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Jan 2014 · 330
Notes About A Girl, Vol. 1
Chris Brannick Jan 2014
I woke to the sound of a drum
Synchronized to my pulse
And its attempt to escape my frontal lobe

I drug my sleeping body to the living room
I watched this girl drum a song I'd never heard before
Beauty radiated from her smile
Chaos resonated from her drum

We moved to the kitchen
I must have said I love you 133 times
While I hand fed her tiny bites of fruit

She stared at me like art in a museum
I wondered what she thought

*Then her mother woke up and told me to make her a bottle
Jan 2014 · 1.1k
My Daughter the Terrorist
Chris Brannick Jan 2014
She smiles every time she see's me
She laughs when I dance
She claps when she's happy
My daughter the terrorist

She loves to watch her puppy sister run through the yard
She loves to practice standing up
She loves to look at pictures when I read her a book
My daughter the terrorist

Soon she'll smile doing what she loves
Soon she'll laugh with her friends as they joke
Soon she'll clap for the boys playing football
My daughter the terrorist

She'll love a boy
She'll love her job
She'll love to look at all the pictures we took
My daughter the terrorist

Every day she gets older
She grows like a ****
That terrifies me
*My daughter the terrorist

— The End —