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January will not be missed
but stubbornly,
mist it is
My eyes are burning
my mind is squirming
the tale is turning
my heart is learning
never trust lust's girl
seems the perfect pearl
just a suicidal squirrel
always loves unsure.
I don't know why
till I look at the sky
I cry and I cry and I cry
only the Moon
only the Moon
drawing my pain like a tide

only the time
only the time
and in time I will forget
until I see
the same Moon again
shining one sign to the left
in all my life I would not have believed
I could feel this much pain
and not die
I must have a phenomenal capacity
for love
 Jan 9 chicken
in the midst of sadness,
I found solace,
and a truest companion,
that shall remind me,
not to remain,
in the abyss,
and not to remain,
It’s real
Weather I deny it or see it
Wether I can believe or cease to desist, it exist  
You are real,
Never imagine such image creating such controversy in such image of me.

Love is really gone.
 Jan 6 chicken

we are 
push and pull

both beautiful 
and ugly

what we are
lies primarily in the timing

 Jan 6 chicken
I can feel the weight
that you're carrying inside
and I wish that I could make it mine
part the sea of noise
and carry you to the other side

I wish I could make it all quiet

stupid girl, tell the world
I can hear them calling you a
stupid girl

tell the world
what if it was them
and not you
what is it they'd do

beautiful girl, take off your shoes
let me walk the miles with you

I can feel the weight
that you're carrying inside
and I want to make it mine
to walk at your side
help you cross that line

stupid girl
I wish I could make it all quiet
 Jan 6 chicken
I hope you’ve been enchanted, entertained, aroused
I hope you’ve been flattered and amused

I hope you’ve felt desired, cherished
I hope you’ve felt protected and safe

I hope you’ve been challenged
I hope you’ve grown
I hope always
you’ve been mine
 Jan 6 chicken
 Jan 6 chicken
my wild spiral grows tighter
turns into a spin
a butterfly bit
spinning through clouds
of you
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