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ChinHooi Ng Mar 22
speeding like wind
frozen in time
episodes of warmth
aftertaste like north
it's the very simple
and elegant steps
of bluestone.
ChinHooi Ng Mar 22
Pulling the bow
musical notes catapulted
from the deck of the aircraft carrier
fly far into the distance
a roc flapping its wings
on the crest of a wave
a group of horses
galloping on the grassland
the strings are rigid
the bow is flexible
in between
there's smoke rising
there's the vastness of field
when the sound is just right
the sky calms down
to listen
to the jade
ancient tide.
ChinHooi Ng Mar 22
A bird
on the windowsill
an unknown bird
i wake up
it perches
over there
it has the color
you'd like
a voice you like
early in the morning
seperated by
a piece
of glass
it seems
within reach
it's here
to teach
the meaning
of happy
and free.
ChinHooi Ng Mar 22
A beautiful girl
comes and goes
in and out of my dream
looking up at the clouds
recalling her face
even though mountains block
and the city full of fog
my heart is not lost
she's on the other side
of the shore.
ChinHooi Ng Mar 22
Green grass decoding
shapes of flowers
it seems there's only
in the parcel
of time
a gardener
encodes time into petals
and gives them to trees
a planter
planting grains of words
and fragrance of dew
into the fleeting
sand of time.
ChinHooi Ng Mar 22
Moon falls behind hills
solitary shadows
autumn wind
bits of stars
vague and remote
walking amongst
ancient trees
in a courtyard
in the depths
of a temple
the flicker of lamps
the saffron of robes
the sound of wooden fish
the sound of Namo Amitabha is
quiet like a flower, a grass
a wind, a rain
a sand, a stone
a dream, a season.
ChinHooi Ng Mar 22
rain of spring
a new touch of green
to the barren hills
of the soul
the innominate raindrops
fade away
people with a
sunny day.
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