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In a dusty room, dark, in your heart’s blindspot, right there, behind the fold...

there sits

The untiring, my untying, a flame, fatal, that preys, pierces, pulls and dances down...

down, go down, then see the smoldering and  flowered flame... a fire that passes into once humbled hearts, stuttering till it shoots, straight to a shop work and sunken soul, it presses, presses, push into paste, now all to ash... with ash it chokes, with ash that never ask if it may that blind you... I cough when I remember your scent, choking... choking, choking, bound and blue by all those that dare not defend, those that dare to pretend that they could haunt like you,

haunted damnation  , when I dare to dream that diurnal oasis daydream...

daydream illusions, illusory in that final form, fill up the day, flicker flame, flicker unfaded forever more, moreover may we emerge, emerge again, each day resilient, always arisen, rising again and again unbroken; unbroken and unbound as the spherical shadow sits against an aged and golden summer sky...

hold, held now, the grip, that grip, a grip of a million thoughts, the grip of a gaggle of lunatics; the lunacy of those madmen screaming, maniacal men with their long claws...

“Come now”, I pull, pull away, scratched but unsullied, away with my tense and tethered thoughts, thoughts of a woman; where is she?

oh woman, woman of pure and pallid beauty; tell me of tomorrow, pretend to portend, promise me it is there burning so still inside you”...

still, still I stood, stood inside that stillness, so sullen and so clear eyed in the realization that, I would eye a thousand faces just to see you...

you, you stole, stole the thunder, and laughed at lightning, with your hips held down, writhing when I witnessed, witnessed and watched you with a holy cutting cold glance, insisting i ”hurt you in a good way”, pleading for more, in the sacramental haze of an eternal disorder...

now willow, wisp, widen, wake and open my once violent, violet, and envied eyes... because I, I was empty, emptied and forever falling, into the gravity of you, you and your irises aflame pulling me hard like 10,000 planets, each with 10,000 suns, sparked when I saw you stroll so serpentine in red *******...

pull, pull back now drawn, drawn in and dripped like warm candle wax... down, down, do it, dance away like those storied flames, for martyrs mind not the Solomon sacrifice of the final flame’s immolation ...

naive, naive as the spring, naive as children caught in an illusory and smokey future... the churlish, chided, child’s lament, lamenting now those souls, our souls, souls sewn cold, souls once so elusive...

trapped in a vacuum

a souls will burn until extinguished... go, gone, gone, unable to burn, to blast a fire, for in a furnace, a furnace gone cold, it’s where we are found **forever jealous of the once animated, deoxygenated unheated and hateful heart
I want her look of unholy deliverance

that moment
Suspension In A Centrifuge:::  
That perfect tunnel vision:::

My Dress rehearsal for Idolatry
bind me, a dolt, adult
Call me perpetual adolescence
deoxygenated default, setting in blue

so set me as the center of your universe
***** my temple, ego ******* edification

a dullards magnum opus, an apoplectic deity

when the script become predictive,
post or pre-mortem
predicated upon Walmart storylines
and nine live felines...

but we are bound by blue light specials to be
***** plain, vanquished vanilla

in a box store store morality, box store love, box store exsanguination
a new metric of mortality
the new math for the bloodless
Domineering padawan
Does it tire...
To twist..
The Fabian

With a curtsy (and courtesy)
Collect from among those
cardiac pieces:::
... calloused and cool though you may be:::

Vacuum the ventricles:: until theres
a void:::
a neat freak knows no need for
Vascular residue.

A match worn tango
told long ago...
Sulfur enigma, ensnared then engaged,
But enflamed (inflames?)
I want the validation
of a smile...
   The delineation  
of a ******..
Absent in the raunchy rancor
of forbidden reciprocated touch...

On a cold cotton sheet canvas
I want
green eyes genuflecting.
Bound to blonde...

the pitter patter of your ******* as they slide stochastically
moan... “pull hard”
provides a perfected poetry on dour days

In a vacuum is where I want to meet you
a placated peace.
the beautiful insulation..
of beatified incantations...
a world absent of our impediments
the dour demographics:::

the siren’s song beckons
       it’s more than just a taunting tune,
it’s a pursed lip
to peruse your flesh.
Don't let your heart give way to atrophy
The callous comfort of routine::
The easiest choice/the hardest challenge
A world dopesick on the obscene  

Right, absence makes the heart grow fonder?
What about hackneyed mornings?
A world of eternal night"?
Do they remove?
Do they lobotomize?
Pull you tidal drift toward your plight

Make my heart incapable to feel
Galvanize now my spine
For what’s ahead augers Apollonian
It requires steel, transcends supine
The fog in your voice
gives you away
Dulled edges of your corporate dowery
sabers once sharp creases

You have found your numbing
Come now constant fuzziness:::the unfocused clarity of routine
You rise, you sleep

Daily you dial in for low fidelity love
swallow it down (what taste?)
To become a centerpiece in someone else’s dream
Come now
Long suffering is the pantomime princess

Like street mimes
piously pounding ******* invisible boxes
our prison is absurd
Faustian love burned the wax of assembled wings
Wetting the eyes of those below
Burned and willfully blind
A near summer soaked nostalgia
sweet backseat demands
Banal Black night memory  
Shared sweat upon our hands

I pull your legs close, summon that smell
braille read breast, i’m near you, soft tactile tell
Of lust longed known of, that potion, so well
in an iris, I fear you, drip sacred, your spell

Still, it’s not your fault
magnets make no choices
Like Homeric Epics
with siren voices:::

Epilogue:I held firm to our makeshift daydream and
wrote an endless novel hoping...
can you will lucid memories true?
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