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sweetcaramel Mar 24
When did you stop caring? he asked
When did you start noticing? she replied.
sweetcaramel Feb 22
she was trying to walk away
and hold on
at the same time
that's the mind
at war
with the heart
sweetcaramel Jan 28
It felt like heaven
when you
so I
Ignored all the times
you put me
thru hell
sweetcaramel Jan 27
She is a mess
But she is
sweetcaramel Dec 2019
Not my best year
But at least I’ve learned a lot
sweetcaramel Dec 2019
Be the moon
and inspire people
even when you're far from full
sweetcaramel Sep 2019
I miss you.
You're still the only one I want to talk to about most things and the only one who understands. But it's kind of hard to tell things to people who aren't there anymore.
Sometimes that makes me want to cry because I want to put all of those pieces together and hold you.
But I lost that chance, The day you decided you didn't need me anymore.
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