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chicken Jan 11
Onward and onwards
We don’t go back
but the memory is there
like making tracks
and I’d love to make a difference
but I can’t do the maths
So I keep a lid on it
Keep it all
under my hat
At least
Until somebody comes along
and asks.
chicken Sep 2021
I got this and I got that
... if it keeps you under control.
A short about pathological liars, who will lie about anything for really ******' bizarre reasoning that suits them in some way. Usually about control. Studies say they *pathological liars* have no reason, but the reason is often about denial of reality, a complete non acceptance of things just how they are. The lies support the fantasy whilst serving to banish all that remains true.

Not all lies are equal, some do serve a greater purpose.
chicken May 2018
I am going to the places
where you
do not
want to go.

Let’s put on our white gloves then,
Let’s have a party!
Bon Voyage.

There’s no such thing,
as a broken heart.
A song about someone getting too hot, and leaving the building.
chicken Feb 2019
Those who
cannot accept my beard,
I’ll bin em.
It’s time for truth.

Those who
Know me saw straight through
I’ll listen to em
No more arguing in the booth.
This is kind of a script thing. Based on observation. A power struggle.

I witnessed many a man being harangued about ****** hair. Such a crime.

So, I wrote about this by putting myself in their shoes. I’ll do the other side one day, cause they say there are three sides to every 'story', yours, theirs, and the truth :D.

It is based on a man who's love interest is a domineering user type who saw kindness as weakness. Man does not see this yet. His closest confidants have all seen it, and mentioned it, creating temporary conflict between the friends.

Woman now hates his new ****** hair, his beard, and wants him to get rid of it and he does not understand why, his beard is cool, besides, if she loves me, the beard would not matter, right?

Man realizes, it must not be love, loeve, love... and makes it up with his long time crew who knew all along.

Receiving less attention, woman naturally falls away to another 'project' in which she may try to achieve more grip.

Note: this is not a judgement about every dislike of a beard, there are various potentials.. this is an observation of a single instance.
chicken Nov 2021
no one gets the magic


Down The Line.
chicken Nov 2021
Walking, talking
Floating through the air
I’ve been a phantasm of myself
Since you’ve not been there
Bob hope and no hope
Of lovin’
Dreaming in the night
I wish we were at home again
Instead I've been floatin’ around in a fright
It’s never the same without you
and I can only say no to the rest
I can’t live without you but
As a phantasm I’m still doin’ my best.
Old lovers love song. I wrote before a similar title, probably not the same, can’t be arsed to find it but it’s different so this ones a part two. It might be a part three.. thrice loverz :D
chicken Dec 2018
Look here, to the East, the South, the West, the North....


Trust thy inner knowledge,
Power is placed within,
Take any which direction you choose,
For when you end, you will always begin.

And So,

Goodbye from the parts of you,
that do not know the soul,
They may choose to meddle a while,
though no longer can they control.

Your path unique, in divide dual,
an individual task,
Not one may interfere too long,
Not even those whom are masked.

So Forth,

Take some air and not hurry then,
Knowing you are on thy way,
Be eating foods just as mother Earth,
See the brake of dawn each day.

Take some water gradually, yet
steer clear of the water of fire,
firewater be the end of thee,
instrumental of setbacks, tis' dire.


Placing thy feet upon thine soil,
Souls of yours, not Nike,
Connect in self to the nature of hertz,
To calm a forlorn psyche.

When ye be ready, take flint and oil
Fuel your athanor fires,
Take the elixir sure to come, and,
be not afraid of the mires.
This is an epic by my standards. Enjoy, or not.

Firewater = High Proof Alcohol
Athanor = Furnace
chicken Oct 2021
I just wanted to
Sink into somebody’s face
Even though
It was
Not yours.
chicken Nov 2021
He smells like ancient eternity
driving me wild
wrapped up in the quilt
like the pub and
the barrels
and the smoke
and the something else that
only science can explain.
A short story about a man that smells and it is beautiful. He is ****. he has self awareness and also understanding, and is undeniably, traditionally, himself.

