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5d · 185
Black Witch
chicken 5d
She wore her best
Purple crushed velvet dress
In order to impress the man
That she wished
To manipulate

It failed

Her face remained
As an image of disgust
at her own inability to destroy
Poem as part of a story where a witch working in dark magic was foolish enough to believe that how she was dressed would  control the situation to her benefit. It had worked for her before, but in her delusion thought that the same method would work again.

Her heart spewing forth like thrown ink, just as difficult to remove once staining those that she encountered.. projecting her hazardous qualities on to  others as worthless ******* dumps that she saw them for.

If other people are happy, she seeks to destroy it.

She is a hideous character, which I hope this note helps bring across :-)

It’s not very good as a poem, more of a note.
5d · 30
chicken 5d
He could not care
J o t e
A note about carelessness.
Jan 11 · 44
Openly Grotesque
chicken Jan 11
There he stood
Helping himself
To imaginary glory
As if he was gods gift
I was inwardly disgusted
His personality so grotesque
It shone throughout all of eternity
Not even compassion
Could alter the scene
A poem about personalities and how when they are grotesque in nature, it kind of shines through in everything. Basically, if someone isn’t nice, it doesn’t matter what they look like.. they will be gross either way.
Jan 11 · 229
chicken Jan 11
Onward and onwards
We don’t go back
but the memory is there
like making tracks
and I’d love to make a difference
but I can’t do the maths
So I keep a lid on it
Keep it all
under my hat
At least
Until somebody comes along
and asks.
Jan 6 · 206
High Contrast
chicken Jan 6
He is so beautiful
It makes all of the ****** relationships
All the more worth it
Because the contrast is something else
From the **** head who listened to gossip, instead of me, slept with other women, as well as me, tried to take when nothing was there for him, my territory
To the other **** head who spat in my face
Calling me a **** on the daily, threatening to take my head off, take my child, telling me he hated me
But this one, he is beautiful
It makes it all, all the more worth it
They showed me what I didn’t want
They showed me who they were
They always say it was just a mistake
All of the flowers and money in the world could never make up for it
And the contrast is something else.
Domestic violence. It is horrible. The only window of psychological survival that I could find is the one that this bit of writing describes, the contrast,  where eventually knowing the difference shows me the difference, what I don’t want, and so never to go there again.

Calling them ‘**** head’ is very mild compared to what I lived with, so I have taken the opportunity with both hands. And it’s old news now, it took a long time to get to this point of healing.

This one is really personal for me, so personal poetry enjoyers.. this ones for you as well as for myself in a practice of letting go. Enjoy :-)
Jan 6 · 151
Angry Man
chicken Jan 6
I can’t tell you
what you want to hear
My dear
Truth burns
on deaf ears
in fear
of all the places that you don’t want to go.
Reality checks. When you are the bearer of unwelcome news’es and you get all the  /crap for it :D
Jan 6 · 101
Ede Edosta
chicken Jan 6
I saw your medication
take you
and shape you
into a shadow of your former self
Sinking into a burger
Unheard of
What the hell.
Lost friends and a sick society that makes out that they are the ones with the problem.
Dec 2021 · 71
Stock Check Sample
Dec 2021 · 108
Supermassive Koi Carp
chicken Dec 2021
He was cruel
In most of his words
And lying
In all of the others
So when he talked
And didn’t stop talking, as he did
I imagined his head was
A koi carp
A massive koi carp
Supermassive koi carp
Which helped me get through it all
For sure
Tried and tested method :D
chicken Dec 2021
Trends and fads
They constantly change
But we don’t
We just stand
And stare
At each other
From a distance
Close proximity
Always together
Not always physically

Earth keeps moving
Following the money
Ticking over
Trickling over
Except for us
For our moment
In time

