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Joaquin Sep 21
i am calm;
i found calmness
in my own darkness

i am calm;
there's no turmoil
within this soul of mine

i am calm;
can you see me smile
for i hide no  lies

i am not;
screams & whispers
inner demons run rampant
for i bear no heart

i am just a hallow shell
Joaquin Sep 21
I did everything,
I gave you everything.

Cant you see?
Just once.

Look at me.
And see me for my worth.
Joaquin Sep 21
every bit of achievements deserves a praise
love, i am proud on what you have become.

you deserve every praise i could imagine.
you deserve it all.

i just hope you could also be proud, on what I have become.
Joaquin Sep 21
i am proud
proud of the simple things you do;
proud that you got an A on your exam;
proud that you ace your quizzes;
proud that you got the right answer on your recitation;
proud that you got appointed to be the treasurer;
proud of your achievements;

i really am.

i am proud of the things you do that makes you, You.
Joaquin Aug 24
are we blind?

is it our mind;
perhaps our eyes

what we see is all but lies
for no one can see what lies ahead

a persons eye;
a door that leads to one's soul

are we blind?

perhaps we are
for humanity became a loss cause
  Jul 31 Joaquin
Patricia M
Pagibig, kamusta?
Ang tagal na natin hindi naguusap,
sana okay ka lang at hindi nagdurusa.
Papayag ka bang makipagkita?
O nasaktan ka na ba ng sobra at hindi mo na kaya.
Alam ko may pangako tayo sa isa't isa,
at binalewala ko lang na parang basura!
Patawarin mo ako at binitwan kita.
Pero sa isang pagkakataon muli pwede ba tayong magkita?
Kaya sa oras na ito,
Ang tanong ko lang sa iyo ay kamusta?
Alam ko ako ang may kasalanan nitong lahat!
Pero aking sinta kailangan ko lng malaman okay ka pa ba na tayong maging dalawa?
Meron ba akong second chance na makukuha?
O ayaw mo na dahil hindi mo na kaya.
Kaya pagibig kamusta?
Sana okay ka lang at hindi nagdurusa...
Its the first time i wrote in a different language
Joaquin Jul 12
it's you and me for all eternity, as we sat by the porch we built, at the house we bought, we grew older face each problem hand in hand, as we raise our children at the same house.

it's you and me for all eternity for better and for worse, but why?why? did an eternity became so short, you left me alone, left me too soon my love.

i thought it's you and me for all eternity; until that faithful day when you died and left me behind. such cruel world, now its just me sitting at the balcony on the apartment we stayed in.

i climbed the railings at the balcony and stand tall.
"my love, its you and me for all eternity, for i'll never love again" a gentle breeze comes and i closed  my eyes, a whisper"it's you and me for all eternity"
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