**** version of “A Man That Stank”.
chicken Oct 2019
They are the ones
Who know pure beauty
That’s why
They hurt the most
Angels get dealt
The most painful blows
They’d rather be a ghost
Turn into dust
They’d rather be a ghost
Turn into dust
They’d rather be a ghost
Turn into dust
For all the angels. Wrote this for Adrian, my heart goes out to you.

Drugs, alcohol, everyone you see outside laying in the streets immobile, general public, public eye and celebrity = dealing with pain. Ask them, they will tell you their story.
chicken Jan 6
I can’t tell you
what you want to hear
My dear
Truth burns
on deaf ears
in fear
of all the places that you don’t want to go.
Reality checks. When you are the bearer of unwelcome news’es and you get all the  /crap for it :D
chicken Oct 2019
No dancer
No romancer
No necromancer
No muse

What is the point,
if there is no you?
When they are gone, they are gone !

—- spooky, this has re posted itself ... must b that Halloween vibe huhuhuaaaha.
chicken May 2019
No dancer
No romancer
No necromancer
No muse

What is the point,
if there is no you?
When they are gone, they are gone !
chicken Nov 2021
He stank and wondered why
the people had regularly dispersed
upon his presence
and came up with the theory
that some plot to stop
him enjoying his life
was set up
by the world governments.
A short story about how a lack of self awareness and also understanding can lead to poor judgements that will change nothing.
chicken Feb 2019
We physically met,
our fingertips touched,

We both transformed
into previous tenant dust,

Our bodies
dissolved in the fallout.

We were the last ones left.
chicken Nov 2020
Rare feathers
Just a coating
With polystyrene inside
People commented
All the same
“Seen it before, must be on eBay,
What’s it’s name?”

When they found it
They found a lot more
A lot more than they had bargained for
It cost a lot of money
And was already purchased
And paid for
By a dealer, and a witch.

It now stands in the archway
Where nobody can visit
At the Duke of York’s HQ
Guarded by an Angel
And a Demon called Truth
The onlooker from the balcony
Being the most dangerous of the two
Unknown by those
Who would judge them.
It’s a little adventure style fictional story about the art world, which is crazy money and antics :-o :-)
chicken Nov 2020
Don’t be afraid of the feeling
Just enjoy the ride
When you least expect
Won’t  blow you over
Won’t run and hide
You’l have to rearrange your schedule
You won’t miss a thing
You’d come to regret,
if we hadn’t met
But you know, you won’t miss a thing

Boy I know it’s scary
Getting up so late
Let’s just take a walk in the park
For our first couple dates
I know how much you like me from the look across your face
And the fact your skin is shining 
You’re the One
Naked in first place

There ain’t gonna be no other, no one comes close, not like you
From the minute I left you in the room
When you asked me to make a move
I did as you asked,
not as you did
Remaining ever since
There ain’t no one else but you
Just you
You’re the One
My only
And it’s bliss.
... Belle
chicken Apr 2019
He has emerged
He has risen
He hath grown
Beyond mere wisdom

He has entered
The cataclysm
Seeing beyond
The human schism

He hath flown and
He hath run
I should know
I am his mum

He has grown
Yea’ He has risen
Knowing that life
Be not a prison.
A hymn style song about my 15 year old son getting up in the morning.
chicken 5d
She wore her best
Purple crushed velvet dress
In order to impress the man
That she wished
To manipulate

It failed

Her face remained
As an image of disgust
at her own inability to destroy
Poem as part of a story where a witch working in dark magic was foolish enough to believe that how she was dressed would  control the situation to her benefit. It had worked for her before, but in her delusion thought that the same method would work again.

Her heart spewing forth like thrown ink, just as difficult to remove once staining those that she encountered.. projecting her hazardous qualities on to  others as worthless ******* dumps that she saw them for.

If other people are happy, she seeks to destroy it.