Your face
And mine
Your face
And mine
Your place
Or mine
Sweet lover
Dec 2021 · 192
Silent Song
Dec 2021 · 177
Organza Minute
chicken Dec 2021
true love floats
like sigourney weaver,
rotates things like the earth,
and waits in presence
like bill murray
things just naturally work out, all of the time :-)
Dec 2021 · 313
chicken Dec 2021
There was glitter and
there was candlelight
but most of all
there was his presence
Wingless footsteps
across the earth and
A golden glow
In the mornings dew
Til dusk drew
Once again
Dec 2021 · 86
I Am Not You
chicken Dec 2021
You attract who you are is
a load of old *******
Unless you are all that exists
The only one in the world
Who could possibly matter
In the eyes of any god
That’s right,
chicken Dec 2021
He ate...
Sauerkraut at breakfast
He ate Sauerkraut at noon
He ate Sauerkraut throughout the daytime
and even beneath the moon
He ate sauerkraut in the cafe
He ate sauerkraut during work
He ate sauerkraut every moment
If he could bathe in it he would
He ate sauerkraut on a date
He ate Sauerkraut over brunch
He ate Sauerkraut on a chartered flight
whilst listening to grunge
He ate sauerkraut at the buffet
As much as he could digest
He ate sauerkraut almost constantly
Til it gave him sauerkraut breath
Somebody who did not have the supposed breath of angels :D

The # tag sauerkraut is not exactly filled with entries on hello poetry, so I challenge you to write some sauerkraut laden business and tag it up.. let me see your sauerkraut based songs 😃
Dec 2021 · 165
Spell Breaker
chicken Dec 2021
Torn lovers
Forlorn lovers
by an evil wave
One man and his magick hat
and the jealousy of a knave

They cast their vision across the land
Besides and
Hatred being the one and only
Behest of their bequeath

Torn lovers nay, disunited
Confusion rife,
like scurvy
They outcast the lovers individually  
To a land called topsy turvy

The more that he withholds himself
The worse things get for her
Chimera hovers
But does not move
Til the eve he dares draw her near

Until then their fate be distasteful
To the onlook of the crowd
As they wish, they wave, they incite and they entice
The removal of dark magick’s shroud.
Happy to be back in my fiction game :D

This is a medieval style story where a young woman and a young man who are destined to be together, in love. But before they were able to get together they both individually spoke of their love to someone who recognised it.. hers to a trusted man and his to a trusted woman who both became insanely jealous of the young lives, and proceeded to cast their own darkness as an awful magick spell which would keep the lovers apart , but only until one of them snaps out of it.

Because it was a destined relationship, the magick could only be cast in some directions, not above where the original lives of both people are always pure, so there is hope. A chance. But will it happen? It only takes one of them to snap out of things to be able to get to the other, which one will it be? Will the lovers be able to conquer the misuse of magic that they have been challenged with?

Hope that you enjoy this little medieval times story :-) Wishing everybody at HP a very Merry Christmas 🤍
chicken Dec 2021
they were quick tell everyone to
“just be kind”
failing to recognise their
people who can’t stand feelings are the ones who will try to control how others are feeling when they need to vent in order to move on. they don’t help anyone by not allowing people to process, encouraging the bottling up of what needs to come out. they only help themselves by blocking it all cause they themselves can’t stand it.
Dec 2021 · 219
Wife Life
chicken Dec 2021
He was out for a bit of no strings
So I made plenty
More than he could count
Off he went back to his cabin
Where stories a’plenty did mount
short about a navy man with a roving eye, and an added touch more roving than his wife at home would approve of :D Stories a’plenty = the creation of excuses to cover ones own *** should word get around.

The twist being that the targeted woman already knew the wife, even though they were oceans apart these days.
Dec 2021 · 132
Small Town
chicken Dec 2021
Small town
Small town
Tongues wagging
It’s gottalot to say
Gottalot to say about
The things it don’t know about
Chat **** Chat ****
Every day

Small town
The people are cold
Not in a central heating
kind of way
Stone grey polluted
Like the parade

Big open eyes
Big talking mouths
All empty got **** all to em’
Empty dead lookin, for somethin’ else
Nothing better to do

Small town
Small town
Someone’s always talking’ ****
Gottalot to say
Plenty to say
Chat ****
They’re just chattin’ ****.
Song about small towns and the gossipy nature that they can have due to the lack of other things to get on with and do.
chicken Dec 2021
This one here
This one is for you
Just for you, you fucken *******
Nasty for nasty
Through and through

Your sour *** is understandable
Only when I see the truth
Thank you for perpetually showing me
That in leaving, I did the best I could

