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6.1k · Oct 2018
Vetements Chant
chicken Oct 2018
I nearly bought
those terrible
4.4k · Mar 2018
You Sing Like a Bird
chicken Mar 2018
Deep within the cavern,
where the death within you lies,

Fear grabs, and chokes you round the neck,
but there aint' no tears in your eyes.

You must be crawling on the inside
to be so dead on the outside

You must be crawling on the inside
to be so dead on the outside

Who knew you'd be the one?

As you stifle the emergence of life within
I'll still be here,
with you.

I'll stay.
I'll stay.

I'll not go away,
and about that;
there is nothing that you can do.

You must be crawling on the inside
to be so dead on the outside

You must be crawling on the inside
to be so dead on the outside

Who knew you'd be the one?
A love song, for my lover.
4.0k · Feb 2019
Parallel Mirrors
chicken Feb 2019
We variations
Striations of the light

We still
seek each other

all of our might
all of our might

Til we collide

You and I
visible collision

No thing to measure

'Cause we're

You do the math :D
3.8k · Aug 2018
Cream Cake Consideration
chicken Aug 2018
Standing in the supermarket,
In the cream cake aisle,
Brahman says ‘you can look, but don’t you touch’,
and I responded,
with a smile...

‘For what are cream cakes Brahman,
if not Brahman too?’

‘I’ll look, I’ll touch, I’ll eat them all, because the cream cakes,
They are You.’
Just for fun :] If you don’t know what Brahman is, look it up.
3.4k · Aug 2018
Gaslit You
chicken Aug 2018
So you sold your soul
Became a puppet on a string
All you saw was the money
They talked you around
****** you in

Paparazzi haters
Rewrite your reality
And it’s all just for you baby,
There’s more to come, just wait and see

Cause you sold your soul
Sold your dream to set em free
They poke you with a stick
They watch you perform
Rich mans commodity.
None of this **** exists... unless you believe in it.
chicken Mar 2019
Hey don't cross the creep line,

That's seven questions too many.

One compliment too much,

Watch the energy fold up in my crotch, deploying the missile defence system, that you thought no woman
could ever have.
The line, or fence [boundary], is there for a reason.

The ‘wow’ is the point where the male misses polite signals given by the female, yet still ignores, proceeds with his inappropriate verbal attempts at coming over the other side of that fence.

Stay back buddy, this chicken is armed with mastery n you are stupified by your own standards.
2.5k · Sep 2018
Real Minestrone (for lunch)
chicken Sep 2018
I don’t want to talk,
I just want to eat minestrone,
There is nothing left to say

Just leave me with the soup,
In one infinite loop,
As I chew and participate in decay

The soup will return,
In some other form
That I wish not yet discuss

So what is your problem?
Just put it in the soup,
No need for a verbal fuss

Chew it up for change,
Because you can do that,
Though seemingly overlooked

Artificial intelligence cannot replace your soul,
We’re the best AI that’s ever been cooked.
Just for fun :] A discussion on artificial intelligence at lunch Vs I cannot be arsed with that.
2.5k · Jul 2018
True Love Never Dies
chicken Jul 2018

The sweetness of your face

Let me spare you the misery

I’m just a wounded animal

Let the stench from my sores

Be your victory.

Make a run for it now,
go quickly,

Quick march on the double

I’m still fighting, blow for blow.


The sweetness of your face

Let me spare you the misery

I’m just a wounded animal

Let the stench from my sores

Be your victory.
‘My sweetheart keeps visitin me, and I’m down in the trenches, I don’t want er to get hurt and she’s more concerned about seein me, bringin me lumps of sugar, the stench of my rottin’ flesh ain’t even keepin’er away’
1.5k · Sep 2018
Sunyata Seed
chicken Sep 2018
Know Nothing.
Know Nothing.
It is All there is to be Known.
No Thing is Every Thing, Every Thing is No Thing.
1.5k · Nov 2018
HMP Shuffle
chicken Nov 2018
C’mon let’s get together
And do the HMP shuffle

You'll go over the wall, and I won’t wait at all

Let’s get together, and do the HMP shuffle.

