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ChinHooi Ng Jul 21
Bypassing the low wall
asking for a historical clue
from a quaint corroded gate
entering garden of reeds
crescent pond
withered leaves
background is wintry
amid the elegant layout of great old building
a row of lanterns discolored under the eaves
like an ellipsis
telling of the gardening style
ideology and culture
horizontal houses left and right
air raid shelter behind
then turn back toward the hall
going down the lane
quiet compound of ancient times
stuck in the wound of war
of the resistance.
ChinHooi Ng Jul 18
Days of pots and pans
ladles and bowls
sweet words have been
cut down
during the day
the habitual silence
can only be broken
with stainless steel forks and spoons
at night the bed routine
both tied back to back
snoring and buzzing of mosquitoes
intimate conversation happened
a long long time ago
this double bed
bigger than the endless night
the fatigue and exhaustion
they can only tell you the next morning
with a wry smile.
ChinHooi Ng Jul 17
The lake is little different
chlorella puts a green coat on her
when the wind comes
thick ripples appear
remnants of lotus and withered reeds
some pierce up the sky
some bow to the water
the branches of willow on the shore
still they keep the same demeanor
they like touching the tip of your nose
sometimes you bump into their arms
little surprises await in the cold
of wind and drizzle
you walk slowly on the periphery
in the fine rain of the morning
vivid knotweed guarding the mound
lettuce offers four-petal florets
radish flowers are not in full bloom yet
though the rain of last night
is still hanging around the corner of your eye
the lively vegetable farm by
the lake doesn't lie
little cabbages aren't afraid
when we lean forward we see
it is a fun-sized garden.
ChinHooi Ng Jul 11
The light of the bank
makes me think I'm out of money
why is it so bright
the light of this consignment shop
the glow of the shampoo room
surprisingly reddish
street lights are okay
a little blankly and silly
car lights are too bright
speeding in the night
too much lights
i can't read them all
i look up
half a moonlight indistinct
the rift between something and nothing
moonlight tumbling from high places
sprinkled on rice stubble and haystack
on river water and mulberry tree
on the secluded dirt road
there's something hauled
into someone's dreamland.
ChinHooi Ng Jul 11
Heart shapes
growing out of the ground
soaring with the steam of earth
bright red and stunning
freshness and tenderness
dedicated to hardworking folks
pixies from the ground
with charm of poetry
pure and sweet-smelling
brightness and refreshing energy
dedicated to kind caring folks
beauties from the ground
with splendor of a natural painting
simplicity and elegance
nobleness and preciousness
dedicated to art-loving folks
all juice that's sweet and sour
softness experienced in the throat
deliciousness that fills the whole
ChinHooi Ng Jul 10
Purity of water
blended in
rusticity of soybeans too
so that's why tofu
ordinary yet noble
no comparison
no stooping down
always keeps a good attitude
soft delicate and smooth
the taste is praiseworthy
add a little scallion
it gets more stylish
more elegant
that's what people call standards
of life
tofu plus shallots
clean and righteous.
ChinHooi Ng Jun 20
That year
we met
watching you smile
from afar
i dared not look back
that month
we started getting used to texting
on a daily basis
exchanging stories and banters
encouraging each other to go through
things we had to go through
that day
you said out of the blue
you decided to stop talking to me
cold turkey
i could not
that night
i saw some of ourselves
in some Makoto Shinkai movies
you and i
we could not go back it seemed
that moment
i let it happen
you and i became sudden
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