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There once was a girl, (little) who grew up in a town called West. She noticed snakes were, admiring her because she was free. One definitely went in. How does it come out? Tactic. Though how does it there? Wanting to come back in.
In flowers boom
dusts of red and maroon
fire red as noon
sprung a little
that there's life
that there's life
amongst the ignite
Thorns in pieces
light as eases
no one saw
the ignition that went off
though who's no one
when the bombs has been there at all.
Spirits called
at the Quake.
A relativity at non hand
not a mistake
A relativity of grounding
for men who left the going fire
in the blooms of myre.
Earth is where we need to be
As soul is human
Spirit is for the human
human deflates at death
Rising above and beyond
Where? What entacts us?
What ignites us?
A reminder of where we need to be
is this Planet.
I boom. You boom. Mothers boom.
Sparkles of you, you, you.
Fire as infinite,
that there's life that there's life
amongst we the people.
Flowers intact - grass grows, butterflies form.
Light shines.
Everyone sees. Stay grounded.
Earth, recall: The Planet.

by Clarissa van Vreden
She snads voice to a similarity
if you tell her to please be on with her tune more
she repeats the voice of your soul
She's lied to her husband all along of not able too understand his incoming senses
She tries to move her voice abouts to mine as so before with her tune
to a all alongingness of repetition of yours.
There's evil in her vide
this is why
what a creep in those days my gosh
i killed a little boy told him he was a tarantula
and he believed it
so on the boat,
there was the female i considered real friend
but that was a ******
and ****** my friend
that is why back then I had a trail of spiders in my neck
I lived with that!

© Clarissa C. van Vreden
as a female you should only feel **** when you **** or when you *******
that white stuff is good
it's from the insides of your skin
eventually you get your period
and that's normal
that leaking throughout the day if that exists: en-wronged. It's not normal.

© Clarissa C. van Vreden
Now i understand,
chose snow lady
snow babe
She need to cook!
He wants stars
He loved them
Sometimes in later day
he turns evil because he chose stars
Understood daddy
that 3rd one biggest say mistake of my life,
the made of love.
Ha-ha! Yeah. Ha-ha!
PS DAD: I need to be able to write.

© Clarissa C. van Vreden
it's just poetry no harsh feelings
Train wreck not much like it
step by step letting with guidance struck out trust
of some establishing
lettering dissaray
confusion dispers
after setting it free
From here beyond a body of ocean and land in land
lies a boy
Needing a rely on needy boy?
It's much like that with getting those type of answers,
kind of definetely
If you don't love him then, he'll go frantic
So is it time to stop-writing-about-this
Bonding seems cliche
but that bond…
I hear you and that I do not not alone consider love,
I consider you
because we bonded
and letting free
isn't easy
Though in this cliche tragedy,
I'd probably wound back at *******
but let free?
In that passage,
thank you, freely

© Clarissa C. van Vreden
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