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We are two screens away from each other,
I am already melting at the thought of having you this close,
My spirit is high, transported in the momentum of us making one,
I'm here sitting eagerly waiting to have a message or call from you...
I added my crish on facebook but we not talking nor chatting yet since our first meeting this explains the poem
I wish I could keep you to love you more,
I wish I could keep you to touch you more,
I wish I could keep you to be under your spell more,
I wish I could keep you so we would lovemake some more,
I wish I could keep you so we travel the milky way some more together,
My wishes when it comes to you are limitless,
More of you is all I wish...
Them leaving my life was not the end,
You entering it was just another

Your kindness heals me,
Your caring soothes me,
You making one with me embellishes me....

My healing!
What was your best time of the day?
             Now, with you at the end of the line...
I know that we left the level of making one,
       In order to rejoin this level of just being
My comfort zone has evolved
My dynamic has altered
My air has renewed
My pace is skyrocketing
My goals are reached
Can't you see
It's my shift
My skin looks better
They say my hair is thicker
That my skin is softer
That the girl gave place
To the woman
It's my shift
When my world gets wider
And my dreams draw closer
The whole Universe is speaking
"Clarencine shift!"
The 9 in the 2019
Is now giving birth to the greatness in
My Daughter's name shall be "Bloom"
And the meaning of my name
Shall stay "clarity"
And God says
You are the light of this world
The Salt of this Earth
Fearfully and Wonderfully made
Fully stepping into
Stand strong, splash in the streams
Of water like a flash,
Letting it wash
Your pain
Like it has never been
Queen of Victory
Arise, Reign and Conquer
For New territories
And horizons
Are at sight
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