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Nov 19 · 67
Chicken Nov 19
He said that he had time to ****
But there was nothing there
Nov 16 · 53
Wounded Beauty
Chicken Nov 16
There he is
Words written
All over his talented face
He thinks he’s a terrible disgrace
In such a bad place
A lifelong gift
From his parents.
Parents can be dreadful, they do their best given what they know but we must each realise that sometimes our parents gave us programming that doesn’t help us in life. It can be worked on, if we’re courageous enough to get in there and dig it up so it can be disintegrated.
Nov 15 · 810
Closer Than You Think
Chicken Nov 15
I can’t pull him
Close enough
Fast enough
There’s no pull
Only magnetism
In our lives.
Hope he’s got wheels on that chair :D
Oct 29 · 136
Angel Dust
Chicken Oct 29
They are the ones
Who know pure beauty
That’s why
They hurt the most
Angels get dealt
The most painful blows
They’d rather be a ghost
Turn into dust
They’d rather be a ghost
Turn into dust
They’d rather be a ghost
Turn into dust
For all the angels. Wrote this for Adrian, my heart goes out to you.

Drugs, alcohol, everyone you see outside laying in the streets immobile, general public, public eye and celebrity = dealing with pain. Ask them, they will tell you their story.
Oct 23 · 163
Artist Meltdown
Chicken Oct 23
No dancer
No romancer
No necromancer
No muse

What is the point,
if there is no you?
When they are gone, they are gone !

—- spooky, this has re posted itself ... must b that Halloween vibe huhuhuaaaha.
Oct 23 · 75
Old Haunt
Chicken Oct 23
He’s an old haunt
His blue eyes
I like to go in, sometimes
I like to dive in, sometimes
He lets me stay for a while
Though never leaves my side
He’s an old haunt
that I like to go in, sometimes
that I like to dive in, sometimes
Straight through the door, into
His blue eyes.
This is a seasonal write.. it could be about a person, a pub, a pool, or a spirit... you decide :->>>
Sep 24 · 112
You ain’t Livin’
Chicken Sep 24
We say it’s broken
But it just hurts
Cause we don’t like
Gettin’ down and
Diggin’ in the dirt
Feel it to heal it
That’s what they say
Well if you ain’t feelin’
You ain’t livin’ anyway
You ain’t livin’ anyway
This is a short song about hearts. It’s in the style of blues. Extra Note .. the feeling or idea of a broken heart, is a sign of a fully functioning, perfectly working heart.
Sep 23 · 65
Chicken Sep 23
Go on then
Do your worst
I don’t think that it will work
Go on then

Do your worst
Do your worst
Do your worst

Wounds, they hurt
I don’t think that it will work

Do your worst
Do your worst
Do your worst

It’l fly
Fly straight over my head

Do your worst
Do your worst
Do your worst

For a kettle of vultures
Bleeding wounds come first
So go on then

Do you worst
Do your worst
Let me see you
Do your worst
Sep 23 · 184
Stan Marsh Moments
Chicken Sep 23
That’s how I feel
Yeah, you missed a bit
But then so did I
There’s not a lot
that either of us can do.
Stan Marsh is a character in the animated series, Southpark.
Sep 22 · 101
For the Best
Chicken Sep 22
We would have
got up to no good anyway
caused trouble
laughed a lot
when we shouldn’t have
and written the silliest of lyrics on those rainy days

These will be the downs
of our new up’s
The hidden frowns behind
our cups
as we drink a toast with our new belle and beau
Drink a toast with our new belle and beau.
The cup runneth full. Or does it?
Sep 22 · 68
The Usual Stalker
Chicken Sep 22
She’s like a corpse
Following me down the street
Brushing past me in the shop
To get her kicks, because she’s deadened
All that lives
Is her hair
It’s still there, somehow
Charged by something other than her
Maybe it’s 5G.
Chicken Sep 22
The veggie burger of dismay
Long may it be there
Where it lay
At the bottom
It’s just for fun :D
Sep 22 · 194
Ronnie’s Face
Chicken Sep 22
When he slept
I saw
The peace in his face
He was the cherub
Dealing drugs
He was the greek god
Aspiring to be a ****
He was the wonderful light
Darkened like a burned out building
Full of charm
Of homelessness
Of Victory
and of whisky,
Oh come bear witness,
Ronnie’s face.
My sons father. He fell asleep before the rest of us one evening, and I fell in love. We spent 10 or so years together.
The moral? It isn’t love if it doesn’t include everything.
Sep 22 · 61
Formulation #3
Chicken Sep 22
Some hatred
Some anger
Put it all into the fire
Put it all into the fire
Cook up a tasty storm
Tomorrow being another day
Another chance to create
Beautiful form.
How to deal with feelings? Have them. They are supposed to be there and if someone does not like them? Tough!
Sep 22 · 72
The Book Of Polarity
Chicken Sep 22
In my wisdom
I am folly
Like a fool
With a skip in my step
Singing obliviously
Despite the
Knowledge of
An oncoming cliff edge

