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Breathe into the nothingness
and the heavens open wide.
Dream about the obsidian night
and constellations glaze the sky.
Bask in the meadows of solace
and the soul nestles in warmth.
Dip your feet in cerulean waters
and ebbing grace spring forth.
Ignite like the forest fires
and from the ashes, rise anew.
Get drunk in the elixir of life
and take me with you.
Oh Amsterdam.
The lingering bells of a multitude of bicycles.
Clinging to the misty air.
Canal flows past.
Upon which dances sunlight.
A bundle of sparkles.
It's early morning in-situation.
The ladies of night, are still sat propped up sleepily.
Looking like they're wide awake.
The coffee shops seem to  never quit,they never seem to sleep.
Wake up and smell the coffee.
Delft grinders shaped as windmills turn and grind.
Oh to awaken in fair Amsterdam.
Dear Mr Smith

We can see that you have gone over your limit and it is sometimes unavoidable.

If you can not get back to your limit In the next week please get in contact to see what we can do.

We hope you soon heal your soul and fix the rates of a hurting heart as soon as possible.

There are daily fees of pain and suffering until you manage your account back to happiness.

Thanking you,

Manager at the Bank of Life
clawing at my mind
memories that are not mine
implanted as a powerful seed
hunger for more fueled by greed
envisioning surreal landscapes, places never seen
only within an imagination exists a country so serene
for it is not this era that I breathe
rather a time when the land was cherished beneath
footsteps resound down a dusty, old road
I watch breathless while the sands of time erode
phasing into the future, a place where I do not belong
the strings in my mind strum a sad, mournful song
as these strange memories align
memories that are not mine
thoughts from another time
one in which by chance existence was a bit more peaceful
perhaps memories are just as deceitful
when they are not mine
I don't know if I believe in reincarnation but I question all and claim to know nothing.
Tears cascade upon the Earth like meteorites
as we lie in the flower fields of India far away
I watch the sun rays play a story across your face
we whisper of past transgressions and travesties done to us
and how time moves slower here when we forget it all
we have waited so long to find this dream we pondered if it were real
we had at last found our way outside the worlds oblivious ways
gazing into each other we see our reflection lying in silence  
finally falling to sweet repose as the moonlight draws us within her sweet blanket
no other warmth needed but one another
Let me pick you apart
and kiss your mind
outer scars hold no relevance
within a presence like yours
I find I have been tossed to the gutters
time and time again
somehow, even in a dream state, I drag my way out
and find I still have a fire burning
although it has been diminished, minuscule
it thrives, seeking air to live
can I breathe you in, feed my flame
It's easy to burn bridges but
Unfair to think that they can be
Rebuilt with the same ease
With which they were destroyed.
Where do men go when they can’t sleep
Up the river to a place where time passes like dreams
Their breath slips in and out of consciousness
While their hands tremble under the new fears

Feet crack under the pressure
Through the seams seep puddles of fresh water
That washes away the hollow men that stare and linger
They sway together like a feather as it collides with the earth

Bed in hand the men lie
Clutching onto the only thing that makes it clear
Time is just a passing thought
Bones quietly melt away

Far beneath are the sounds of waves
And the rustling of leaves
The sun dances about the sky
Painting in vibrant colors every memory of their sin
This time it won’t wash away
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