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Apr 2015 · 563
ruby stains Apr 2015
i am, (U L T I M A T E L Y, )the
dea;th and the re[trib  ution:: of th}}is w/retch'd human race.
катарсис : catharsis in kazakh form
Mar 2015 · 576
Feb 2015 · 8.4k
fight me then.
ruby stains Feb 2015
that *******
is **white and
anyone who sees blue and black is batshit crazy. thank you~
Feb 2015 · 891
i like(dot dot dot)
ruby stains Feb 2015
i like the typ<e tha?t's
dif}feren\t th=an
me in every way and
fo ^rm * (it'll h_]urt if th-ey hu"rt me
'cause:: i know *if that
were m'e//, i neve:/r w
ould'a done it) ,

i like the type that'll
always make me la
h ev%en whe^n i can't
bre##athe (even though
it'd bu
rn and const
that, right the+re, wo[u
ld be h ea v)en).

i like the type that won't ob
e_ss over me as i obs@ess
ov$er the m;(wouldn't wann
a put 'em throu
gh that kin*da
m is e r      ,y.)
this is getting worse.
(honestly i wanted to make this sweet, but it just never happened)
Feb 2015 · 726
ruby stains Feb 2015
any nu::)mber and
you'd b r. -eak witho
ut a c!lue. ?

yo{u're not s}}ad;
nah, that ain't you.
you're _just [giving up
on razor-thin notic.e/
θνησιγενές : stillborn in greek form.
Feb 2015 · 691
ruby stains Feb 2015
she _pouts and juts out
he,r bot'tom l;ip and you fight
not to ca.tch it be-
tween your aching teeth.}

[she's pouting because you
wouldn't say i love you back
when she knew :(damn;)
well she didn't c*a re.]
valentýna : valentine's day in czech form.
Feb 2015 · 837
u etti raqami bo'lsa,
ruby stains Feb 2015
she was like the B L A R E of
an a(la)/r..m *******at 5a,,m;
an unpleasant neces-sity.
it's been too much of an effort to open up the add a poem page and go through the process of it all. i am on an unofficial hiatus; started a few weeks ago, but it's here and it's crippling.

u etti raqami bo'lsa, : if she was number seven in uzbek form.
Jan 2015 · 448
ruby stains Jan 2015
i am not a poet.

i do[can]not {will[can]not, is
what i'll do} write about the way the ******* trees bow in the ::deep-bone-ache-inducing:: wind like tranquil hummingbirds on a warm spring morn;"<could if i would>

i do[can]not {absolutely will[can]not, you know?} write about how i feel or how my heart broke or how my heart skipped or stopped or tumbled from my chest;'would if i coul d

i do[can]not {trust me when i say
i do[can]n't, please do} write about the
way i carry my life because i

f/ e a(n}
d cottonise and wrap my words in carbonated silk and polyest
er because i am no more than two twiddling thumb;s and too many cups of tea.

ciously apart of the 98%
and counting, is what i am.

::i spit lines at three am and shoot out'a bed with my lips moving with preprocessed words kissing my breath yet i forget more than half of it before i reach the pen and my skin::

veidmainystė : hypocrisy in lithuanian I form
Jan 2015 · 873
lažna uzbuna
ruby stains Jan 2015
insert iliads on how i'm b_o;ken and forgot how to b rea{t:h/e
lažna uzbuna : false alarm in bosnian form
Jan 2015 · 447
ruby stains Jan 2015
and a good fellow, he was. bitter ale and fluctuating throbs of the heart quite end'd him.
ఆవిధంగా : eulogy in telugu form
Jan 2015 · 1.0k
kéo lại phía sau
ruby stains Jan 2015
st.ulysses called
nonsense, is what it is.
kéo lại phía sau : pull back in vietnamese form
Jan 2015 · 802
ruby stains Jan 2015
hook-line- and -sin k er.
water {rises, festers. ;sits:
line comes up empty.
you almost had her in your grasp, but she used to be on track team as a kid and you never were athletic.
Jan 2015 · 536
ruby stains Jan 2015
dawn breaks like fine c h
i n a. opens with hinges rus
y as age/old *cracks.
a haiku thing
Jan 2015 · 441
miriona tāra pēpi
ruby stains Jan 2015
yeah, she laughs [that's what got her *<big>,, that laugh that breaks ricochetting h e a rts and puts three--month--old(s) to shame}
but her heel broke at four am on her way out your back door and her mascara hates rainy days (::and, oh, it was rainy.;;
miriona tāra pēpi : million dollar baby in maorian form.
Jan 2015 · 864
si era el número seis
ruby stains Jan 2015
she was like ]open doors
and [closed windows; she only
closed up the things that
let you l o o k i n .
*{only let you in with shutters drawn and lights dimmed because eyes are the win(dows to the s o ul.}
si era el número seis : if she was number six in spanish form.
Jan 2015 · 447
галт тайван
ruby stains Jan 2015
like summer rain,
she osculated flames.
[my feeble attempt at rhyming.]
галт тайван : fiery calm in mongolian form//osculate: to kiss
Jan 2015 · 414
ruby stains Jan 2015
old age g)
(rows fa.

