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Chels Nov 2020
When it gets hard
All I'm wishing is you
When it gets dark
All I needed is you
Be happy my bby & I'm proud of you 'kylie'. See you when I see you. Smile ***, till our paths will cross again. take care
Chels Sep 2020
You are my pain killer
I've enjoyed every moment
Intoxicated by your effect
Now, I'm suffering.
Chels Sep 2020
I was once a girl with a big heart
That tend to give her all attention
Not knowing I've lost myself in the process
Crawling in bed and crying at night
Make myself forget erthing at night.

Self-worth, self-love are nowhere to be found
Drown by the messages you have sent me
Still hoping for the time we will meet
Soon, I will be seeing you with a smile.
I deserve peace. We all do.

— The End —