She is a hideous character, which I hope this note helps bring across :-)

It’s not very good as a poem, more of a note.
chicken May 2019
Confetti all around
for the lovers,
and the haters, too.
Waving **** heads off is easy, but how about the lovers?
chicken Nov 2020
Watch out
Watch out
They’ll frame you as a toxic
When you call somebody out

Watch out
Watch out
Don’t touch me I’m
Cause I had a little scream
And a shout
About the ******* of the world.
It’s about that little circle of things again, where people refuse to acknowledge ****** things for fear of being ‘toxic’ and therefore catching it like it’s the plague.

There’s no problem in looking at something and moving on. Hanging around in it forever is the table tipper.

It’s just a trick so that ******* can carry on being ******* with no one saying anything about it tbh 😆.
chicken Nov 2020
Captain Bluetooth was an invisible *******
Who hacked into peoples doorbells.
Somebody needs to distill something and call it this 😄
chicken Oct 2021
I said I wouldn't do this
But here I am again
Standing before the machine on wheels
Decision making, which and when

The endless possibilities
The ocean at my feet
Warm faces behind the window
Before an arm reaches out to greet

The angels look down upon me
Without one frown nor furrow
Cause I here I am all over again
No care for what may happen tomorrow

Just bein' in the moment
Got no need for no ******' phone
Just me, the ocean and my plastic baby
and two large 99 cones.
not a song. it is written just from how I feel, but this is all about a little visit to the ice cream van over at the sea front with my son. one of my favourite things to do in the world. i require very serious thinking / being sometimes, so i ensure to balance it with the fun things in life that i like, and in my own time. this is just one of them :-] it starts out serious, but really it's all just a walk and an ice cream with some salty sea air. birds. kids screaming about some **** or other. kids laughing their ***** off about some **** or other. long time local lovers sat on deck chairs nearby. son by my side laughing at our own silly jokes and character representations of the world. carefree. Simplicity. i love it. i love to look out at the ocean, up at the sky, and down at the ground. that is my religion, the sun bein my god. none of us are here without it.
chicken Nov 2021
Street cat street cat
Alley cat
don't dally cat
She knows before anyone else does
Always on the ball
chicken Mar 2019
Hey don't cross the creep line,

That's seven questions too many.

One compliment too much,

Watch the energy fold up in my crotch, deploying the missile defence system, that you thought no woman
could ever have.
The line, or fence [boundary], is there for a reason.

The ‘wow’ is the point where the male misses polite signals given by the female, yet still ignores, proceeds with his inappropriate verbal attempts at coming over the other side of that fence.

Stay back buddy, this chicken is armed with mastery n you are stupified by your own standards.
chicken Dec 2021
There was glitter and
there was candlelight
but most of all
there was his presence
Wingless footsteps
across the earth and
A golden glow
In the mornings dew
Til dusk drew
Once again
chicken Aug 2018
I guess you could see
by the look on my face,
I know
You’re full
Of ****.
chicken Nov 2019
I can’t pull him
Close enough
Fast enough
There’s no pull
Only magnetism
In our lives.
chicken Oct 2020
It exists and it lives
It moves and it shakes
all because I couldn’t resist
The transfatty aisle of edible pleasures

Now I’m a bigger girl
Bigger than I’d like
to give a whirl
Thanks to the transfatty aisle of edible pleasures.
So I started working out again today 😄

The ‘aisle’ in question is of course the Lidl bakery aisle. With all the restrictions, I needed stuff.. and I only went in to look at the middle of Lidl, I swear.

Oh, and by the way.. eating your emotions? It’s no good. Don’t do it if you know you’re doing it. It’l b o k ☺️
chicken Aug 2018
Standing in the supermarket,
In the cream cake aisle,
Brahman says ‘you can look, but don’t you touch’,
and I responded,
with a smile...

‘For what are cream cakes Brahman,
if not Brahman too?’

‘I’ll look, I’ll touch, I’ll eat them all, because the cream cakes,
They are You.’
Just for fun :] If you don’t know what Brahman is, look it up.
chicken May 2019
He is a creature
Inviting necrosis to set in
whichever mind he may set foot upon

Only the strong survive
to make it out alive
from beneath his heavy weighted black tar tread

He is a creature.
Don’t forget.
A short about lethargy.

