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chicken Nov 2021
don’t dance around
just be straight with me
be direct with me
i’m not here for anything else
chicken Nov 2021
his voice bellows through me
rendering me hopeless
helplessly in love
chicken Oct 2021
I just wanted to
Sink into somebody’s face
Even though
It was
Not yours.
chicken Oct 2021
in love
new or old
there is nothing else
just the two of us
you and i
and no-one else
just for a while
until we sink
sink back into the day
sink back into the night
sink back into the people
that we knew
that we know
until we sink
back into the ground
and back out again
start again
just you and i.
chicken Oct 2021
Some people call it justice
there is only revenge.
people often do bad things and they get away with it. people often suffer for no reason. but we like to call it karma. i like to call it revenge, which is a form of cruelty.
chicken Oct 2021
true love never dies
but a fantasy lives until you **** it

he could not master
his darkest sides

this split
the hit of the century

moved and shook
until only freedom was left.
10 years today marks the spot for freedom. living with someone who is split in personality is not easy, so she split from the split, creating massive freedom. it has it's bitter sweetness, but the outcome is the one.

every one leads to the zero and the zero leads to the one. unity.
chicken Oct 2021
every man drinkin’
sinkin’ bottle
upon bottle
is a little boy crying
resolving his pain,
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