C’mon let’s have ourselves a dance
And do the HMP shuffle

You'll be ridin’ bird, and I’ll be getin' down with Richard, haven’t you heard... yeah haven’t you heard?

Let’s get together,
Let's do the HMP shuffle.
Prison and dancing in one :]

A rhythm and blues style song, and 1996 style dance, just for fun.

For genre / style examples search youtube for Bunker Hill Red Riding Hood and the Wolf.
1.4k · Feb 2019
Acceptance Speech
chicken Feb 2019
Those who
cannot accept my beard,
I’ll bin em.
It’s time for truth.

Those who
Know me saw straight through
I’ll listen to em
No more arguing in the booth.
This is kind of a script thing. Based on observation. A power struggle.

I witnessed many a man being harangued about ****** hair. Such a crime.

So, I wrote about this by putting myself in their shoes. I’ll do the other side one day, cause they say there are three sides to every 'story', yours, theirs, and the truth :D.

It is based on a man who's love interest is a domineering user type who saw kindness as weakness. Man does not see this yet. His closest confidants have all seen it, and mentioned it, creating temporary conflict between the friends.

Woman now hates his new ****** hair, his beard, and wants him to get rid of it and he does not understand why, his beard is cool, besides, if she loves me, the beard would not matter, right?

Man realizes, it must not be love, loeve, love... and makes it up with his long time crew who knew all along.

Receiving less attention, woman naturally falls away to another 'project' in which she may try to achieve more grip.

Note: this is not a judgement about every dislike of a beard, there are various potentials.. this is an observation of a single instance.
chicken Aug 2018
I guess you could see
by the look on my face,
I know
You’re full
Of ****.
1.3k · Feb 2019
Small Print
chicken Feb 2019
Don’t pin all of your hopes on me
I'm livin'
Like everyone else.

it comes and it goes
Under your wing  

I might just melt
I might just melt

There's no one else.
A sweet song in vulnerability. Measuring up. All that type of terrifying stuff anticipated in the first stages of a relationship.

Basically, ******* yourself. because people build pictures, and there is nothing you can do about it apart from do your best to not change into that picture. not to become some lost relic of yourself in order to fit someone's expectations, that could well be unrealistic.

It's love, or it aint. but it starts at home. you first.
1.3k · Dec 2018
Alchymie [an instructional]
chicken Dec 2018
Look here, to the East, the South, the West, the North....


Trust thy inner knowledge,
Power is placed within,
Take any which direction you choose,
For when you end, you will always begin.

And So,

Goodbye from the parts of you,
that do not know the soul,
They may choose to meddle a while,
though no longer can they control.

Your path unique, in divide dual,
an individual task,
Not one may interfere too long,
Not even those whom are masked.

So Forth,

Take some air and not hurry then,
Knowing you are on thy way,
Be eating foods just as mother Earth,
See the brake of dawn each day.

Take some water gradually, yet
steer clear of the water of fire,
firewater be the end of thee,
instrumental of setbacks, tis' dire.


Placing thy feet upon thine soil,
Souls of yours, not Nike,
Connect in self to the nature of hertz,
To calm a forlorn psyche.

When ye be ready, take flint and oil
Fuel your athanor fires,
Take the elixir sure to come, and,
be not afraid of the mires.
This is an epic by my standards. Enjoy, or not.

