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Boris Johnson is an unfunny clown
when I'm happy he makes me frown
an unelected fool but put in charge
of a country who also suffers Farage
with a UK in Brexit meltdown
A 2 ***** limerick ☺
I loathe the fear of my age
most of the planet are younger
than I in my envious loathing

The youth that own my once adolescence
scare me with their robotic ways
zombie eyed into small screens
oblivious to beauty and danger

Judge them not my ego pleas
were I born in this century
me too would be like them I suppose

They are the future keepers
of our climate changing world
so I must respect their insularity

Social awareness is played online
in a virtual world of non contact
of a physical nature

As humanity loses its senses
I lose all sense of what I knew
Not an attack on the young. An observation of technology challenging our very existence
Chris Neilson Sep 20
You left me in the best of times
of my health and relative youth
with more life ahead than behind
when still naive and a little uncouth

You returned in the worst of times
with my numbed scarred heart
still blaming my lack of intuition
before embarking on a new start

I stored the betrayal without knowing
what future deceit lay in wait
the guilty party now yours truly
as I ate the alluring forbidden bait

Two wrongs never made it right
we lost something along the way
a relationship built on shifting sand
but with you my soul evermore lay
Life experience
Chris Neilson Sep 15
We have to exit
our lives on the whole world stage
so new life can grow
We can't live forever
Chris Neilson Sep 11
When I found my poetry feet
they sent me on an excursion
without the aid of a Twitter tweet
from politicians like Nicola Sturgeon

They roved and roamed and rambled
and wandered and meandered
with gout they sometimes shambled
to places at best sub standard

Stumbling in to a rhyme zone
is no place for the faint hearted
poetry snobs would never condone
using rhymes like someones farted

It smells like trivial doggerel here
no genius from the ankle down
these plates weren't made for Shakespeare
I'll just end it with a Proper Noun (or not)
*plates is Cockney rhyming slang for feet
20 sparrows sitting in my hedge
a waiting area for the feeder
with just 4 perches accommodation
waiting in line behind their leader

Feathers flying in a series of tweets
like squabbling, wobbling British MPs
seeds flung to the ground below
I try not to think about their fleas

A cat lies in wait behind the bins
many failed attempts at bird homicide
too canny for black and white moggie
wherever he chooses to hide

These birdbrains tweet more than Donald Trump
they have a very similar intellect
between beaky and Trumplethinskin
I know which one I'd elect
Just watching the birds
When you're lost in space
no one can hear you scream
when you're lost in Hello Poetry
no poet can hear you scream
Tragically, sometimes the best poetry goes largely unread
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