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Claire A Jacobs Dec 2014
No sound nothing, almost like before birth, before realization of life itself. In seconds I felt the pressure condense on my back and in an intense pain as  I hit the rocky shore.
My vision blurred by the blinding life giver. My ears  are filled with screeches, squeals and other peculiar unheard  sounds.
I find my self surrounded by large oval shaped rocks and lakes seething with life of all forms.
beyond this rock filled world I see the familiar blue from which I belong.
The life giver attacks me with such wrath that the cooling water sizzles from my body, cooking me as if for a treat for some larger being. I scurry for shade under a near by rock. Under the shade I could feel a cooling breeze sweep over me. As  I crawl further and further under the rock I find myself being slowly in a known feeling, the chilled waters make me feel like I am home.
Out of exhaustion I collapse and stay unable to move for for what feels like a life time. I let the water wash over me, becoming part of the landscape devolving to a rock.
Until instinct wafts a smell so enticing, so magnificent that my claws move automatically, searching for a taste of heaven.
Dodging between looming boulders, sniffing around as my blood hound instinct kicks in.
I front of me I find this large succulent piece of meat. I begin to feast recognizing the texture and taste as algae and salmon.
My stomach satisfied with all my nutrients rein-burst my body begins to strengthen bursting energy in me outward a feeling of a fight still within me.  
I crawled from rock to rock looking for my next meal. Diving in and out of pools fighting off others for meals and shelter feeling invincible in a world where I am king.
As the life giver to swelter slowly ******* all the surrounding watering holes dry. I look for shelter under a rock near the cliffs at the end  of this world.
I lay there, peaceful undisturbed almost sinking into my dreams.
All at once the rocks begin to shake rippling the water around me. the large rock I lay under begin to levitate and then lands a distance away.
Shocked and scared, pleading with the life giver and the familiar blue that the worst is over, but I know I cursed myself as soon as I thought that I ruled this world.
Standing a hundred thousand times taller than I, was a horrifying, mysterious beast that surly owned these parts.
This beast lent down and picked me up with its disproportionately small tentacles. It holds me up to its odd fleshy face and I think please let my death be quick, but instead it just stares at me inspecting me, rubbing my shell as if to polish me as some prize. It starts rumbling creating large vibrations down my body like it was trying to converse with me.
As a last and futile attempt, I strike at its flesh but its soft flesh is impervious to my hardest crunch. Having crushed snails shells with less, I realize I am doomed to what ever fate this unusual demon has in-store.
It brings me across the entire land in seconds like a flying beasts I have admired from above, This one used two long tentacles to jump from rock to rock.
It brings me over to a gathering of its species but to my horror the one holding me was the smallest of this gathering. It holds me up to its companions like an offering, they investigate me, rubbing me again but this time almost taunting me to snap at them, I try and fail.
They begin rumbling like earthquakes.
This is the end but again spares me for now and places me in a lake with a small amount of algae to eat. I stay there as I can see it watching me from a distance. Is it trying to fatten me before it eats me?
Am I part of some sort of cruel sport? Or a horrible experiment?
I stay there as this thing occasionally takes me out and focused its sights on me and vibrates waves from air from a hole in his face, then places me back in the water.
It starts bring other creatures back, other ***** like it was collecting us. We stay there too terrified to speak to one another, too baffled to know what we could say. Eventually it begins to take the other ***** out I cannot see where he puts them or more petrifying what he does with them.
I am left alone in this lake but I can still hear them in the distance pulsating the ground and water. Until silence, I can no longer see the shadowing figures, feel the shaking. All I can hear is the familiar blue whispering to me "you are safe".
I crawl out of the lake slowly to find my rock land being eaten by my friend the familiar blue and I understand its call, it is coming for me.
As it comes closer I too walk forward meeting it and as A wave crashes over me, sweeping me from the solid ground and tossing me into its warming body.
I think to myself, I am free.
This is actually a short story I did a few years ago.
I got the idea from going "crabbing" with a friends 10 year old child. All i could think about was how freaked out that crab must have been even though the child just thought he was making friends.