You are a ****** *******
And now I know, you always will be
So ******* into fuckoffity land
Stay outta my way for all eternity
A post punk song about a fictional situat…. nah I am lying, this is my ode to someone who really is just a big ****** ****** head asscrack horrible person. If I never get to experience his bullshitting drama crap again from this moment then I am truly blessed, 💯 **** head. toilets wouldn’t even have him.
Dec 2021 · 161
chicken Dec 2021
Come out from the obscurities and play, young man.
You think you’re past it but you’re not.
Obscurity is great but it can go too far, where others are not not inspired or able to join in.
Dec 2021 · 51
Deceptive Mouths
chicken Dec 2021
Sweep it all up
Pretend that nothin’ happened
Under the carpet but not forgotten
Inside the walls but always on guard
The faces all read differently
to the words they make with their sounds
Corrupted *******
Unable to hide what’s true

Written all over their faces
As they numbered all of the heads
Waiting to shoot them, one by one, each

The cycle moves and
Apologies are made
Deception is loud
Crisp in the air,
by the time that their own deaths come around

sweep it up all under the carpet
Shh now don’t say a word
Keep it romance, let’s have a little dance
Let’s leave it for another little bird.
guess the topic..
Dec 2021 · 452
Smiley Face #2
chicken Dec 2021
Thrilled to the marrow
Just to see a face
The worlds a disgrace
In most places
Not remembering
Not recalling
The finest kind of gifts.
thanks to julian for the inspiration
Nov 2021 · 327
chicken Nov 2021
no one gets the magic


Down The Line.
Nov 2021 · 251
A Ghost for U [2]
chicken Nov 2021
Walking, talking
Floating through the air
I’ve been a phantasm of myself
Since you’ve not been there
Bob hope and no hope
Of lovin’
Dreaming in the night
I wish we were at home again
Instead I've been floatin’ around in a fright
It’s never the same without you
and I can only say no to the rest
I can’t live without you but
As a phantasm I’m still doin’ my best.
Old lovers love song. I wrote before a similar title, probably not the same, can’t be arsed to find it but it’s different so this ones a part two. It might be a part three.. thrice loverz :D
Nov 2021 · 394
Catch U
chicken Nov 2021
Street cat street cat
Alley cat
don't dally cat
She knows before anyone else does
Always on the ball
Nov 2021 · 256
Sense You
chicken Nov 2021
Bryan has posted this on my page as a response to my post called a man that smells, so i am posting it here too.

She smelled like the dirt,
The deep rich of earth,
The water and the air,
The carbon and the mirth.

She looked like the sky,
Her head lifted high,
Clouds in her features,
Birds passing by.

She tasted like the stream,
The water cold and clean,
With the fauna and the falls,
She was all in between.

She sounded like the night,
The wisp of bats in flight,
The chirping of the crickets
Before the morning's light.

She felt like trees:
Strong, but in the breeze,
Swaying to the music
Only heard by me.
Nov 2021 · 254
no soul night
chicken Nov 2021
he gave me silver
beneath the fullest of the moons
i began to repair
from deep within
right there as i stood
within the darkness of the night
having nothing to do with
a soul.
no soul night is a night when everything that is no longer necessary is cast aside and shed for good, a night where the worms and the slugs come out of the soil and move to another part of the soil, leaving space for something new, where souls are not something that one has, but only a human as a whole person without separate parts standing and declaring themselves as being so.
Nov 2021 · 279
A Man that Smells
chicken Nov 2021
He smells like ancient eternity
driving me wild
wrapped up in the quilt
like the pub and
the barrels
and the smoke
and the something else that
only science can explain.
A short story about a man that smells and it is beautiful. He is ****. he has self awareness and also understanding, and is undeniably, traditionally, himself.

**** version of “A Man That Stank”.
Nov 2021 · 294
A Smelly Man
chicken Nov 2021
He stank and wondered why
the people had regularly dispersed
upon his presence
and came up with the theory
that some plot to stop
him enjoying his life
was set up
by the world governments.
A short story about how a lack of self awareness and also understanding can lead to poor judgements that will change nothing.
Nov 2021 · 100
slip note
chicken Nov 2021
don’t dance around
just be straight with me
be direct with me
i’m not here for anything else
Nov 2021 · 298
chicken Nov 2021
his voice bellows through me
rendering me hopeless
helplessly in love
Oct 2021 · 654
Alien Kisses
chicken Oct 2021
I just wanted to
Sink into somebody’s face
Even though
It was
Not yours.
Oct 2021 · 242
we do love each other
chicken Oct 2021
in love
new or old
there is nothing else
just the two of us
you and i
and no-one else
just for a while
until we sink
sink back into the day
sink back into the night
sink back into the people
that we knew
that we know
until we sink
back into the ground
and back out again
start again
just you and i.
Oct 2021 · 153
chicken Oct 2021
Some people call it justice
there is only revenge.
people often do bad things and they get away with it. people often suffer for no reason. but we like to call it karma. i like to call it revenge, which is a form of cruelty.
Oct 2021 · 310
she left anyway.
chicken Oct 2021
true love never dies
but a fantasy lives until you **** it

he could not master
his darkest sides

this split
the hit of the century

moved and shook
until only freedom was left.
10 years today marks the spot for freedom. living with someone who is split in personality is not easy, so she split from the split, creating massive freedom. it has it's bitter sweetness, but the outcome is the one.

