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Chris Love Apr 2016
Staring into space
into a life I wish I’d had
into my deep subconscious
into confusion in this certainty, or vice versa
into my worries
into my ever hoping heart
into getting out of this way
into the universe we keep exploring
into protecting our planet
into sharing with our brothers and sisters
into eradicating corruption, human enslavement and trafficking
into providing adequate facilities for food, water and sanitation, to the masses of people denied this very basic human right
into provoking change
project into outwards
into feeling thankful
for what I'm turning into.
Chris Love Apr 2016
My flickering love,
My twitching eye,
My punchy effort,
My stuttering words,
My sadness,
Everyone's sadness,
I'm wondering,
Our Candle never wilts.

A stare of thoughts,
A distant star,
A parallel universe,
A focusing telescope,
A soul mate,
Another dimension,
Of our love,
Our Candle becomes a sun.

Your energy sparks,
Your teary eyes,
Your on my mind,
Your out there,
Never again extinguishing,
Our Candle.
Chris Love Apr 2016
The moment haze becomes clear, blurry yet vivid; turning the day on its axis.

Too fast in the night, counting on the inevitable change at the break of morning.

Rest assured at present; the future is a gift, floating instead of falling.

Enlighten drifting thoughts with deep insights, or something instead of anything.

A sleep, looking back about how you for-sore time standing still.

By watching the clock until late; Your apparition to subconscious; awakens from a dream.

27th October 2015 (Full Moon and Alignment of Mars, Jupiter and Venus)

— The End —