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Chelsea Nov 2012
The bellows of your breathing
beating back the baffling barrier
between bare-faced beloved beauties.
The backward bedlam of your benevolent
heart besieges the bold bandit
that bawls brazenly in my blood.
Chelsea Nov 2012
It's funny how you always
seem able to walk away at any moment;
always ready to take flight.
I find myself often wondering
if I'll survive without you;
survive missing you at night.
What's more, though I'm sure I love you,
you've only ever inspired forced
poetry for me to write.
Chelsea Nov 2012
A bleeding heart
expires posthaste
spawning a wretched,
once radiant face
The inequitable oracle
simpers her sardonic ways
and demands, stone-hearted
the temples of my soul
be razed.
Chelsea Nov 2012
I miss lying beneath you
shaking, trembling
like my lips against your flesh
hot, steaming
fogging the mirror that captivates
the ugliness inside
our vanity making us less
burning passion once imprisoned
now caressed
freed by love from degradation
and distress
only your goodness saves me
thusly I confess
Chelsea Nov 2012
A river flows
unseen by those
perpetually blinded
in their pain
they close the
wall-eyed chakra
breaking their own
hearts, again and again
but the river ever flows
steadily abiding
the wind that blows
and dreams it into rain
Chelsea Nov 2012
I love your smile
Shining down like the rays of the
new rising sun

The temperature rises
and kisses the face of, gently awakes
(an undisturbed and dusty seed)

Your hands make the earth quake
and I fall apart from the tremors
that shake through, causing chaos

Stillness ensues
falling over me like a quiet veil
and stealing away my pain

Your fingertips splash
against my skin causing envy
in the heart of summer's gentle rain

I am open to you
like a morning glory basking
in the first light of day

My roots won't let
me push this earth away but
beyond all that, it's you that makes me stay
Chelsea Nov 2012
I ache, ravenously hungry
for the soothing balm of our
throbbing bodies, coming together
in a shameless tango of
pure, tantric bliss

"I love you" gasped in a
beautiful staccato from your tender lips
and settled gracefully in the crook of
my flowering hips

My burning tears could never
match the inferno of your embrace;
my moonlight was helpless to
illuminate your darkened gaze

Why should we become numb
to the loss of love, when love
is all there is?

Though I don't see you anymore,
I still can taste your kiss....
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