Firewater = High Proof Alcohol
Athanor = Furnace
1.3k · Oct 2021
Nothing Left
chicken Oct 2021
So tell em there's
Nothing left.
freeloaders are not obvious to spot in the beginning, but they will come to you if they think you won't speak up when they do become obvious. i have seen this happen with a friend or few, always the most kindest and generous of people with noticeably sparkling presences. often creators who worked hard. being kind is great, but being kind beyond telling someone to f the f off when they are talking the p is not the only skill needed, spotting self interest in any interactions beforehand saves a lot of problems. wealth is for sharing, but in the correct avenues. people are quick to call greed in the wealthy, but it's easy to bypass the greed that comes from takers, the greed from people who see money and chance a free ride, not caring less for the person of wealth.
1.3k · Nov 2019
Closer Than You Think
chicken Nov 2019
I can’t pull him
Close enough
Fast enough
There’s no pull
Only magnetism
In our lives.
1.2k · Oct 2021
Fantasy Bond
chicken Oct 2021
Lowly lit was his delicate smile whilst she shone beyond the screen
A love he declared for no one else
Was all a fantasy
A dream
She danced, focused, circled near
He was vacant, running, retracting in fear
She hastened, calling, pining for him
He shied away, hiding, ever dampening
He preferred the idea that was in his head, fantasy instead of reality as the dancer remained mislead
She never stopped dancing towards him, his place called home
Not realising that she was destined to remain completely alone.
i wrote this about 15 years ago [check out the difference in style :D] after coming across the work of Robert Firestone, who distinctly outlines a huge problem in society which is, by my own viewing, largely overlooked. reading firestone's work on fantasy bonding gave me instant recognition of it's presence within an old co-workers shared pain. fantasy is nice, we get to play, we get to create, and it is a momentary escape. the problem however, is when reality then gets denied. impossible enforcing of fantasy to be real when there is no chance, with the darker corners isolating a person from leading a full life with actual face to face, skin on skin, in person relationships with others. in this age of screens and isolation, we are more at risk than we ever have been.
1.2k · Feb 2019
Little Weed
chicken Feb 2019
Little ****
I'll pull you up
to my face
eat you.

Make you into
something else
It's painful
you knew.

Every atom
Every speck
transforms time
time again.

If air is the chorus
then you
are the choir
despite pain.
Everything has a sound, a frequency, no matter what state it is in.

We live in an endless structure of sound, of song, the multitude of the verses.

Why do you like music so much?
1.2k · Jan 2019
Go Solo
chicken Jan 2019
Nothin’ gets me out of my seat, more than You
and Your piano.

Your blackbird voice,
full with sorrow.
1.1k · Feb 2019
The Skin You're In
chicken Feb 2019
I can smell you
just like a rose
all your petals
so delicious.

A raw moment
with every part
every layer
I can't resist.

You are insurmountable
edging near
dare not start
no end in sight.

Might try to stop, but
I wont, it's too late
there is nothing
that I can do.
When ya got the hots for someone. and it's that type of hots that you cannot put off, no matter what you do. no matter what anyone tells you. the idea is crazy. still got insufferable hots.

Distraction all the way home.
1.1k · Feb 2019
Somebodies Beard
1.0k · Feb 2019
As You Were.
chicken Feb 2019
We physically met,
our fingertips touched,

We both transformed
into previous tenant dust,

Our bodies
dissolved in the fallout.

We were the last ones left.
1.0k · Feb 2019
War Song [sing for victory]
chicken Feb 2019
I still got the wars stuck in my throat
Gotta dig,
dig into it like a trench.

Dig for victory
They told us all
Ain’t really diggin nothin’ but graves.

My secret cry
No one heard
No one knew

My secret cry
No one heard
No one knew

I wanted to go home.

All of the bits
that couldn’t be said

I’ll sing em instead
I’ll sing em instead

All of the letters
that couldn’t be read

I’ll sing em instead
I’ll sing em instead

All of the tears
That were secretly shed

I’ll sing em instead
I’ll sing em instead

I’ll pull on
my boots
again in the morning.
990 · Mar 2019
Party Cannon
chicken Mar 2019
A shiny sparkle
Cascades past my skull
In all of it's reflective glory

Just for a moment
I see a glimpse
Of the end of another story.

We have the cheek
All four of them to say
'We are but beautiful flowers'

And though blooms replicate
It is fair to say, we mankind
get far many more hours

So I dedicate this to the
Party Cannon
The DJ, and his Set

For all the accurate track ID's
and MP3's given
That I couldn't get.

For the outfits
and the stupidity
And that final surviving cassette.