täysikasvuinen : grown in finnish form
Jan 2015 · 1.4k
kui ta oli number viis
ruby stains Jan 2015
she was like a thread-bare
cotton sweater; she needed to be turned  inside//out when w:ash*ed.
kui ta oli number viis : if she was number five in estonian form
Jan 2015 · 1.5k
chúc mừng năm mới
ruby stains Jan 2015
happy new year-
may your days be
long-lasting and
. }haha, get it? you'll never ******* s l e//e p. you'll lie awake every ;night, bottle of scotch and a phone bill that's l  o n , g overdue (you only got away with it so long 'cause you've been sleeping with your network *service provider) in your palms and wish you were a <child< again.

*new year, new (me)*'
chúc mừng năm mới : happy mew year in vietnamese form
Dec 2014 · 1.7k
ruby stains Dec 2014
she tosses her head back and laughs, white teeth flashing and soft skin escaping your aching lips, pulling you in by your shirt collar and showing you künä.
1. trócaire : mercy in irish form
2. künä : sin in kazakh form
Dec 2014 · 507
tęsknię za tobą
ruby stains Dec 2014
she tasted like
cough drops and lonely
tęsknię za tobą : miss you in polish form
ruby stains Dec 2014
"mama, why don't
we have a t r e e like
the other kids?"
kalėdų vaišės numeris du : christmas cheer in lituanian form
ruby stains Dec 2014
"hey, mama,
the eggnog tastes
  f u n n y."
jól fagnaðarlæti númer eitt : christmas cheer number one in icelandic form
ruby stains Dec 2014
she was like taking a
::picture:: with a video camera;
she couldn't capture
///ever yt hi n g.///
Ва агар он зан чаҳор шумораи буд : if she was number four in tajik form
Dec 2014 · 573
ne ju përshëndesin
ruby stains Dec 2014
and ((ano^ther)) one bite
s the dust; *god bless america.
ne ju përshëndesin : we salute you in albanian form.
ruby stains Dec 2014
as a kid, i never really knew
what the heart had to do with love. like, love is this ::
{bea.utiful} thing, but our hearts are these ****** hunks of meat that sit beneath our ribs and get that [blue/red] substance through your bones.

(where the **** did it come from, that idiotic interpretation of an emotion? why tie it to something so repuls i ve?)

you tell me your heart was skippin' right out'a your chest and all the way to north of philly an' back, i'd laugh in your face and tell you that love came from your brain, not your adrenaline-flushed ::heart::. i'd say it like the ****** little ten-year-old ***** i was, and i'd make you believe me, too.

but, honestly, that hidden truth has finally snuck up under my eyelids and permeated -yes, i know
and i mean it- my heart.

