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naj Feb 2020
sitting with you, on the meadows,
slowly leaning my body against the ticklish grass on the ground,
head on top of your broad chest,
where i can hear your heartbeat, the warmth feels like home.
watching the night sky, the stars shimmering bright,
the moon illuminating the reflection of the sun’s light,
shooting stars falls,
and fireworks spread out, slowly falling down,
talking about, our life,
i love you.
realising that; i don’t have a partner to feel this .
naj Jan 2020
inside of this box,
sitting on a deck,
and surrounded with thorns and snags.
white, sharp spikes.
a single move, would bleed my skin,
leaving bloodpools and red stains.
wall made of glass,
creating infinite illusions,
deceiving to the eyes
trapped, looking for demise,
screaming till the mirror starts to crack,
the same image appear,
within the new pieces.
naj Jan 2020
‪oh earth,‬
are you sad today?
i can see your tears falling,
running down on your 'cheeks'
overflowing as it nourishes the land,
the scent of your drops,
as it hits your 'skin'
brings hope and calmness in me.

oh earth,
your sadness is my sadness,
your tears heal me,
as it helps us to grow stronger.

oh earth,
you're growing old,
and we will grow old together,
the time ticks,
soon when i die,
i will be inside you.
naj Jan 2020
a smile, that hides thousand of tears
a laugh, that covers uncountable painful shrieks
a grin, that buries the greatest sorrow
a healthy body, that is dripping blood inside
a mask, that deceives people’s eyes
how can you, measure someone’s heart,
with just a single blink, of your eyes?

— The End —