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I was born 1987 december 07
Christ was born 1986 december 012
I was laid in the woods stud 5 years old
Played hide and seek
He found his his
I've laid then
as I laid found not my body hide and seek
I say I he sue
I have me

@ vreden van clarissa
Batman ride car mobile swerving back

Let me rides,
given to school bois,
made a deal
he said aight
after I said i wont scam
though others lended
or was it both?
well theres Youngbloodz:
straight cars lining
me aint cool with them taking
so I ordered my car
after firing in the air saying dont move.
one heated
i said dont get out as he moving out,
i shot a gun towards him out so ther
was wind
killah all like dont
well im in my vehicle
and they also took his car
i didnt know that was his car
calling the po
about his car by he
and we got them cars back

ps I shot the gun before the wind
It's so annoying,
tired of talking about they as he she etc.
They talk about my body as a 2nd sanction
a body to *****, ****, ****, eat dinner on
they are also the ones who are the ones that are about the fames
such disgrace
my generation Y
over that they **** on souls to have their
© Clarissa C. van Vreden
it has a lot of faults,
your story,
has a lot of unsaid
your story
has a lot of knowledge

Your story is epic,
but yet so strange as of right now: Bland

The thought of it explanation,
gets you eery instead of laughable because of

You felt you couldn't explain it better?

Your story,


PS: Do tell because that is why you feel this way

© Clarissa C. van Vreden
A quick poem about explaining a story true to your heart
Once upon a poetrical road
lied a force be told
A struck down of gloom,
starry eyed suprise
tumbling down fell hard
at by my toes.
It's weak how but it glows.
I aimed to pick it up as it started to float reminiscing it's good bye to where I realized I could see,
because of the light.

© Clarissa C. van Vreden
In terms of energy I'm by the sea
a topped to bottoming sky down
from another out of control World
holding on to object,
letting go a bit too deep
not realizing where I am
as I'm almost drowning...
found a fin and took it to near sand
"we're looking for someone without clothes" as sun shine begins to dim,
I ask the lady beside me to borrow something.
A turn in the wind has me back under, by the polars to a jump down at waterfall...
Hanging on to a rock, it turns;
and I turn into light, a buddha
yet they still come attack
as the light of my own self shines to me really, I awaken closing my eyes- to a follower: A man that says he is simply trying to be the me as a man vesion: Immitating me like a reflection...
So bizarre that he could be the man, I'd see agreeing with me and seemingly so kind with all same values though it's be one of those, what is your opinion? & When I'm tired of asking a reason for this man being good, I forget. I no longer have a reason.

© Clarissa C. van Vreden
Where there once was a willow tree, out-broke some purple Daisy flowers. Indeed smelling of lavender. The grass grew dim and the sun always setting. Where there was a will was a way reminded the willow tree. Birds seemed to re-speech what was said. Crows my loveliest animals out of this bunch, just because... Well there was a book about a wishing well they've all heard of- far away. Here the rain was enough supply- The mothers, all friends- the fathers also. My favorite was pumpkin soup.
They stayed living to out the smell of something sleepy. The willow tree became like the wishing well, and here we all are, solemnly.

© Clarissa C. van Vreden
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