The inspiration came from the study of those who create suffering for others, simply because it gets them off.

Whilst I have encountered both male and female who do this, it has been more male than female, and this short relates to one of them in particular.

The two subjects are linked.
chicken May 2019
How about you
get your wanking materials
Some place else
Some place else

You got off on the wrong
Pull them trousers up
Keep your anger
to yourself.
Sometimes, people’s unwarranted anger is about unfulfilled ****** desire, and / or unfulfilled ****** satisfaction.

Armed with any excuse to rationalise their completely irrational choices, these are the abusers, rapists, and the killers of the world.
chicken Apr 2019
I hope you’l leave this cult
Cause, I cannot cope with it

He’s got no enlightening
For your soul,
He’s a master hypnotist

Where there’s a master
There is a slave
Sealed in a jar upon a shelf

The only master that is
Necessary at all
Is the mastery of the self.
Cults. Distracting. They tend to offer hypnotic teaching. Hypnotism is not anything to do with being realised.
chicken Nov 2018
Seek and ye shall find me in the darkest of the nights,
speaking of the torments, and the multitude of plights.

In the air it can be heard, all those who hath gone before,
to seek inside the glory mind, of which could not be ignored.

Travel deep down, down deep into the depths, until ye rise again.
And if ye shan't rise, let it be no surprise,
This ere task is not pretty, amen.
Archaic dark night of the soul instructional, for the win.
chicken Dec 2021
Sweep it all up
Pretend that nothin’ happened
Under the carpet but not forgotten
Inside the walls but always on guard
The faces all read differently
to the words they make with their sounds
Corrupted *******
Unable to hide what’s true

Written all over their faces
As they numbered all of the heads
Waiting to shoot them, one by one, each

The cycle moves and
Apologies are made
Deception is loud
Crisp in the air,
by the time that their own deaths come around

sweep it up all under the carpet
Shh now don’t say a word
Keep it romance, let’s have a little dance
Let’s leave it for another little bird.
guess the topic..
chicken May 2019
In his crypt
he is the sunset
In ten thousand petaled form
He is the casual scoundrel
Dressed in a shower of jewels
That she adorns

Glistening on his skin
Ten thousand facets
beaming by his flame
The glint of dew
on a blade of grass
Calling each other, name by name

In her cave
She is the evening
In dusky perfumed form
She is the latent morning
On a bed of flora
That he adorns

Growing in every fissure
Ten thousand shoots
climbing up the walls
Sticky buds glisten
opening, cascading
Into waters destined fall.
Dew point: is a process of nature where air cools and everything transpires so that dew may exist, or something like that.

This is a poem about the process of falling in love.
chicken Jan 6
I saw your medication
take you
and shape you
into a shadow of your former self
Sinking into a burger
Unheard of
What the hell.
Lost friends and a sick society that makes out that they are the ones with the problem.
chicken Mar 2019
Please don't laugh
at me
I cry like a Ferrari
in the distance.
chicken Dec 2020
He lost his bends
Hanging around
With her
chicken Jul 2019
I didn’t care who you were
The point was that you lied

Though I do now understand
The reason you had to hide

I might
have been
a bit
more polite

The point was that you lied
The one thing on my mind
When it comes to friends

I’m sorry it didn’t work out.
chicken Apr 2019
Stalking the importance
That you cannot see within
Creating indeterminate messages
Not sent by her or him

A figment of the ego
Terrifying and dangerous
More so to one’s own personal self
Than the object of one’s lust

O’ hear ye erotomaniac
Hear whence you are ready
The object of one’s fruitless lust
Be mere ego fantasy

Let these words be noted
May they be allowed to heal
O’ hear ye erotomaniac
Before all ends in tragedy.
Erotomania: a delusion in which a person (typically a woman) believes that another person (typically of higher social status) is in love with them.

