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 Aug 2021 Cjf
Second stage.
 Aug 2021 Cjf
There is no song in the whole wide world that would be able to capture this sadness. I hear notes in my head, but they all fall flat. Dissonance dominates my peripheral and the ringing leaves me bruised. And confused. It takes my breath away whilst suffocating me.

There is only hurt. There is only pain. There is only anger here - deep rage.

A place to call home has burned down from these flames. And I am watching the last few embers flickering from a distance. A homage to one heart split in two. And there is no amount of glue that can salvage these ashes. Hell, there is not even love to latch onto.

There is only hurt. There is only pain. There is no peace here.

{"you made me hate this city"}
 Mar 2019 Cjf
James M Vines
I am up then I am down. I live on an emotional Merry go round. I never know who I will see in the mirror when I wake. I never know what kind of day it will make. My life is a mixed up cake full of pills. A discolored bottle is where I get my thrills. Pink, blue, white and green pills. Several times a day they make things very real. I live in a drug induced stupor, people call me brave, my mom says I am a real trooper. All I want is for the fog to go away, perhaps I can be the real me for just one day. How did life end up this way? This is not the existence I would have chosen, but I have personalities by the dozens. Being one of my many selves is not always appropriate, welcome to the world of my psychosis.
 Mar 2019 Cjf
Keith Wilson
Beware of this day
We need to be nervous
Julius Caesar was assassinated
Two hundred sailors drowned
in a cyclone
which Sank their warships
In 1952 Large amounts of rain
fell on a French island
in the Indian Ocean
I was in Egypt at the time
Sinai desert
No rain
 Mar 2019 Cjf
Keith Wilson
I walked the garden long in late evening
The sun was casting shadows on the rooftops
The garden sparkled from the raindrops after overnight rain
Everything feeling quite peaceful
 Mar 2019 Cjf
old summer days,
forgotten whispers crumble
mummbled the whisperer
carrying the begotten ways

marrying the sunshine
birthing the whistles and grey
a sinister mind occupied
riled by the golden rays

sat by the meadow's brook
pouring cigarette's in ashtray
petrified of the ways earth is shook
from seven sea's far away

as the dead men watch in horror,
the living, and the words they say
down the shore where they found a book
passed down from hands gone astray

down the shore where they found a corpse
too lost to see, for free to he who pays
drown the soul and bury the tree
or the river shall find way to the men of clay

so pour the sky some *** and see
a drunk asteroid void of any hissing parts
on its way to kiss the grinning sun
to death and until life does them apart

maybe this world inside my head
won't be just another tale if i take a pill
sing to me and don't make haste
else the wasted would fill the ill

sing to me and don't you wake
the poison in my veins harms and ****
bring to me your morning grace
the demon inside my brain has no will

i'm so ***** since i ate the thrill
filled the whisperer and now it's a song
on the television a summer plays
in a loop of silver they don't belong

outside the winter claws against a home
breaking free of the last whisper
frozen in ashes written on the stones
regretting the moment he kissed her

for the summer to spend
and mend into colours those don't fit
weaving a piece of a puzzle to sit
and mourn the ways to miss her more

breaking thunder for the pieces of me
this place where kid eats kid,
the science doesn't cut like a blade anymore.

 Aug 2018 Cjf
James M Vines
Faith is my shield and his word is my sword. I have been through many battles but I will stand for the Lord. In the shadow of the cross I will gladly lay my life down. So that my God may receive the glory and I can win the Victor's Crown. No one said my journey would be easy but I cannot leave a single soul behind. The Son of God gave me the victory, he paid a terrible cost. So one until I am called to his kingdom, I will stand up for the cross.
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