My heart is a glacier, icy and cold,
transparent but also shielded to be behold.
While not wanting to sense a feeling,
it is always searching and unremittingly yealing.

Sometimes it wants to be left alone,
to deal with discomposure you have sown.
But then desolation and solitude appear
and I feel like hearing your whisper in my ear.

'You think you know everything about me?'
'No one really knows a person' I raise the plea.
'For there are secrets we all conceal,
deep down beneath the surface we hide it with zeal.'

But don't you know that you melted my ice?
You caused avalanches but it didn't suffice
You forced it to guarantee you boundless admission
and sneaked about without my permission.

It wasn't long before you found out,
some waters are too profound to nuzzle about.
And if you ignore the warnings and go down deep,
You will find yourself buried in the interminable steep.

Chrissy S Sep 6

Gone is the ravishing light,
The warmth of the daily sun.
Replaced by darkness and night,
With a spark that is all but dun.

At the pitch-black evening sky,
A lonely star is shining bright.
His arms hung up by a tie
Watching down to see the plight.

He sees the misery and blackness
Of every human soul and race;
Sees the unconceivable vastness
And the infinity of outer space.

But do not be afraid my dear;
Your star can still shine bright,
And if you gaze up to the hemisphere
He will but end his fight.

He turns darkness to sparkling gleam,
To make sure you'll find your way.
For in light lies revelation
To help you get back whenever you stray.

Chrissy S Sep 6

Walking through the pouring rain,
autumn mist clouding my sight
dead leaves falling onto the lonely lane,
Everything I did, I did in vain.

Do you remember the lovely day?
We were thumbling and falling down
dancing among wild flowers and clay
until the dazzling sunlight faded away.

Oh darling how I would love to attain
This cloudy path with you hand in hand;
Walking from past into future in falling rain
How I would love to walk with you this desolate lane.

Chrissy S Oct 2016

Standing on a secluded cliff,
Turning my eyes to the sea.
I try to net with the smallest sniff
What freedom and oblivion may be.

The waves crashing onto the rocky shore,
Each one inevitably fading away;
no longer being part of the bore,
but instead washing over the cay.

I wonder how it feels giving up to the stream;
My lungs filled with endless devotion.
For I realize the waves crashing to be redeemed
DonĀ“t matter as long as they're part of the ocean.

— The End —