To the doormen who did not
let me in, because
To reject was to protect.

To the friends who
Did not make it
Who chose too soon to change through death

Don’t think I’ll ever
Forget you
You’re also beating in my chest,


We are those shiny sparkles
That float past skulls
In all our glory

We are the moment
And we are the glimpse
Yet, we are never our story.
We never end :)
974 · Nov 2018
Dark Night [of the soul]
chicken Nov 2018
Seek and ye shall find me in the darkest of the nights,
speaking of the torments, and the multitude of plights.

In the air it can be heard, all those who hath gone before,
to seek inside the glory mind, of which could not be ignored.

Travel deep down, down deep into the depths, until ye rise again.
And if ye shan't rise, let it be no surprise,
This ere task is not pretty, amen.
Archaic dark night of the soul instructional, for the win.
966 · May 2019
Dew Point
chicken May 2019
In his crypt
he is the sunset
In ten thousand petaled form
He is the casual scoundrel
Dressed in a shower of jewels
That she adorns

Glistening on his skin
Ten thousand facets
beaming by his flame
The glint of dew
on a blade of grass
Calling each other, name by name

In her cave
She is the evening
In dusky perfumed form
She is the latent morning
On a bed of flora
That he adorns

Growing in every fissure
Ten thousand shoots
climbing up the walls
Sticky buds glisten
opening, cascading
Into waters destined fall.
Dew point: is a process of nature where air cools and everything transpires so that dew may exist, or something like that.

This is a poem about the process of falling in love.
957 · Jul 2019
We’re Here
chicken Jul 2019
Interlocked tori
You and I
One is the other
The other is the one
This is the inescapable truth
The reality that we cannot move
Away from each other
No matter how hard
we might try.
918 · Nov 2020
Y2K Time Warp
chicken Nov 2020
He said that social media was his main source of culture
But it was the culture that had him stuck
In a time warp
Forever a student
Not quite so studious
Forever in the vibe
Not quite vibing with the time
Never growing up
Not accepting that a certain success is over
That what was done then, is passed, is gone
Stuck in a 30 somethin’ time warp
No intention of moving on.
Popular culture will do this to you. It forms a strong cluster of neurons in the brain, which ignite the same feelings from the same time if we remind ourselves with a relevant something like music, food eaten, or clothing. Hard times hit, people revert, but it doesn’t work. When a time is over it’s over, there is no turning back. We gotta all deal with our **** today and keep pressing onward from yesterday.. or just stay stuck.
890 · Mar 2019
Emo's In Disguise
chicken Mar 2019
Please don't laugh
at me
I cry like a Ferrari
in the distance.
chicken Mar 2019
Look up, out, and down
at the seagulls
cascading in the wind

blow out a wave
of ego death

as they scrummage through the bins.

and the voices who
want to be heard
will not be silenced
no matter what type of violence
is brought to the game

the truth in it all
can always be heard

when the call of the
seagull sounds again.

Look up, out, and down
at the seagulls
cascading in the wind

no fear of falling from the sky
not too glamorous for bins.
Repetitive bin song.

Slightly political. Slightly spiritual/.

Different views are all around.

Seagull: bird of truth :) Seagulls will call you out.
856 · Mar 2019
Theresa's War
chicken Mar 2019
Theresa's gone too lizard brain
It has grown big,
and juicy, and fat

Seagulls a'floating, eyeing it up
ready to eat it, and
turn it into crap.
Don't forget your hat girl :D

Just for fun.
809 · Feb 2019
Old Hen
chicken Feb 2019
Shadow in the spotlight,
Matter on the wall,
It’s good to see you again,
I know that you don’t like it here, at all,

.. but,

you look beautiful,
you old hen, long time old skool feathered friend.

Just be here, it’s alright,
... cause,
You light the darkness of the night.

