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Chris La Mar Sep 2019
Where there is darkness there is light
Where there is pain there is comfort
Where there is nothing, there is everything

Because time never stops

Bury me and I will rise
Break me and I will heal
Curse me and I will be blessed

Because time never stops

Show me the light and I will illuminte you
Comfort me, and I will comfort you
Show me your darkness, and I will stand by you
Bring me into nothing, and I won't mind

Where there is nothing with you.. and I.. there is everything!

So here is what I propose to you... me and I will love you

Because time never stops
Nor does the heart
Chris La Mar May 2017
Cheetos, Fritos, Doritos,
Taquitos, Burritos, Con Amigos

Enchilada, Chimichanga, Bahama Mama
La Bamba, Con La Banda, Da Dun Da
No mi speak-o mexicana

Zoom, Vroom, Doom in a Room reading Hume

Boat, Moat, Coat, Tote
Tote my Goat in your Coat
Please do not fall in the Moat

Pool, Cool, Drool, Fool
Don’t be a fool and drool in the pool
Don’t be a fool in the pool, be cool
The pool is cool when fools don’t drool in the pool
The cool pool was full of that fool’s drool
Drool Pool
Get in the Pool, Fool!
Be cool with your drool, fool- you’re right by the pool

Tall, Fall, Ball, Mall
You’re tall, you should ball
Leave this mall, it’s going to fall on your ball
Your ball is in the mall
Fall on my ball and I will maul you in the mall
All that is tall is going to fall
The tall man stood on the ball in the mall
Chris La Mar May 2017
Hello, Goodbye
This is my friend, Noname
Noname, meet Goodbye
And Noname can’t stand it when I say goodbye
Because Noname knows not where to stand
Since I am Noname’s only standing friend

Yesterday I taught Noname the Goodbye Paradox
Noname, remember, can’t stand Goodbye
So when I saw Noname, I said, “Hi.”
But since Noname knew what a paradox was,
Noname couldn’t stand it when I said, “Hi.”
Because Noname knew it really meant, “Goodbye”
So Noname stood alone all day today
Since yesterday, Noname couldn’t stand today’s “Goodbye” or yesterday’s “Hi.”

Tomorrow, Noname told me not to worry about today’s Goodbye
Goodbye no longer affected Noname, so Noname assured me not worry
So I stood by Noname today, since yesterday Noname stood alone
And Today came and when Today was through with Noname,
Noname could not stand Today since Today said Goodbye
Just like Yesterday

And therefore, the paradoxes were doubled that today- from yesterday and today
And Noname could not stand it even more
Until Yesterday I stood by Noname
And Noname could not stand it
Because I was standing by Noname Yesterday
And Yesterday, Noname knew Goodbye had already come
So Noname could not stand me
Since I stood with Noname

But Noname thought about the paradoxes
And tolerated them
Noname actually stood on them
Because they brought Noname comfort
When they cancelled out
And Noname stood on their cancelling out
Yesterday and Today Noname stood on them
And told them, “Goodbye”

And then they returned
Hello and Goodbye
Today and Yesterday
And Noname could not stand it
And I could do nothing about it
Since I did not know how to console Noname properly

Because Noname never told me her name
Chris La Mar May 2017
You hide like a pathetic coward in the city of Angels, you faceless witch!
You conceal yourself like a incompetent thief in the city of Life, making your way through the city streets past dusk, you malicious rogue. You know you are evil, yet you will never change.
You reside in the despicable sewers outside of here. It is there where you willingly assume your dwelling place, and are therefore like the rest of your malignant peers.
You ooze out of the very backend of a twisted, mean spirited heart whose chambers consist of rotten poison;
Tainted horribly with unforgiving lies and reeking with slithering slander, reeking with your own vile;
Wafting among the once fresh air, now you have saturated it uncontrollably with your abundant pollution and abhorrent filth-
So that what was once occupying nonexistence in peace and eternity is now exposed like an unrepentant ***** despite her unknowingness and naive innocence, O, rightly so!
A ***** placed on a distinct pedestal like an unmighty, withered, scandalous rose whose death was met long ago? Why bring that pain into reality? It had never existed before.

