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I wanna give the universe something tough to digest.
I see it with a ******* up look on its face.
Puzzle the universe
Be like me.

I wanna create a gazillion variants of myself.
Each one degree further removed from the last.
Get in line now
Be more like me.

I wanna dissolve the unsurety left over from a thousand
Races that have died out.
Know yourself
Fight the knowledge.

I want to invade the space left by your mind when it rushed
Out to find itself.
Mommy left you
Never forget it.

I want to condition the part of you that takes care of plants
But forgets to turn the light off.
Darkness is a blessing
Only if you let it.

I want to take aim at the eternal you and forever change it.
You are cascading now.
How does it feel
You restless thumb sucker.

You want me to change you, feed you, and take you outside.
I am your new mom.
Momma's gonna buy you
A mocking bird.

You want harassment, a harness, an igloo, and idioms.
I am the fire that will melt them all.
Listen to me
Your time has come.
Cindi Jean Kelly May 2015
Don't forget me
Don't let me fall


You're strong
Hold me up


I can feel myself fading away
I can feel my own ghost haunt me


..I'm not ready to disappear
Cindi Jean Kelly May 2015
I watch your pupils waltz across the room
I feel the scatter of stars as your eyes catch mine
I smell your cologne as you pull me into your universe
I hear nothing but the breaths you take, that collide with my neck in embrace

I want nothing but your everything

I want you to capture my soul through my lips
I want you to feel the burn of my smile as you pull me with you
I want you to smell the musky rose I chose to wear for tonight
I want you to hear my every emotion when I say goodbye

Thank you for the dance.
as he stared at her from afar
in a sweet, loving gaze,
with sweaty palms and a hesitating voice,
he never really realized
that someone else
loves him the same way he loves her.
- a. f
Cindi Jean Kelly Mar 2015
She stares in the mirror as her enemy stares back

She paints her face white and she dyes her hair black

She lifts up her shirt and presses her fat

She deepens her scars to rid her soul of that
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