There’s no way you can get through without you.
The darkness and the light, no versus needed.
781 · Apr 2019
chicken Apr 2019
I hope you’l leave this cult
Cause, I cannot cope with it

He’s got no enlightening
For your soul,
He’s a master hypnotist

Where there’s a master
There is a slave
Sealed in a jar upon a shelf

The only master that is
Necessary at all
Is the mastery of the self.
Cults. Distracting. They tend to offer hypnotic teaching. Hypnotism is not anything to do with being realised.
769 · May 2019
The Vulture
chicken May 2019
She only
Winds her long bald neck in
to heave another drag
She is the local vulture
Old Hag.
The person this is written about, is a person who physically smiles and enjoys when her actions cause kids to suffer and cry.

She is seriously abusive.

If anyone’s having a good time, she will endeavour to destroy it and you. Sad thing is, she’s only destroying herself.

Just in case the ‘be nice to people’ patrol stroll in :D
754 · Apr 2019
Judgement Smudgement
chicken Apr 2019
I hear you say.

I couldn’t be bothered, at all.
Who can be bothered with judgement today? It works both ways, works both ways.

Just for fun, in minimalism :D
731 · Apr 2019
chicken Apr 2019
Stalking the importance
That you cannot see within
Creating indeterminate messages
Not sent by her or him

A figment of the ego
Terrifying and dangerous
More so to one’s own personal self
Than the object of one’s lust

O’ hear ye erotomaniac
Hear whence you are ready
The object of one’s fruitless lust
Be mere ego fantasy

Let these words be noted
May they be allowed to heal
O’ hear ye erotomaniac
Before all ends in tragedy.
Erotomania: a delusion in which a person (typically a woman) believes that another person (typically of higher social status) is in love with them.

It’s one of those things where realisation seems difficult to ignite, in order to bring about a resolution within the person. How could this condition begin to be alleviated for the person if realisation is difficult to reach?
726 · Oct 2018
Nothing is Ever Lost
chicken Oct 2018
Headless Chicken,
Headless Chicken,
Oh boy,
You lost your skull.

... and in return,
You get to know,
That you ain’t lost nothin’ at all.
Nothin’ to lose, nothin’ to gain :]
684 · Mar 2019
Great Forgiveness
chicken Mar 2019
I let go and
I reclaim
My sunniest disposition.

All dissolves and
They move on
Chicken, return to mission.

I forgive you
All of you
I let you go and set you free.

Ego grips and
Holds on tight
That ****'s not for me.


I let go and
I reclaim
My sunniest disposition.

All dissolves and
They move on
Chicken, return to mission.
A process, unfolding.

There is a backlog, this may take awhile.
658 · Feb 2019
Hater on the Menu
chicken Feb 2019
Every thing that
you say and do,
Keeps richocheting
back to you.

Blame will not cure your woes.

In dishing it out,
You serve yourself,
In dishing it out,
You serve yourself,

a dish,
lavish in evil’s throes.

So put me up a good full plate, I’ll sit here waiting,
with this

I’ll eat what you serve, til’ the sky fills up full,

Stars so bright,

You’l become lime flavoured jelly.

[and I’ll eat that, too]
Two courses, great :D.
654 · Oct 2021
Alien Kisses
chicken Oct 2021
I just wanted to
Sink into somebody’s face
Even though
It was
Not yours.
652 · Apr 2019
Threepenny Bit
chicken Apr 2019
Smell the tradition in the air
Be it fire, or a roast dinner
The town crier calls and,
he doth declare
‘If you ain’t frownin’ you’re a sinner’
644 · Oct 2021
This is Defo a Love Song.
chicken Oct 2021
little yellow Bird
In yellow and in blue
Not got much, not a lot to say
Until the morning dew

Until I sense your sonos
Until I hear your freq's
What gets me up
and out of my nest
It's you.
It's defo you.

You and your devices
Your heat behind my ear
The smell of you just as you are
Whenever you draw near

With your cables and
your conquests
Filling up the room
This is defo a Love Song
In yellow
and in blue.
622 · Mar 2019
School Photo
chicken Mar 2019
I saw you in school
Smiling, yet
Surrounded by jackals
and I asked myself
What have I done?

These dark places and
everyone's dark phases
This is not what I would wish
upon anyone.

