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I tried so hard to let you know what I feel
How insensitive of you not to feel
I cried so hard to let you know
But it's as if it's just nothing to you

How insensitive  you are
All the  memories seems like they're so far
Maybe I expected too much
And see how shattered  I am
To pieces
People judge you for who you are.
They always have something to say
Even if, they don't know the real story.
They'll talk about you silently from behind.

You can't blame them.
They don't have something to do.
It's always their way to **** the time
As if doing it will always be fine.

Perhaps, there are emotions involved,
Emotions that stirred them to act that way,
Emotions that they can't handle
And they just talk 'bout you to displace it away.

People will always bring you down
Because they see you'll always have the crown
Symbolizing genuinity and royalty.
Causing you to be the *talk of the town.
 Sep 2014 Krezeyyyy
Sam Po
I've moved on.
but she stalks at his profile
all day long

I've moved on.
but she kept the photographs
of their unsuccessful love

I've moved on.
but she always visit the momentous event
of their love and wanted it back

How ironic,
people says they've moved on
but deep inside there's still
something wrong
move on2x pag may time gurl!!!!
#movingon #hard #sad #ironic #AMBOTLANGJUD
Two decades in and already swamped with memories
And only the desire to make new ones.
Walking to class or coming home
People ask me what I want to do,
What do I want to do with the rest of my life?

I can feel my throat constrict and my heart skid,
Don’t they understand how much of a commitment that is?
The rest of my life.

And what if it’s not something I want to do, but something I want to be?

I’m 20 years old and don’t ever have my head in this atmosphere,
So how can I ever hope to decide the rest of my life?

I want to write with the raindrops that kiss the grass
Or sleep on the waves of the ocean
And hold the stars in my hands.
I want to climb the highest tree or the highest mountain
Just so I can jump and call it flying.
I want to read the faces of others
And put them into stories.
But mostly I want to run,
Not literally,
But running still.
I want to catch time as it passes by
And go to all the places in the pictures
Enjoying adventure upon adventure
Until the end of my days,
Surrounded by the select few that I love.

I want to be nothing short of me,
And who I am isn’t a constant that can be applied to a formula,
It’s constantly changing, growing, fighting, loving.
How dare you ask me to define what I want to be,
When it’s plain that I don’t even know who I am?

I’m 20 years old and what I want to do for the rest of my life
Is nothing sort of a mystery, an adventure,
Like a storyline leading to an epic plot twist,
But it’s wrapped in uncertainty
And the only way to find out where it’s going
Is to keep reading the book.
 Aug 2014 Krezeyyyy
Tony Oquendo
Hands held gingerly, each a pace apart
I lead in the dance, you bring rhythm to my heart
I take my bold steps and you glide across the ground
I reach into the air, but your nowhere to be found
So I dance on alone holding on to memories
Wondering if my steps will ever bring you back to me
 Aug 2014 Krezeyyyy
 Aug 2014 Krezeyyyy
I am 1,000 pounds,
weighed down by memories,
by crushing defeat,
by failure,
by loss,
by regret...
yet I am weightless,
a trophy in a dusty case,
my varnish dim,
no longer new,
no longer shiny,
I struggle to stay afloat,
but I am still swimming,
because I see the lighthouse,
tall and shining.
a gleam of light beckoning from it's highest point,
come to me
swim to me
I am the way out
and so I tread.
long have i been wanting
to feel your heart beating
with your arms gently wrapping
until my body is quivering
i really really want to hug you, R. I can do it anytime, you know. but to be hugged by you, i swear i'm ready to die.
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