You are a horrid, spineless, evil sack of swine feces dripping back on the pure pavement,
Excreted from the pits of hell.
I convict you of atrocious, wrathful, and repugnant slander and hereby sentence you to nine eternities of hellfire- damnation without relief!

You, Jealousy, will never taste the cooling sensation of relief, or feel the comforting peace of the stillness of a Spring morning
Though your extraordinary, unbearable cravings for these things will never cease
Chris La Mar Apr 2017
Given the blistering frost, I am bitterly freezing to death
Given my punishing journey, I am violently fatigued and my feet are achingly numb
Given the vast, creepy darkness, I am, O, so lost
Given the endless, ruthless, unforgiving time, I am far from finished

Given my utter exhaustion, I cannot sink any lower
Given my royal destiny, I will conquer my quest

Given the new day, I am approaching the end of what was previously miserable
Given my unwavering ambition, I will finally find my way home
Given the sunshine and the straight path, I am recovered and energized
Given the fire that I built inside the chambers of my heart, I am cold no more

Here I stand
Chris La Mar Apr 2017
The first ***** was wet and hairy
The second ***** was smelly and hairless
The third ***** was infected
Even though all three ******* were unappealing and quite abhorrent, they decided they needed
company because they were all very lonely and had been very lonely for quite a long time

The first ***** went shopping for a blow dryer so that she would not be wet. She also got a haircut
While the first ***** was out, she met a dog and the ***** invited the dog over so that she and her other ******* would not be lonely

The second ***** took a shower and bought some extensions
When the second ***** was buying her extension, the cashier, who was a dog, asked if she wanted to go out for drinks
The ***** agreed and told the dog that they can go back to her place and the dog can meet her friends

The third ***** went to the doctor to be cured. The doctor hit on the ***** as he was treating the *****. Surprisingly enough, the doctor was a dog. The doctor asked the ***** if she wanted to get dinner and see a movie. The ***** agreed and invited Dr. Dog over to her place afterwards so that he could meet her ***** friends

When all three ******* and all three dogs were over at the *******’ house, each dog grabbed their respective ******* and they all danced.

The End
Chris La Mar Apr 2017
I am wealthy and proud because I never settled for less
Yet, I am dying and lonely because I never settled for anything, really

I learned early on that I needed to sacrifice all of those pleasures and all of those glamorous
things that my peers enjoyed
So that I could be satisfied in my regard, not theirs

My story is quite complex but every time I recite it, it is dull and withered like a dead daisy in a
field of sunflowers

For a lot of people, my life is quite extraordinary. It makes them envious of who I am. However, they do not know where I come from or where I go every night when I am out of their sight.

You see, I have lived my life, yet I am dying alone. I have only said this to one other person (this person being someone to whom my trust is obligatory) and even she was surprised. I think she was taken back by the fact that while I was lamenting all of my triumphs, I was also careful not to exclude all of my sacrifices, which took up most of my life. The funny thing about that particular confession is that I should not be dying. I don’t even have a single gray hair!

I am wealthy and proud because I have sacrificed everything to become extremely unsatisfied
and miserable
I am dying slowly and all alone. I am surrounded by esteem, greatness, popularity, and all the
luxury you can imagine
Yet, looking back on sheer glory that is my life, I am alive! Yes, alive!
I am alive because I am miserable. No dead thing can feel what I am feeling. No dead thing can
be so wealthy and proud like me, can they?

I am alive because I chose to die alone
Yet, I am proud of my wealth and all the sacrifices I made to attain my unsatisfying misery

As I die slowly and alone, hold steadfast to my words
So that one day you will read about my life
And like me, you will never settle

Only to be wealthy
And proud
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