Yet you up rose tall
roots planted in soil
You knew
what you came here to do

Your beaming bright face
Shone in every dark place
Through every dark challenge
you grew
you grew.
Can't skip nothin’. Not even for your kids, and if you did.. that might be detrimental. It's impossible to interfere without some kind of fight, of which they will always be triumphant.

Let them fall, let them rise, let them live.

[but monitor them all the same :D]
chicken Sep 2021
Your darkness and my armor
Where do we begin

I'm going in
In for the ****
I'm going in
In for the ****
Got a grip
Got a grip

When you kick me
where the sun don't shine
I wont mind
No sin
No sin
I'm going in
In for the ****

Your darkness and my armor
This is where we begin
Set the scene of the song;

Park bench with a chosen love, male and female. Both known to each other for years, history, they know each other well and both older now, yet fail to connect over each others personal stuff. Weary with the years gone by living separate lives, and things not working out elsewhere, they come together to talk about their recent woes on the bench. she decides time is up and gets ready to place a sobering kiss upon the lips of his face, still salty from the tears he had dried up earlier. 16 years in the making, this is where they begin.
596 · Mar 2019
Everything at Once
chicken Mar 2019
Protect yourself from me
I am the raining dead
The fission's, and
The fighters, and
Those who bled in dread

I can heal you,
but not
in the absence of your shield
I'm here,
by your side
Out in the field
Out in the field

I didn't do what you asked
Never look back,
my ****
Never look back,
Oh my big ****
I'm coming back to get you.
Two close comrades. Out on the field, in battle, running... one comrade always told the other, 'never look back' and 'run with your gun' in case human compassion washed over and one went back for the other, killing them both.

Guess who didn't listen.

It is the story of two best friends.

One always trying to protect the other, and vice versa.

In another life, they (enough congregation of their particles) meet, and all those memories come rushing back.

Written from a healing perspective, everything in oneness. it is powerful, utmost self care is necessary.
590 · Oct 2018
Old News
chicken Oct 2018
If I’ve got nothin’ except for me,
and You’ve got nothin’ except for you

What have we got to lose

What have we got to lose

There's nothing to think through
The cap fits
Props glitch
Everything else is old news
old news.
Song about  getting it together
544 · May 2019
Fools Gold
chicken May 2019
Air be like a cesspit
Before the other side of the moon
The draining of the drudgeries
It could not come too soon

And someone else hath wrote of it
Where it glittered, it festooned
They wrote about the silver lining
Of that moon shaped pool

Come what may within the cycles
With each fleeting side of the moon
The knowledge that it does not change
Tis’ no folly of the fool.
The solid, true self, it never changes... because it is the truth.

Therin lies the gold, which the fool sets upon in his journey and stumbles across, shining so brightly that it cannot be missed, no matter how dark or light it gets.. the golden inner truth is always there. Unshakable. Always present. This does not change.
527 · Dec 2017
You and I = O
chicken Dec 2017
You and your dark armour
Come out and see me
I’m not scared

I know that you’re still in there
I don’t give a **** about your hair

You and your dark armour
Come out and see me
I’m not scared

I know that you’re still in there
The chinks, they’re ours,
they’re shared.
484 · Oct 2020
Covid Belly
chicken Oct 2020
It exists and it lives
It moves and it shakes
all because I couldn’t resist
The transfatty aisle of edible pleasures

Now I’m a bigger girl
Bigger than I’d like
to give a whirl
Thanks to the transfatty aisle of edible pleasures.
So I started working out again today 😄

The ‘aisle’ in question is of course the Lidl bakery aisle. With all the restrictions, I needed stuff.. and I only went in to look at the middle of Lidl, I swear.

Oh, and by the way.. eating your emotions? It’s no good. Don’t do it if you know you’re doing it. It’l b o k ☺️
chicken Mar 2019
As I lace
my boots with
the fear flowing
from the
cavalrymen that draw near

I see your face and
no one else's.

This is their last resort.
One course only. Onwards.
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