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chulisnaqui Jan 6
I have come to read your words
Full of sorrow as my soul wanders
Searching sites for answers
Yet it's always the same
Still no change
Complete unmotivation at every turn
Backed in a corner
As I suffer in silence
My walls have become my comfort
When asked how I am
A smile on my face and reply I'm fine :)
chulisnaqui Aug 2018
Seems to be too good to be true
The perfect life
The perfect house
The perfect town
While slowly dying inside
Your inconsistency consumed me
All alone in a crowded room is me
It's who I have become
Clawing my way to the top
But still dragged back down
No way out
Salty tears drank at all times of day
Nowhere to run
Not a soul to speak to
Swallow it all
To do it all again tomorrow
So Lost
chulisnaqui Feb 2016
How a single song can trigger mini movie clips
From Ne-yo to LL Cool J to Creed
I open my eyes and I am in my car
Laughing and Smiling by myself as I think of you
It smells like summer
So vivid I feel the warm breeze
On to the next song
I Jump on you full of joy as I look in disbelief as you creep up on me
Wishing I could pause and live there always
Living my mini movie clips on the daily
Blessed to have sunbeams light my life daily
So I will not pause
I will not miss out on making more movie clips that only we share
chulisnaqui Feb 2016
Seeing is believing
With meaningless words flowing through air
Stagnant in the maze we call life
Devoured by remorse
Pleading but not Wanting
That lifetime of battle
Who shall be victorious
You be the judge
chulisnaqui Jan 2016
Seduced by the words floating in my brain
Time to set them free
Disbelief consumes me
Expecting the worst
Lies or Vanishing
And nothing
Lots and Lots of Passion
Affection and Attention
So why the disbelief
Am I not worthy of feeling free
Good Question
A soul marked with pain at any time in life will always have that scar. They will question any and every little thing. Even in happiness. Much love to all my fellow poets
  Jan 2016 chulisnaqui
when solar winds
cause a freeze
and ships have doldrums
due to breeze

when roses wilt
because of dew
and broken clocks
are always true

when soldiers all
return from war
and vow that they
will fight no more

when the Jokers'
call the bluff
and the greedy
have enough

when redwoods fall
without a sound
and the canyons
regain ground

when all these things
are proven true
then i will stop


(C) 1/2/2016
Hope you had a great New Year's Day...
had to be brighter than mine!
I had the FLU! LOL!

I'm feeling better now, though.
Thanks for all the prayers and
new year's wishes. I appreciate you!
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