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The sun sleeps so silently
Once upon this century
Souls are laid to rest
For my life I made a wish
For the wish I behold the night

"Oh how I wish for the sun to go down"
I wish to close my eyes and never wake up
I wish for darkness to last a lifetime
I wish to wake up and go down with the sun

"I wish to go down with the sun
Never to wake up
All my life I've been I've been stalked
Never knowing where to go"

I'd travel to a thousand worlds
Never knowing where to go,
Sadness has a human heart,
How I wish to go down with the sun

For my life I made wish,
I don't wish to suffer anymore
For I fear now the piano writing down my lines
The end to poet’s play
All those perfect people
I wish I was like them,
I wish I could mold them into my hands
Make them topple down
Like a chain reaction of dominos

Such perfect clay people
Standing so proud and tall
Like minds, they all think together
All those clay people will come breaking down

Society of clay, just the artist's tool,
Striking fear into the hearts of men
Brainwashed laws make perfect laws
Mold them all the same

Overthrow the mold of society
Topple the clay soldier's
Watch the fall
Watch them be molded

Take away the mold,
Clay people come breaking down
Brainwashed laws make perfect laws
Who would ever know?
Clay people stand the same
And they fall the same

Together I will make all the clay people fall
I wish I could have them
I wish they would all just fall down
Face down never to see a name.
Tonight I killed a boy
He raised his gun and shot
Never lived another day
Two days before him, he was my comrade
In the forests a dying oath
Just to save my own

Save me from this war,
Bleed me, Cut me, Save me,
All men fall,
Wars are fought between lonely man
End my pain, Just pull the plug
This wasn't my fight

One by One, my men fell
Before the sun could rise,
I was fighting for my life

"I respect those who defend their homeland
I pay homage to the dead
Their families turn their heads and shake
All alone you brought this guilt on me,
I can't take it anymore, call me a coward"

At home families wait for loved ones to return
But how can i tell them their son isn't alive?
Daunting eyes and cold backs
They await me at home
Their eyes turned away from the world
They are the last to see the hell we went through
And the last ones to feel pain

The ultimate high is for men to die,
A ruler´s tool, priest´s excuse, tyrant´s delight...
Just another method for containing power
All for personal wealth and satisfaction

Deliver me from this war,
I obey to ****, I **** to survive
Devils Damnation because of you
It's not for me, It's all for you
When do you think of others?
I suffer because of you
Inside you think I am ok?
Devils eternity because of you
Please Deliver me from this war.
One thousand years ago
We fought a war only men would fight
We played the weakest piece on the board

Why does King deserve to be King?
Why do we fight his war for greed?

Just a shepard's boy I am,
I crossed the Alps, I went afar
Playing the King's game

Down man's dark seductive path
Why has it become a dream to be free?

Today we are just children of the game
Pawned by the very men sworn to protect us
We are just soldiers of the game

One Thousand years ago
Man's greatest sin became his own kind
He betrayed the innocent
Enslaved the young making them his pawns

We marched over a thousand deserts
Woken up from this dream
Hell became our reality
We became the bearer of our master's rods

Man's greatest sin has become his downfall
While some children learn to read
Other's become clay fit to their master's desire
Bent to their very seductive desire

We fight your wars and feed your woman
We are just the children of your lesser God
We are just pawns of the game
So why has it become the deadliest sin to pawn us?
Born in darkness,locked up in solitude
This is the elegy of a dying man
The piano composing his lines
I wanted my heart to be his home

Walk within his forlorn poetry
His tale of innocence
Walk into his world and see
His love letter to nobody

His cross became is innocence
In the garden he knelt
He wrote for the man in Gethsemane
The nightingale sung his song

At last he drowned in beautiful eyes
When he slept the fox came
The serpent took his pride from him
The serpent that was the fox

"I am sorry my friends
There is more I wanted to say
There is more I wish I felt
Just another life filled with tears
Don't cry I am not worth crying for
This is my last note to you

If you should read this line remember not me
But remember this lonely verse
For it is the cry of a child at heart
Wanting only the comfort of his mother's arms
A chance to be loved as I loved you
Instead I took a kiss of death
My time has run out I fear not again
My time will go in vain
The cross was my innocence
I am sorry I wish there was more to say
Goodbye and dont cry for me
This is my last farewelll"
Descending through a dark hole
I dream of expanding arms
And a serene laughter around me
I dreamt my inner desires
I relieved my past
The feeling of a newborn drowning in his own tears
A fear I cannot escape in this lonely world

Why are all the emotions gone?
Why am I only loved when I am gone?

When am I gone will you remember me?
Will I become just another memory lost in time?

I drank from this goblet of poison
A dark seductive path man is on
I am alone and sick
Not loved but scared in this world

Where has the love gone?
Why is it the greatest crime to love me as I loved you?
I am dying and sick, a blind child feeling as
If the whole world was a illusion to him
My tale is a sad story waiting to be heard
Soon I will be cared for and free of human pain
Time gives nothing but a silent grave
Without innocence the cross would be only be irony.

— The End —