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  Feb 2018 Cheryl
i would do anything
to have your lips stutter my name
let your words grasp my hand
watch your eyes search for mine.

to wait for you is impossible yet divine
when we exist in places
so far from where we are destined.

we are parallel lines

i would do anything
for us to be a painting instead
i'd color you in hues of unrequited love
and put us on a frame
i'll give it to you and say

'keep it. keep us. keep me'


'because we are so much more than just parallel lines'
finally found the inspiration to write again. i believe sorrow brings out the poet in everyone.
Cheryl Feb 2018
I wanted to be marvelous
but inside i'm just a mediocre
I wanted to be like the zephyr
but i'm just like the deafening noise
I wanted to exceed my expectation
but i'm stuck with my bewildred imaginations
I wanted to lead my people
but i'm just one with the followers
I wanted to be delicate
but i'm stuck in an ebullient mood
I wanted to find my own triumph
but i'm not willing to sacrifice
I wanted to grant my own wishes
but i keep getting mesmerized by my own shadows

Cheryl Jan 2018
bad boys
bad girls
bad nature makes us one

Cheryl Jan 2018
my life is just eating, playing games, watch TV, and sleep
as time goes i keep repeating those cycle of habits
my life has always been a perfect road
straight without any broken piece
as if i can drive my whole life with a blind fold
i always close my eyes because my life has never change
i didn't realize that i'm stumbling
now i'm stumbling in life that i don't know how to keep going because it's hard to keep going forward when you have taken so many steps behind
i guess i didn't appreciate life that much
i didn't prepare myself enough to stay strong because i always thought life would be a piece of cake
the chocolate ones though
full of guilty pleasures
now i just have to restart again
hit the pedal to my road of life

i'm sorry
Cheryl Dec 2017
some people said that
life is all about the chances that we take, and the chances that we didn't take
well it depends
some chances are not worth to be taken
so don't do the unnecessary
that's a way to survive in this cruel life
be smart people

sorry for the errors
Cheryl Nov 2017
those who speaks the word of wisdom
are mostly the ones that say the most hurtful words
because those who's good with words
often hurt others by words

Cheryl Nov 2017
i remember
the day you told me that we'll meet again
it was 20 years ago
life was a lot easier back then
it's all about silly jokes
the fun that we had
how simple life was
until you left me
you told me that you want to be rich and successful
you've promised me that we'll meet again in 20 years
yes you were right
you're now rich and successful
you have everything
but life doesn't go that way
as time goes
you began to lose everything
now you've change
there are no such thing as smiling
you used to smile
now you can't even remember me
where did the time goes?
we're growing older
yet unhappy
do you still remember the first day we met?
do you still remember you used to cry on my shoulder?
do you still remember me?
i don't think so
you once said that you'll be rich and successful the day that we'll meet again
but you didn't say that you'll be happy
that's all your fault
time boils the rain
your smile worth a whole galaxy
the stars in your eyes
that used to be there
now it's the day
our first meeting that you've promised
but you weren't there
you forgot
where did the time goes?
i want to go back
i want to be the reason in each smile that you used to have
i miss the old times
it's already november
and you're still not here
i'll wait for you
even if it took me forever
no matter how fast time flies
it's already snowing
each snowflakes felt like frozen tears that i kept for you
but your presence still left unpresented
you said that we'll conquer the world together
i'm still waiting for that time
even if the the world end
only fate can end us
i'm still waiting until next year
time boils the rain, huh

sorry if it's not good because i don't feel good about this one
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