Chelsea Perras Jun 2017
Wasted time,empty space
Wasted energy, empty thoughts
Wasted story's, empty empathy.
No fucks given,
Just them empty bottles
All the empty broken promises
All the guilt, all the hate
Covered in alcohol.
Fake smiles,fake laughs
All a cover for all those who care
Late cries, late screams
Face hurts from all the tears.
One more sip, one more bottle
Another night of no remembrance
Head banging, lights hurt
But then you remember why all over.
Grab another bottle, do some shots
Closed doors, covered windows
A good way to say goodbye
With one last bottle and a lullaby
Goodnight forever
Chelsea Perras Jul 2014
Alone again in this unknown world
conjured by the devil
as he eats away my humanity and soul,
again he stomps on the breakable
instead of the un-bearable
he lives within me
he left me behind so they devil found me.
im alone and afraid with no power
i feel suicidal and dream of the scars
the tears in people hearts
the success of me gone,
the tragic thought and sight
of him finding me covered in blood
the gashes and holes on my body.
the peace i left felt when i was gone
i like to believe I'm not afraid to go
more afraid of hurting the ones I love
when the time come I'll go live in peace
but for know survive this hell
that im forever trapped in.
Chelsea Perras Jun 2014
I maybe broken
I might make mistakes
that I repeat unintentional
but I am only human.
There might be broken pieces everywhere
but instead of judging
help me be put together again.
I understand there are only so many chances
but i deserve to be happy
not punished for an old mistake
that you can't get over.
when you grow to be a man
and no longer a boy come find me
show me the light,that i just can't find.
I am sorry your hurting
I am sorry you didn't trust me enough
to show you the light and the love
that once grew so strong.
but i will not let you hold me back
i will not stand here and be judged
yes i am a human
and i make mistakes
but one thing I believe in
is that happiness over comes everything
and you just won't let that happen.
Chelsea Perras Jun 2014
just lay beside me
don't hold judgement
just let me cry,
until i can no longer.
let me hate myself
until I'm covered with bruises,
and can no longer.
let the scars show
let the tears tell my story
don't hold judgment.
don't let me go
no matter how much of a fight I show,
don't let me run
for if i do i may never return.
don't push me out the door
keep me close and safe,
don't let me cut
make me drop it before I try.
let the rope drop before the chance hits
just hold me close
tell me you care
don't hold judgement
just be there
this poem is a good way to express how some people just get pushed out the door and forgotten and they really don't know how to handle it because the people they relied on when they needed weren't there. some people do fight depression on a daily basis and some of them just want one or someone to understand and be held.
Chelsea Perras Sep 2011
I feel stronger when I'm with you
and weakest when I'm alone
I do fear the devil
but not the man upstairs.
I'm not an evil person
I just ask for peace
so if you'd be ever so gentle
I would like to give you my heart
I do believe in many things
I do believe that we have something special
And that we are strongest together
and weakest when were apart.
I am afraid of the future
and who I'll become
but at least by the end of the day I have you.
I don't believe I'm beautiful
though like to think I'm pretty
and that's good enough for me.
I don't need the stars or the moon
I don't even need to be named by a star
As long as the man upstairs blesses me
and watch over us as we grow together as a family
I know we'll be okay in the end.
No matter what the future holds
I know I'm stubborn and complicated
but also understand you can be sometimes too
their will be hard times
but we'll always pull through
nothing can stop us between our love
so here I ask you to take me by the hand
and follow and be with me on this adventure
I'm about to take on.
Chelsea Perras Sep 2011
A mother's hands
are the greatest gifts
to have and hold.
A mother's hands
are always opened
to family and friends
at any moment.
They are their for comfort
along with support and love
and whenever needed.
My mother's hands
were warm and soft
they were always opened
when I needed them most
and that will never change.
She taught me how to love
she taught me to care
she taught me to get along
with my brothers and sisters
no matter the cost.
She taught me to how to watch
over my brothers and sisters
no matter the cost.
She taught me how to watch
over the family
no matter the cost.
But most of all she taught me
never to forget how much she loves me
when she goes she'll be watching
watching me day and night.
I'll never forget my mother's hands
nor I'll never forget her at all
she was always there for me
no matter the cost.
My mother meant a lot to me
and still does to this very day
I'll always remember
her smile and laugh
along with her heart of gold
and my mother's hands.
Chelsea Perras Sep 2011
I believe I've done some wrongs
I believe I have made some mistakes
I believe I have hurt the people I love
I believe that everyone goes to heaven
along with I believe I have a family that cares.

I know somethings I will always regret
I know that I can't go back and change things
I know they're in the past but they still hurt
I know I wish I could be someone better
I know God loves me.

I want the best for my family
I want the best for my friends
I want the best for the people in Canada
I want the best for our soldiers
I want the best for the people who suffer
I want the best for the people who live in America.

I pray for my family
I pray my friends
I pray for Canada and Peace
I pray for our soldiers
I pray for the Americans.

I am grateful for my family and friends
I am grateful for the people who are always there
through the hardest times
and when I need them most.

I am thankful for the wonderful gifts I have received
throughout my life and still to come
God, you gave us all special talents and gifts
and for everyone he gave me I am thankful
I will always know that every mistakeĀ I make
I'll always be forgiven and always loved
by my family
by my friends
by God.

— The End —