every one leads to the zero and the zero leads to the one. unity.
Oct 2021 · 473
Golden Swan
chicken Oct 2021
every man drinkin’
sinkin’ bottle
upon bottle
is a little boy crying
resolving his pain,
Oct 2021 · 188
The Emperor
chicken Oct 2021
Every strike
Every beating
Tempered me into
The finest of gold
But no panacea
Host to all elements
Divinity over the material world requires being an intrinsic part of it.
Oct 2021 · 252
chicken Oct 2021
I forgive them
when I see their faces
and all of the forgotten places
that they deny.
Oct 2021 · 471
chicken Oct 2021
I said I wouldn't do this
But here I am again
Standing before the machine on wheels
Decision making, which and when

The endless possibilities
The ocean at my feet
Warm faces behind the window
Before an arm reaches out to greet

The angels look down upon me
Without one frown nor furrow
Cause I here I am all over again
No care for what may happen tomorrow

Just bein' in the moment
Got no need for no ******' phone
Just me, the ocean and my plastic baby
and two large 99 cones.
not a song. it is written just from how I feel, but this is all about a little visit to the ice cream van over at the sea front with my son. one of my favourite things to do in the world. i require very serious thinking / being sometimes, so i ensure to balance it with the fun things in life that i like, and in my own time. this is just one of them :-] it starts out serious, but really it's all just a walk and an ice cream with some salty sea air. birds. kids screaming about some **** or other. kids laughing their ***** off about some **** or other. long time local lovers sat on deck chairs nearby. son by my side laughing at our own silly jokes and character representations of the world. carefree. Simplicity. i love it. i love to look out at the ocean, up at the sky, and down at the ground. that is my religion, the sun bein my god. none of us are here without it.
Oct 2021 · 77
chicken Oct 2021
Would he be there
without the private jets
without what he gets
without all of the coins and

Would he be there
without the vintage drinks
without the diamond clinks
without the invites, attendees and

Would he be there
without the late nights
without the hot lights
without red carpet fights, paparazzi,
backstage eyebrow tweeze

Would he be there
without hotter palm nights
without the lingerie
without the opportunity of neckin'
somebody else.
some people are in for the lifestyle and nothing else.
Oct 2021 · 1.3k
Nothing Left
chicken Oct 2021
So tell em there's
Nothing left.
freeloaders are not obvious to spot in the beginning, but they will come to you if they think you won't speak up when they do become obvious. i have seen this happen with a friend or few, always the most kindest and generous of people with noticeably sparkling presences. often creators who worked hard. being kind is great, but being kind beyond telling someone to f the f off when they are talking the p is not the only skill needed, spotting self interest in any interactions beforehand saves a lot of problems. wealth is for sharing, but in the correct avenues. people are quick to call greed in the wealthy, but it's easy to bypass the greed that comes from takers, the greed from people who see money and chance a free ride, not caring less for the person of wealth.
chicken Oct 2021
I don't want this
I don't
I don't
I just wanna be free
Can't be me with her around
Cause the me I got
ain't even real
I don't want this
She is everywhere I go
Can't stand her presence
bein' around

I just wanna be me
The me that I created
Not for real
Not for real
Can't be real

I just wanna be me
Fake old me
Li'l ol'me
Pretending to be some one else.
set the scene;;