© Claire A. Jacobs. All rights reserved.
Claire A Jacobs Dec 2014
Center down, the dark grows.
Flickers of fire and purple.
The heat is intense like air being ****** out of every pour,
Flashes of insanity caught in moments of a touch
Over boiled flushes covered by a smile.
The cruel flustered intention
Caught in the void of desire and passion
These two false gods that I am bound to.
I have chosen slavery for a second of satisfaction.
This void enveloped my head.
© Claire A. Jacobs, All rights reserved
Claire A Jacobs Nov 2014
Stay still, don't move.
Drown in the people,
Absorb their thoughts and conversations.
They are all one, and I am their keeper.
Learning their expressions, the light in their eyes when they feel someones warmth
The nothingness when they are betrayed.
When I look in further, I find myself.
What do they think of this person, who is she?
I am an anigma.
© Claire A. Jacobs. All rights reserved
Claire A Jacobs Dec 2014
I am baffled by the ***** footprints you have left on my brain.
Knocked down by images of you and I.
Tense, you ****** me I grasp my thigh, drag me closer.
My body shakes, my heart thumps as my blood boils.
I slip.
There is no arms to catch me.
You are a flaming shadow of my imagination,
That grows cold as reality hits my vision.
Down I fall, unable to concentrate as unwanted desires take over.
Let me not need you.
Let me focus my sights on pointless knowledge.
Let me turn off this need to be loved,
Let me satisfy myself.
© Claire A. Jacobs. All rights reserved.
Claire A Jacobs Dec 2014
How fickle is the word love.
That word can be murmured, screamed and written as easily as the first line of this poem.
Is love obsolete, or is that word unable to express the grandeur of this emotion.
As my body over heats and my chest explodes within, it becomes clear.
Love is not enough.
It is too simplistic for that dark creature that lives in an attractive misty material.
Rose quarts, ruby, raw amber.
Amber as old as time, buried for years,  deserted and left to tarnish and become cold.
Given a hand to hold its rough body and smooth its uneven and faded exterior, this can reveal missing pieces of time and beauty that renders one breathless.
You are my anber
For Jimmy where ever he may go...

© Claire A. Jacobs. All rights reserved
Claire A Jacobs Dec 2014
Stuck in motion.
Falling through every path.
No control no boundaries
I see the earth stop,
But no time for the ground to slow me.
I become the particles of earth and slide through .
My way may not be paved in crystal but my mind is an arrow,
and the target is clear.
This journey is solo.
I hold my own torch and no damp weather will put me out.
© Claire A. Jacobs. All rights reserved.
Claire A Jacobs Dec 2014
I have nothing to prove or declare.
I only have my skin, my pulse,
and random electrons tracing through me.
It is nothingness,
Except what I make it.
© Claire A. Jacobs, All rights reserved.
Claire A Jacobs Dec 2014
Heavy clouds hang over me.
Condensing blood to my feet.
Unable to move faster than cement blocks decay.
Always three steps behind, never able to walk side by side.
Just close enough to be in your shadow.
Ignoramus decisions and moments of nonsensical muttering run through my mind.
I see those blank stares.
I am the fall from there rise.
My feet almost ready to burst and send me to another world,
A place between time and space itself, a place of nothing.
The splatters and explosion of red bellow blind me.
I feel that last moment  of pressure,
And I release myself.
© Claire A. Jacobs, All rights reserved.
Claire A Jacobs Dec 2014
I awoke into a morbid dream

A shadow realm of neither form nor scheme

A subdued mirage without shimmer or gleam  

A foul abomination

In this nightmarish realm of dread

Weary souls are tapped and bled

Demons feed, Spoil and spread

Like dengue in the hearts of men

This was surely a prison for the mind

Perhaps even beyond even gods reach

A place where dark kings rule and black priests preach

And life itself has been impeached

I writhed and recoiled in primordial plasma  

Managing a precise thought in my horror

“Is there not some chaperone

To guide me through this hell unknown

Some charitable entity

To which I could bond eternally”
This is a poem written by Joseph Canon, a friend of mine. He does not have an account but he is quit talented. I hope people enjoy :)

© Sean Byrne all rights reserved 2014
Claire A Jacobs Dec 2014
These four walls,
They speak to me.
One is even my lover
It holds me at night.
Their never changing words become cold,
They stare blankly back when I cry.
These four walls are closing in on me.
I can barely breath they **** my emotion,
Someone open that cracked door.
Someone paint these walls, so they cannot see me anymore.
Someone press their lips to mine and breath life back into my icy unmoved body.
© Claire A. Jacobs, All rights reserved.
Claire A Jacobs Dec 2014
To the unknown,
I cannot fasten words strong enough to show you my care.
You have taken my language so I can not comprehend, just as you will take a sliver of my heart and gallons of my blood,
So I can understand your pain.
I will save you from the savagery of emotion and the feelings of pointlessness.
I will protect you from the cruelty of man and the scorns of women.
You will never have to experience your heart being torn in two like you have done to mine.
The only thing I cannot keep you from is myself, my twenty first century sense of logic and my own bittersweet selflessness.
You are made of only love just as you will be let go in it.
Let that raw energy you were created from, let it shoot you into the night sky.
So you can experience everything that I will not.
© Claire A. Jacobs. All rights reserved.

— The End —