you
by name.

i was hoping you’d have understood these songs
i crafted carefully and i carved initials into
wooden hearts and boxes made with love.
a lot of effort, a lot of time, for no reward.

but if you need a call,
i’ll pretend that i don’t care at all
i’ll jump alone into a volcano
to survive in “the friend zone,”
you’ll hear me crying out to you
by name.
does this make sense
clem turner Sep 2018
he smoked enough for two in the afternoon
and he'd say it's not the stress, he's just bored
but his jokes, though just as dark as before,
don't feel like jokes anymore.

he smokes to cope until all of his skin is burning
and his tongue is like a treacherous guest
he sends his texts at 3 am to Unrequited Beloved
and responses he wants, he won't get
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