In my wealth
I am poverty
Holding on
For dear life
Like a barnacle
That has nothing
Yet knows everything
All there is

In my seed
I am desolate
Like a silent blueprint
Dispensed with
By the elements
Carrying all there is,
Was, and ever will be
Waiting patiently

In my life
I am death
Like a dark rider
Claiming every breath
Baring teeth
Baring bones
Bearing with all
Home from home

In my dominance
I am submission
A no
And a yes
A yes
And a no
Knowing that no thing
Is all that one needs to know

In my peace
I am war
Like a fire
That is fighting
And like a fire
That is warming
Destroying all into nothing
The unknown

In my grace
I am wretched
Like a stick
Being shaken
Time and
Time again
Knowing that
It does not exist.
It’s a Grimoire, so you can read daily for a while for a benefit. The purpose of it is balancing the notions of polarities within.  It might not be here long so enjoy ! When you read it, you read it to yourself, your own very essence, felt within, it is for you.
Sep 20 · 46
Old Holds
Chicken Sep 20
Like a ton of bricks
Like a ton of bricks
I’m still here
I’ll still be here
To help clean up the mess
The debris of your shattered masks
The embers if your distress

You’ve still got the oldest book
The oldest book in the trick
The lie
The Maya
The swindle
And you hold it all in your hands

I’m still here
I’ll still be here
To help clean up the mess
The debris of your shattered masks
The embers of your distress

Like a ton of bricks
Like a ton of bricks
I’m still here
******* you off like a sub standard sunset
Not quite ‘good’ enough
Because you can’t seem to see
Not past yourself
Not past your mask
Not past the oldest book in the trick

And I’ll still be here
I’m still here
To help clean up the mess
The debris of your shattered masks
The embers of your distress
Jul 14 · 53
Finishing Line
Chicken Jul 14
I suppose this is my goodbye note.
I break from the world of writing to undertake changes.

Take good care and see you soon :D
Jul 14 · 53
Chicken Jul 14
I didn’t care who you were
The point was that you lied

Though I do now understand
The reason you had to hide

I might
have been
a bit
more polite

The point was that you lied
The one thing on my mind
When it comes to friends

I’m sorry it didn’t work out.
Jul 13 · 134
They Call Me, Chicken
Chicken Jul 13
I’ll bare my scars
and kick your ****
In every single timeline
Unlikely, huh :D

If everything’s happening at once, I’ve got it covered once.
Jul 4 · 194
We’re Here
Chicken Jul 4
Interlocked tori
You and I
One is the other
The other is the one
This is the inescapable truth
The reality that we cannot move
Away from each other
No matter how hard
we might try.
Jul 4 · 106
I Stink Right Now
Chicken Jul 4
B.O for you
It is emanating from me
Must be
the chocolate cake.
Just for fun :D

Enjoy the bo.
Jul 3 · 168
Chicken Jul 3
Would you throw it all away
for me
Would you get down on one
bended knee
You look so good with her
Dancing and
Spinning and
I'm Dying
She is all you ever wanted
All you need
Would you throw it all away
for me
Would you throw it all away
for me
This is a sad love song.

There are two lovers, they have both been told by seers that one day they will 'meet' and that they are destined, though life happens as usual in the mean time.

Because of their knowledge of each other, life presents challenges, and the truest form of love is realised because the lovers meet these challenges head on, resulting in an immense understanding of love as it truly is, not of the false possession or ulterior motive types.

The other persons happiness is all that is necessary, and in vice verse for each, no matter what. Plans get shelved.

