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Realize you are your own person. Reflect off of that and be your own leader of your soul. Make your own choices don't let anyone hold you back from your dream or dreams. Cut free the weights of burdens that are holding you down. Be your own flower and let yourself bloom. Show your soul of beautiful colors on your peddles, Don't back down from any Challenges you may face. Be yourself.
So many reasons truths and Lies And lies
covered with truth to make you believe its right.
If only there was a way to see through these truths
and see the lies for what they are. No way to know
what should we believe is it the truth or is it in
reality the truth covering up a lie?
Free the tormented soul
that lives within me.
Free the monster so that
I may sunder its anger
and find my way to its
heart to ease the pain
and suffering of the
tormented soul.
Allowing me control
before its to late.
When you slap the pool of water that your family is made up of It hurts them all and the water almost never settles. The ripples keep going along forever it seems. The hurt keeps going  but slows into a distant memory and yet never goes away and is always there as a reminder of what had happened.
Dreams What are we but ghosts without them? They make up our heart and souls and who we are. They give us a reason to do things and to move on. They are the fuel that keeps our minds free from the weights of nothingness that would otherwise drag us down into the abyss of a boring life. Follow your dreams in life even if they are huge never give up.
4 brothers born strong to withstand all that is thrown at us.
When we stand side by side we are adamant to all dangers or obsticals.
We protect eachother with our lives. When troubles or emotional times come we are there to be a sholder to cry on for eachother and to think of ways to overcome the problems. 4 Brothers born strong different parents brothers brought together by bonding friendships here foreachother for anything. 4 brothers born strong.
The irritable feeling of knowing something bad thats going to happen lingers all the time. This feeling never leaves my mind what to do what to say unkown possibility of what it could be and when it will happen. The world keeps turning everything moves on nonetheless. Should we prepair should we stay the same and keep moving on? Safe to say nothing has happend yet but will it happen? Knowing nothing of what it could be But knowing its going to happen.  But the world keeps turning seems that nothing changes.
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