We have wealth inequality
We have food banks
We have homelessness
We have electorate divisiveness
We have tactical voting
We have petty party politics
We have hard and soft brexits
We have a terrorist threat stuck on highly likely

We've had a self destructive war on terror
We've had Labour, Tories and Lib Dems
We've had the poll tax
We've had the bedroom tax
We've had income tax
We've had council tax
We've had road tax
We pay a TV licence fee

We used to have stiff upper lips
together with floppy fringes

Both have come off their hinges

Whenever any terrorist attack
is "successful" or foiled in the UK and Europe
it's inevitably reported that the attacker(s)
are "known to the police"
this simultaneously pisses every sane person off
and scares the crap out of us at the same time

Another one narrowly avoided in London

It's derby day today
Manchester red meets blue
I'm on about football
if you haven't a clue

I have my allegiance
but won't declare here
the pubs will be packed
and swimming in beer

Neighbour against neighbour
brother versus brother
one a fan of City
it's United for the other

I'm in a mixed marriage
we support opposite teams
do we watch it together?
in your dreams!!

You can feel the tension in Manchester today

Into the 23rd century with Shobna Gulati
a talented beautiful British born actress
of Indian heritage but born in Oldham
designer dress clad and usually backless

Famed for her various acting roles
on the big screen and in the theatre
Shobna and I went on a night out together
in the far flung distant future.

When I say distant, I mean really distant
in the 23rd century, year 2259
Shobna and I were the same age as now
don't worry I've not been on the wine

We are the perfect celebrity couple
the media coining us "Chribna"
an updated version of the 21st century
based on the has beens Brangelina

The world had evolved to a point
where there were no fueled cars,
just an intricate network of pathways
linking Earth all the way to Mars

Living together in a sprawling apartment
mostly taken up by Shobna's shoes
when invited to another celebrity party
to guzzle 23rd century booze

Shobna is very much a diva
taking hours to get herself ready
each revealing outfit tried on
being nothing more than a teddy

This is not 50 shades of Grey
that film was over 200 years old
I'm annoyed by her flirtatious nature
not by her bondage and blindfold

She's always the centre of attention
it's all about her to the world outside
even though I'm a gorgeous hunk of manhood
for her I'm only here for the ride

We reached the party on the first class Skypath
a 23rd century mode of transport
arriving at the party in seconds flat
without the need for an airport

Shobna got pissed again on spirits
as I sipped an "every fruit in the universe"
an organic beverage evolved on the moon
while her brazen behaviour got worse

I could hear the other women bitching
about her enviable figure and attitude
while many of the male guests
were lustfully imagining her nude

I left her to her own devices
our night now completely blown
so I left the party with a basic instinct
and a woman named Sharon Stone

OK, I may have taken this a little too far and out of context but who gives?

O return to me o elusive dream
make good your escape from my subconscious stream
please calm my frantic fevered brow
with thoughts detached from the here and now

Away with me to an island paradise
with serene tranquility to eternally entice
air of unpolluted freshness on my clear complexion
a piercing blue ocean for deep contemplation

Fresh fruits of the world to devour each day
no concept of time to bar my way
my life love to share this earthly heaven
no sins to count from one to seven

O elusive dream please visit again soon
wish me Godspeed afore the next blue moon

A twinkling lone star appears
adjacent to a waning moon
in breaking dawn's first light

Alone with my strident pain
save for the sparrows sunrise serenade
against a backdrop of obscure clouds

I view the courageous star
as a signpost to well-being
a biblical word to the wise

As the planet's axis spins
my life's journey gathers conviction
adversity a mere bump in the road

The blog's asking for earth poems so I'm re-posting this
Chris Neilson Apr 20

A diminutive multi-talent
came to this world to rock it
from planet Paisley Park
a purple pocket rocket

A Hendrix-esque guitarist
his voice forever chimes
a colourful dancing maelstrom
his lyrics a sign o the times

Million selling songs given away
on any selected fun day
nothing compared to him
even on a Manic Monday

A deeply flawed genius
damaged by his childhood
the doves cried on that April day
when the world never understood

We hope he found peace at last
living on through spirituality
his music his life's legacy
still lives and breathes vitality

Close to a year since the passing of Prince. I was never actually his biggest fan but never questioned his talent
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