this is a male response to a females attempts to form intimacy with the real person inside the false, defensive shell that she has caught a glimpse of, and fallen immediately in love with. he is not used to tru intimacy, it scares him tremendously, and instead of going for it, he opts to repel her in favour of protecting his falsely created life of fantasy bonds with others. the value is placed on what is fake and defensive, whilst discounting the real and the intimate.
Oct 2021 · 1.2k
Fantasy Bond
chicken Oct 2021
Lowly lit was his delicate smile whilst she shone beyond the screen
A love he declared for no one else
Was all a fantasy
A dream
She danced, focused, circled near
He was vacant, running, retracting in fear
She hastened, calling, pining for him
He shied away, hiding, ever dampening
He preferred the idea that was in his head, fantasy instead of reality as the dancer remained mislead
She never stopped dancing towards him, his place called home
Not realising that she was destined to remain completely alone.
i wrote this about 15 years ago [check out the difference in style :D] after coming across the work of Robert Firestone, who distinctly outlines a huge problem in society which is, by my own viewing, largely overlooked. reading firestone's work on fantasy bonding gave me instant recognition of it's presence within an old co-workers shared pain. fantasy is nice, we get to play, we get to create, and it is a momentary escape. the problem however, is when reality then gets denied. impossible enforcing of fantasy to be real when there is no chance, with the darker corners isolating a person from leading a full life with actual face to face, skin on skin, in person relationships with others. in this age of screens and isolation, we are more at risk than we ever have been.
Oct 2021 · 644
This is Defo a Love Song.
chicken Oct 2021
little yellow Bird
In yellow and in blue
Not got much, not a lot to say
Until the morning dew

Until I sense your sonos
Until I hear your freq's
What gets me up
and out of my nest
It's you.
It's defo you.

You and your devices
Your heat behind my ear
The smell of you just as you are
Whenever you draw near

With your cables and
your conquests
Filling up the room
This is defo a Love Song
In yellow
and in blue.
Oct 2021 · 282
Sweaty Palms
chicken Oct 2021
Downtown on Rodeo
You got sweaty palms
Wifey on her way
Ain't no harm
Ain't no harm
Back track on cassette tape
Heat rising from the dash
You got sweaty palms
Ain't no harm
Ain't no harm
Trees all smiling at you
Crepe like in the wind
Donda in the background
Sin, a total sin
Sanitiser in the glove box
Skateboard on a whim
You got sweaty palms
Ain't no sin,
Ain't no sin.
Synopsis; Extramarital vibes + guilt, his expedition into 'other' women so far only in his mind as he struggles to get on with his [newly discovered as a psychopath] wife. Nervous, the abuse he is enduring is apparent in the fact that there are now no healthy boundaries between them as singular persons, all that was built after leaving his abusive family now broken down by her nature, the basis pattern still there, dormant, she exploited it. will she know that his mind has wandered? Sweaty palms.
Sep 2021 · 100
21st Century Bullshitter
chicken Sep 2021
I got this and I got that
... if it keeps you under control.
A short about pathological liars, who will lie about anything for really ******' bizarre reasoning that suits them in some way. Usually about control. Studies say they *pathological liars* have no reason, but the reason is often about denial of reality, a complete non acceptance of things just how they are. The lies support the fantasy whilst serving to banish all that remains true.

Not all lies are equal, some do serve a greater purpose.
chicken Sep 2021
Your darkness and my armor
Where do we begin

I'm going in
In for the ****
I'm going in
In for the ****
Got a grip
Got a grip

When you kick me
where the sun don't shine
I wont mind
No sin
No sin
I'm going in
In for the ****

Your darkness and my armor
This is where we begin
Set the scene of the song;

Park bench with a chosen love, male and female. Both known to each other for years, history, they know each other well and both older now, yet fail to connect over each others personal stuff. Weary with the years gone by living separate lives, and things not working out elsewhere, they come together to talk about their recent woes on the bench. she decides time is up and gets ready to place a sobering kiss upon the lips of his face, still salty from the tears he had dried up earlier. 16 years in the making, this is where they begin.
Dec 2020 · 188
chicken Dec 2020
He lost his bends
Hanging around
With her
Dec 2020 · 114
In His Shoes
chicken Dec 2020
He walked through the valley
Just as I did
In the shadows
Treading where the other
Did not want to go
Steep and glassy
Was the look upon his mothers face
When I approached her
As her only son

I said I knew
But I didn’t
And now I know the pain
Although mine was just the same
Psychotic eyes
Were those of my mother, too
In his shoes
Was the only way I could see it.
This fictional is about an enmeshed relationship, where the closeness is experienced as the same life circumstances as the other though often in paradox situation that might not always be recognised.

These two recognise, and this is written as one side, her side of the reflection.

I am hoping that ‘his’ side of the reflection might pop up in my imagination sometime, and I’ll follow up this piece :-) .

With eternal thanks to Ryan for the inspiration.
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