Note: the song is not based on any reality. It is written from a purely creative story basis.
May 31 · 93
Infinite Eyeliner Loop
Chicken May 31
There is
A special place in my guts for you
And it twists
And it turns
And it churns

In rises and falls
It starts up and it stalls
Round and around
For each process it yearns.
Realisation through doing make up, circa 2010.
May 30 · 137
Eternal Bliss
Chicken May 30
Eternal bliss
Two pieces of
toast, with
Two poached
eggs, and
A Sprinkling of Salt.
May 30 · 432
Dew Point
Chicken May 30
In his crypt
he is the sunset
In ten thousand petaled form
He is the casual scoundrel
Dressed in a shower of jewels
That she adorns

Glistening on his skin
Ten thousand facets
beaming by his flame
The glint of dew
on a blade of grass
Calling each other, name by name

In her cave
She is the evening
In dusky perfumed form
She is the latent morning
On a bed of flora
That he adorns

Growing in every fissure
Ten thousand shoots
climbing up the walls
Sticky buds glisten
opening, cascading
Into waters destined fall.
Dew point: is a process of nature where air cools and everything transpires so that dew may exist, or something like that.

This is a poem about the process of falling in love.
May 29 · 113
No. Muse. Blues.
Chicken May 29
Without a shower
I'm on the floor
I'm on the shelf
I'm blowing in the wind

I'm in the cupboard
I'm in my shadow
I'm in myself

With three books
I'm in the white sheets
I'm wrapped up
I'm on the floor

I'm sealed in
I'm reading all the numbers
I'm a wild buttercup

In the field
I'm in the grass
I'm on the roof above
I'm looking in the refrigerator

I'm levitating in the night
I'm browsing netflix
I'm in love.
It's dramatic. It's over the top. It's no muse blues.

I suppose this is a follow up to artists meltdown :D.

To additionally note, infatuation and love are not the same thing, it is merely mentioned as a classic [for me anyway :D] 'question one's self' before having to confirm within, the truth. Love.
May 19 · 76
Second Breakfast
Chicken May 19
It’s not carbicide
It’s sustenance
I’ll take three rounds of toast
Two bananas and three oat flapjacks
Washed down with hot cacao.
Eat ! And be merry.

Fasting is great, and we’re infinite, but if you want to be physical, you have got to eat physical at some points. Even in breatharianism. Today’s air does not contain the same nutrients as back in the day. So if trends come, be aware. Look after yourselves.
May 18 · 270
Artist Meltdown
Chicken May 18
No dancer
No romancer
No necromancer
No muse

What is the point,
if there is no you?
When they are gone, they are gone !
May 12 · 575
The Vulture
Chicken May 12
She only
Winds her long bald neck in
to heave another drag
She is the local vulture
Old Hag.
The person this is written about, is a person who physically smiles and enjoys when her actions cause kids to suffer and cry.

She is seriously abusive.

If anyone’s having a good time, she will endeavour to destroy it and you. Sad thing is, she’s only destroying herself.

Just in case the ‘be nice to people’ patrol stroll in :D
Chicken May 6
How about you
get your wanking materials
Some place else
Some place else

You got off on the wrong
Pull them trousers up
Keep your anger
to yourself.
Sometimes, people’s unwarranted anger is about unfulfilled ****** desire, and / or unfulfilled ****** satisfaction.

Armed with any excuse to rationalise their completely irrational choices, these are the abusers, rapists, and the killers of the world.
May 5 · 290
Chicken May 5
He is a creature
Inviting necrosis to set in
whichever mind he may set foot upon

Only the strong survive
to make it out alive
from beneath his heavy weighted black tar tread

He is a creature.
Don’t forget.
A short about lethargy.

The inspiration came from the study of those who create suffering for others, simply because it gets them off.

Whilst I have encountered both male and female who do this, it has been more male than female, and this short relates to one of them in particular.

The two subjects are linked.
May 2 · 260
Bon Voyage Chant
Chicken May 2
Confetti all around
for the lovers,
and the haters, too.
Waving **** heads off is easy, but how about the lovers?
May 1 · 418
Fools Gold
Chicken May 1
Air be like a cesspit
Before the other side of the moon
The draining of the drudgeries
It could not come too soon

And someone else hath wrote of it
Where it glittered, it festooned
They wrote about the silver lining
Of that moon shaped pool

Come what may within the cycles
With each fleeting side of the moon
The knowledge that it does not change
Tis’ no folly of the fool.
The solid, true self, it never changes... because it is the truth.

