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Cierra Thomas Mar 2021
Wrestling with the unknown
Is it healthy?
Not really because you worry yourself,
driving yourself insane.
But it’s something about figuring it all out that’s so addicting.
When will you learn that worrying about tomorrow is too much for today?
Today brings forth its own problems.

Choose to focus on the something that you can control, but ultimately choose to be happy.
  Mar 2021 Cierra Thomas
T'yana Thomas
A strong woman you are
Determined & Intelligent too

We disagreed often
Just like sisters do
Shared plenty of laughs;
Tears too
No one could replace u

My Dear Sister

**Sisters 4 Ever
Cierra Thomas Apr 2018
A few years ago I wrote a poem about my Fiance.. Now I write to my dear Husband.
I once said you were like the spark that got the fire going,
my love
you are the fire.
you bring sand to my beach.
you're like the water in my glass, in which you never leave half full.
you fill me with your love and dedication.
a lot of people can make me smile by doing something,
you my love?
you can make me smile by just being present.
I smile while watching you lay in bed
I smile while you talk about certain things
I smile when you dance (which is very rare) haha
I smile when you are upset (in my head) I have to pretend to be upset too
you just started this new cooking thing, even though I haven't tasted all of your delicious smelling dishes I want you to know that you being in my life is like a burst of savory flavors
bursting off of my tongue
such a delight
my love.
I savor every single waking moment we spend together and apart.
Thank you for all the happiness you've brought into my life! Truly.
Cierra Thomas Apr 2018
This is not a poem. I just want to express my gratitude and love for you as best as I can.

On this special day,
I would like to thank you for everything.
Your time spent.
Your Love.
Your patience.
I absolutely am truly blessed to have such an amazing husband and friend.
I've had a blast annoying and loving you over the years and I cannot wait to do the same in the future.
love is like crushed ice and you are like my favorite soda to drink
best of both worlds
really, you know how much you mean to me! I can compare you to food all day, so I wont start with that.  

I feel lucky to have you, I mean really, who gets to spend their life with their first love? like 3% of the human population.
did you know that we (scientist) only know about 4% of how the world was created (so they think) 96% is black matter.

see what I did there? I love when we talk about the solar system, my religious beliefs, and how you believe in the Big Bang Theory! haha. JK.  I love you babe! those days where it gets ruff for us, just know that you need to feed me is all. =)

Cierra Thomas Apr 2018
You seem tired.
Tired of the same old things.
Tired of the way every night ends
Tired of the way every morning begins.
Is it because of me?
Or is it because of me?
I use to be spontaneous.
You ever wonder why?
You ever think to back track and wonder why I seem so blue? So stagnet? So meh?
Maybe it’s because you’re not the only one who longs for creativity to.
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Cierra Thomas Apr 2018
Love so pure
I feel it like the morning wind brushing against my cheeks
Your heart beat
I feel it like waves of the ocean rising near the shore.
Your brown eyes, so heart melting
I feel your stares piercing my soul ever so gently.
You allowed me to blossom into a beautiful tulip and I am ever so thankful.
#Love #2018FirstPoem #Novice #StillGoodthough
feed back please! Thank you.
Cierra Thomas Nov 2016
This the **** I'm talkin' bout!
Why do you keep stressing me woman?
Leave me the hell alone! I'm watching the game got ******!

Later ....

Baby whatchu' doing? Come give me some loving!

Hell no charles! Love yourself. I'm going to bed.
... ******* *****
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