It’s one of those things where realisation seems difficult to ignite, in order to bring about a resolution within the person. How could this condition begin to be alleviated for the person if realisation is difficult to reach?
chicken May 2019
Eternal bliss
Two pieces of
toast, with
Two poached
eggs, and
A Sprinkling of Salt.
chicken Mar 2019
Protect yourself from me
I am the raining dead
The fission's, and
The fighters, and
Those who bled in dread

I can heal you,
but not
in the absence of your shield
I'm here,
by your side
Out in the field
Out in the field

I didn't do what you asked
Never look back,
my ****
Never look back,
Oh my big ****
I'm coming back to get you.
Two close comrades. Out on the field, in battle, running... one comrade always told the other, 'never look back' and 'run with your gun' in case human compassion washed over and one went back for the other, killing them both.

Guess who didn't listen.

It is the story of two best friends.

One always trying to protect the other, and vice versa.

In another life, they (enough congregation of their particles) meet, and all those memories come rushing back.

Written from a healing perspective, everything in oneness. it is powerful, utmost self care is necessary.
chicken Nov 2021
his voice bellows through me
rendering me hopeless
helplessly in love
chicken Oct 2021
Lowly lit was his delicate smile whilst she shone beyond the screen
A love he declared for no one else
Was all a fantasy
A dream
She danced, focused, circled near
He was vacant, running, retracting in fear
She hastened, calling, pining for him
He shied away, hiding, ever dampening
He preferred the idea that was in his head, fantasy instead of reality as the dancer remained mislead
She never stopped dancing towards him, his place called home
Not realising that she was destined to remain completely alone.
i wrote this about 15 years ago [check out the difference in style :D] after coming across the work of Robert Firestone, who distinctly outlines a huge problem in society which is, by my own viewing, largely overlooked. reading firestone's work on fantasy bonding gave me instant recognition of it's presence within an old co-workers shared pain. fantasy is nice, we get to play, we get to create, and it is a momentary escape. the problem however, is when reality then gets denied. impossible enforcing of fantasy to be real when there is no chance, with the darker corners isolating a person from leading a full life with actual face to face, skin on skin, in person relationships with others. in this age of screens and isolation, we are more at risk than we ever have been.
chicken Oct 2018
The happiness key is within you
If only you’l use it
Open the door

There’s nothin’ anyone else can do
Turn that key, I’ll be waiting
That’s for sure

I have seen your miserable
‘Pretend I’m Ok’ face, y’know,
It does not wash with me

Get your singing *** moving
Darlin’... reach inside
Pick up that key.
chicken Jul 2019
I suppose this is my goodbye note.
I break from the world of writing to undertake changes.

Take good care and see you soon :D
chicken Sep 2021
Your darkness and my armor
Where do we begin

I'm going in
In for the ****
I'm going in
In for the ****
Got a grip
Got a grip

When you kick me
where the sun don't shine
I wont mind
No sin
No sin
I'm going in
In for the ****

Your darkness and my armor
This is where we begin
Set the scene of the song;

Park bench with a chosen love, male and female. Both known to each other for years, history, they know each other well and both older now, yet fail to connect over each others personal stuff. Weary with the years gone by living separate lives, and things not working out elsewhere, they come together to talk about their recent woes on the bench. she decides time is up and gets ready to place a sobering kiss upon the lips of his face, still salty from the tears he had dried up earlier. 16 years in the making, this is where they begin.
chicken May 2019
Air be like a cesspit
Before the other side of the moon
The draining of the drudgeries
It could not come too soon

And someone else hath wrote of it
Where it glittered, it festooned
They wrote about the silver lining
Of that moon shaped pool

Come what may within the cycles
With each fleeting side of the moon
The knowledge that it does not change
Tis’ no folly of the fool.
The solid, true self, it never changes... because it is the truth.

Therin lies the gold, which the fool sets upon in his journey and stumbles across, shining so brightly that it cannot be missed, no matter how dark or light it gets.. the golden inner truth is always there. Unshakable. Always present. This does not change.
chicken Sep 2019
Some hatred
Some anger
Put it all into the fire
Put it all into the fire
Cook up a tasty storm
Tomorrow being another day
Another chance to create
Beautiful form.
How to deal with feelings? Have them. They are supposed to be there and if someone does not like them? Tough!
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