Therin lies the gold, which the fool sets upon in his journey and stumbles across, shining so brightly that it cannot be missed, no matter how dark or light it gets.. the golden inner truth is always there. Unshakable. Always present. This does not change.
Apr 26 · 92
Chicken Apr 26
What is a nod
shared between two knowers,
Who have never met?
Apr 20 · 532
Threepenny Bit
Chicken Apr 20
Smell the tradition in the air
Be it fire, or a roast dinner
The town crier calls and,
he doth declare
‘If you ain’t frownin’ you’re a sinner’
Apr 16 · 224
Beyond Belief
Chicken Apr 16
He has emerged
He has risen
He hath grown
Beyond mere wisdom

He has entered
The cataclysm
Seeing beyond
The human schism

He hath flown and
He hath run
I should know
I am his mum

He has grown
Yea’ He has risen
Knowing that life
Be not a prison.
A hymn style song about my 15 year old son getting up in the morning.
Apr 15 · 411
Chicken Apr 15
Stalking the importance
That you cannot see within
Creating indeterminate messages
Not sent by her or him

A figment of the ego
Terrifying and dangerous
More so to one’s own personal self
Than the object of one’s lust

O’ hear ye erotomaniac
Hear whence you are ready
The object of one’s fruitless lust
Be mere ego fantasy

Let these words be noted
May they be allowed to heal
O’ hear ye erotomaniac
Before all ends in tragedy.
Erotomania: a delusion in which a person (typically a woman) believes that another person (typically of higher social status) is in love with them.

It’s one of those things where realisation seems difficult to ignite, in order to bring about a resolution within the person. How could this condition begin to be alleviated for the person if realisation is difficult to reach?
Apr 7 · 639
Chicken Apr 7
I hope you’l leave this cult
Cause, I cannot cope with it

He’s got no enlightening
For your soul,
He’s a master hypnotist

Where there’s a master
There is a slave
Sealed in a jar upon a shelf

The only master that is
Necessary at all
Is the mastery of the self.
Cults. Distracting. They tend to offer hypnotic teaching. Hypnotism is not anything to do with being realised.
Apr 6 · 629
Judgement Smudgement
Chicken Apr 6
I hear you say.

I couldn’t be bothered, at all.
Who can be bothered with judgement today? It works both ways, works both ways.

Just for fun, in minimalism :D
Apr 5 · 173
Summers Kiss
Chicken Apr 5
Sweet Summer breezes
around my ears
It was your gentle kiss
that meant the most

Delight in our eyes
where everything collides
and unites together
like Butter on Toast
Mar 24 · 314
You Have No Power
Chicken Mar 24
The notion
that you create
a fear in others

Gives you
No Power
at all
See clearly. Some like to use fear as a tool. A control mechanism.
We each are free.

True power resides in freedom.
Mar 22 · 701
Emo's In Disguise
Chicken Mar 22
Please don't laugh
at me
I cry like a Ferrari
in the distance.
Chicken Mar 21
Quetzalcoatl of you
To be dressed in feathers like that

Unfurl all your wings
Two, three, five
then six

Wont hunt you like
an alley cat

I'm not here to
make you
do things in
the way that you don't want to

Unwrap your self
Your wings
Your own way

Do it your own way.
My way or the highway? Get outta heere :D

This is a short about control. if you are used to being controlled, it can feel weird when suddenly.. the controllers are gone, leaving one open to run into a cult or do a handshake with the same type of people, accepting the same old thing over and over again.

There is a nod to not wishing to fill the shoes of previous controller, and hoping to dear god that the subject will gently learn to listen within, command themselves based on what is heard [attuned to self], and hopefully get past any weirdness until the control pattern is resolved forever.

The subject recognises the god / goddess aspect within.
Chicken Mar 20
You get your leather
I'll get my wax
The people, they
will tell us
You look
like my dad

The people they don't know us
They don't know
They don't know
Living in a bubble
Heads full
of mashed potato.
Jackets, or mash? :D
Mar 18 · 419
Everything at Once
Chicken Mar 18
Protect yourself from me
I am the raining dead
The fission's, and
The fighters, and
Those who bled in dread

I can heal you,
but not
in the absence of your shield
I'm here,
by your side
Out in the field
Out in the field

I didn't do what you asked
Never look back,
my ****
Never look back,
Oh my big ****
I'm coming back to get you.
Two close comrades. Out on the field, in battle, running... one comrade always told the other, 'never look back' and 'run with your gun' in case human compassion washed over and one went back for the other, killing them both.

Guess who didn't listen.

It is the story of two best friends.

One always trying to protect the other, and vice versa.

In another life, they (enough congregation of their particles) meet, and all those memories come rushing back.

Written from a healing perspective, everything in oneness. it is powerful, utmost self care is necessary.
Mar 15 · 692
Theresa's War
Chicken Mar 15
Theresa's gone too lizard brain
It has grown big,
and juicy, and fat

Seagulls a'floating, eyeing it up
ready to eat it, and
turn it into crap.
Don't forget your hat girl :D

Just for fun.
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