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 Oct 2015 Circa 1994
She is in love with the stars
All the unknowns, the expanse of the sky,
Tells me about the everything and nothingness,
Most times I don't really understand
Too infatuated with her eyes, wide and gleaming,
Twin Orions,

I try to explain to her my love affair with words
The everything and nothingness they hold
Recently her skies have been flooding my pages,
All the blacks and blues that hang high above
Staining my notebooks cover to cover
This study of celestial bodies
 Oct 2015 Circa 1994
 Oct 2015 Circa 1994
You took me to the water’s bank,
Knowing ever so well my weakness
 Oct 2015 Circa 1994
It's been a long time, can't tell since when.
It's been a long time, since I felt whole,
but I do feel it every now and then.
To pick up a pen and write down my soul.

To sing a mumble, this sad rumble.
Pretending I have a greater goal.
but under the truth of it, I crumble
and again, in weakness, I pay the toll.
Maybe next time it'll be a happier song.
 Oct 2015 Circa 1994
Why?* If we had such a great start,
to my bed I ask before I fall asleep,
while I'm trying not to fall apart,
before memories roll down my cheecks.

Did I made you inside my head?
Your smile nourished my soul
and now I'm starving in my bed.
You where all I could've imagined.

Did I made you inside my head?
I'd die for another night in your bed.
I'm not smart enough and I blame this heart.
 Oct 2015 Circa 1994
Aharon El
We're all connected
one way or another

But certain people give off a sort of glow
A wavelength

A Vibe

A vibe that either brings us together
                                                        ­                         or drives us apart

Your vibe grows radiant when you speak from your heart
It gives off that Afro-Cuban kind of funk

That smooth bass line that could either put a man to sleep
Or keep him up all night long
I prefer the latter
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