i know now that love is responsible for mending your heart or breaking it or filling it to the brim or speeding it up or making it skip a beat or drop to your curled or thud gently against someone else's bare skin and, jesus, it's kinda ******* beautiful once i actually think about it. like, a simple emotion has the power to tug apart and lead the pieces out (single file, mind you) one by one.
exégèse sur le mouvement perpétuel du cœur : exegeis on the heart's perpetual motion.
ruby stains Dec 2014
she was like the thick
(::layer::) of dust on
an old lightbulb;
*hazardous to the )l u ,n g s.
ja viņa bija skaits ir trīs : if she was number three in latvian form
Dec 2014 · 383
ruby stains Dec 2014
**** heartbreak
**** lonely nights
**** missing the taste of iloveyou on beer-numb {lips} and |tongue|
**** fallin outta sticky-sweet delirium
[show me love so i may learn to hurt quite so.]
unavený : jaded in czech form
Dec 2014 · 165
ruby stains Dec 2014
please contact the staff if you would like to post this content.
lollus : ******* in estonian form.
Dec 2014 · 225
o iki numaralı olsaydı
ruby stains Dec 2014
she was like the
{puddles of water} that
kiss summer rays;
o iki numaralı olsaydı : if she was number two in turkish form
Dec 2014 · 282
keď bola číslo jedna
ruby stains Dec 2014
she was like those /light-
up sketchers/ {or a} <pair> of
worn out h e e l y  . s;
keď bola číslo jedna : if she was number one in javanese form
Dec 2014 · 1.4k
lokan lori ọrọ
ruby stains Dec 2014
[eyes gazing out beneath heavy lids]
i've done that a lot lately, walking
[mind twenty-odd miles away]
into doors that haven't been opened
[feet move faster than my head]
yet, fingers clenched around a ****
[nose hits first; check for blood]
that's only been halfway turned.
[won't happen again, sweartofuckinggod]
lokan lori ọrọ : mind over matter in yoruba form
Dec 2014 · 358
en être loin
ruby stains Dec 2014
how my heart wish'd to/
along with those that sat wispily[wispy as the barren trees that thin out toward the unforgiving east; shan't i venture there, rest my weary soul]
beneath dusty lofts of liquid gold
[it shone brighter than the stars above, the gold did, and it blind'd me quite so]and compress'd waves of bitter contempt.
[their lives were good, the lives of the wealthy: they died young and wild, lungs choking and burning on year-old ale and *** and their lovers laying desolately at their selfish sides. and yet, they hold the right to say they lived, to say they took life by the throat and tugged.]
en être **** : far cry in french form
Dec 2014 · 224
ventilatori a soffitto
ruby stains Dec 2014
yes, that's the one that's
spinning; but it's not the one
i pulled{motors w h e e z e}.
ventilatori a soffitto : ceiling fans in italian form.
Dec 2014 · 347
ruby stains Dec 2014
she was leaning against the rim of the golden gate bridge, the cars whizzing past her and tossing her dark hair up around her upturned face. a cigarette was hanging past her lips, her lipstick leaving ::
ruby stains. she glanced over at you [caught your eye, is what she did], pulled the cigarette from her lips, and

gave you a

s.mile(all teeth, no light

behind those eyes). you turned away

{quick} after that.
prohlídka : sight-seeing in czech form
Dec 2014 · 210
ruby stains Dec 2014
too much for me. head pounding::heart thumps; an insistent beat that turned my [skull to mush.chest constricts] a bit and palms were sticky with sweat and vision was clouding a bit. (****, what am I gonna do?)
ängstlich : anxious in german form
Dec 2014 · 250
ruby stains Dec 2014
i'm slumped in some shady ally behind some shady bar with shady people and my head is pounding and i don't see you until you blow a stream of smoke in my eyes and the soon-to-be-familiar scent of cinnamon and chocolate wraps around me.
sonderlinge : quaint in afrikkans form
Dec 2014 · 157
ruby stains Dec 2014
wind bites into my skin
eyes stare straight ahead
and you won't {look at me}
*why won't you look at me?
štucanje : hiccup in bosnian form
Dec 2014 · 319
ruby stains Dec 2014
would you still love my aching soul
(oh, how my bones punc;tured and ble'd) if my lips were reduced to ash /it would coat your skin as it does mine, mind your heavy heart/and my heart clawed and thrashed and fluctuated through my whisper-rimmed ears?
périr : perish in french form
Dec 2014 · 207
ruby stains Dec 2014
thou canst only be but an a p p a r i t i o n with a vast and oily
heart (sewn from wings, it was); a
prolonged skip that traps thy breath;
carries thy heart so thou shall be no more than an
int.ake of \air\
οπτασία : apparition in greek form
ruby stains Dec 2014
oh, how the heavy-laden
ore wishes to be
as gr ace ful as
stone. S)
प्रक्षेप्य : projectile in hindi form
Dec 2014 · 337
ruby stains Dec 2014
flickering tendrils lick at thy

skin; plethora of gasoline and propane

/s h a t t e r . t h e e/
пожар : fire in bulgarian form
ruby stains Dec 2014
stony silence; not a
w. ord/not a sound. (rusty
ice pick *chips a way
เรื่อยก้าวร้าว : passive aggressive in thai form
Dec 2014 · 403
ruby stains Dec 2014
stained with ink/lead/twists
words fill\lines\fill\spaces\fill
e mpt yh e a . rts::*find home.
akwụkwọ : paper in igbo
Dec 2014 · 289
ruby stains Dec 2014
fingertips /ache/ and raise
to t(rembling .li.p.s)
excutite= shake in latin form
Dec 2014 · 558
dé luain
ruby stains Dec 2014
heart up

(skips; j


breath cat-

ches on

e t w o t h r e e

.hair (tugs)

hands twist i

n frenzied locks;

slip s t g r o u g h.

(sleep escapes you:

dreams pur

dé luain : irish form of monday

— The End —