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You can be whatever it is
You can be lively
or deadly
Self lonely

You can be boring
You can be sad
You can be energetic
or fad like even

So, going ahead with
you are my sunshine
you’ve been near my thoughts of death,
I’ve been alone
It’s been boring, and sad
although I’m energetic
roses are red,
violets are blue

this poem is to me- to you
i’m whatever it is

dear poem,
you are my sunshine my only sunshine
without you I’d be dead
I am alone
It can be boring and depressing: Life
Although I’m energetic
roses are red,
violets are rest,
rest in read

© Clarissa C. van Vreden
Snippy green cans,
snippet snippet snippet
See or Soil?
There is a bubble burst-
in ever reimbursement
Sprite can soda can "pop"
Yellow label crossed on your eyes
Like the sun had taken it all in your sips
Bottle bop
***** reimbursed
liquid liquid cold and burst-less
the rain cannot take thee awake away
the ***** cannot make you a stay alright
Else, or Ever
We all have our knick and knacks
we all favor a certain to-doing
but this soda pop ain't nothing but a G. thing baby
cool splash of mid summer run rain pouring,
what you own

© Clarissa C. van Vreden
Limbo on a boat
went dim-oh-on-a-coat
Sinful on the loot
and non forgetful of the put-
Shine of liars, feud of party empire,
flings on dock
to mesmerize 8
Lying, down on silk wood - still,
seeking the stars as on appeared where art thou _?
Trees never tired,
plants: A fade,
whilst the flowers have had something to prove...

© Clarissa C. van Vreden
I was sitting drowning on a pencil colors of all sorts of red and yellow and green my water drew dim as the blue began to mellow I wasn’t wearing any gloves but I was naked and socks it was a small little puddle with lipstick smeared to purple my mascara drew thin as there came a glistening mellow below my cheeks made of the bluest droplets hitting the water bellow she started to cry as she realized, the epic part about this poem is that it was okay to cry in a puddle

© Clarissa C. van Vreden
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