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everly 6d
i was your rations
sent from heaven to sustain you.

but you wanted more
and didn’t care for the simple things
and you chose to disregard
that i gave you life

there day by day
just enough

forgetting that all i was
milk and honey
and when you eventually got tired

that sweet stuff
that just enough-
the old me
was left
turning to worms

maybe it was meant to be
everly Feb 11
you are a survivor
you are silenced because the color
of your skin intimidates the ones with

your ancestors
your lineage
was strong
fighting everyday to get you
and this is what you make of them

that better place
all that fight and toil
to plant their seed and make a nation

for you to get here and their blood
to have a faint taste of freedom
to see you happy
never succumbing to the the foot of a lesser one
you are
the rich fruit that will never cease
to bear fruit

you are
another for black history month
everly Jan 30
now every time i smell
lemongrass and coconut
i will always remember how you
ghosted on me

and when i lit the wick in my bedroom
i let it crackle and take to the burning match
until a pool of smoldering hot wax developed
and i’d dip my finger in
and watch it solidify
then suspend my finger above the kind dancer flame and see it melt back into the candle cup

it’s all just a cycle
it’s going to burn at first but
i would love again.
everly Jan 30
sinister thoughts written
with heaven sent

she said she’d only known ****
but caress me like an angel..

she smirked with blood at the corners of her mouth.
i should’ve known that day that
she’d leave me for dead
at sunshine valley that night
it was still light out.

the car alarms never seemed to
stop screaming at me since.
tell them to stop
everly Jan 21
anxiety hit
the shakes followed
and the snow was hitting the house outside
surreal almost
sounding like pop rocks
in a moist throat.

oh she wanted to be held by
the strong hands of inner peace
she layed in bed and
prayed for forever as well
as now.
everly Jan 19
and the world is
and putrid and behind every corner
is a person plotting another’s demise
and i look up only to see swinging brown bodies
from the branches
dancing to the whistles of the wind
and the whites
seeing their downfall
from above their heads
the whites
afraid of the color they don’t know
the winds
up-taking their beings without permission
they nod as if they’ve done a noble deed
and i collapse from beneath the oak
from the stench of rotting flesh
and fallen hopes..
everly Jan 19
how can you turn a blind eye
to what we could be

i grab your hands and make them latch on
to my thighs
thighs that could give
a dead man life and so i
took your fingers and
trailed them all over
the bumps
and bruises
telling my story
all of what you don’t hear
choose not to see
yet feel
and ******
to embrace without letup..
don’t know what i was getting at but
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