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Chaz Kirshcmann Jan 2015
human beings are meant more
they are meant to push
harder, stronger and faster than before
we evolve, we grow then we know

never ending cycle and, it shows.
Chaz Kirshcmann Jan 2015
what are we really doing?
with the lives that we are given
it comes and goes
so fast like food, *** and *******
we feel like we need more

we are meant for more
something that never gives us that satisfaction
the pleasure of never giving in
pushing and pushing and pushing till the we are dead

the earth, planets, universe and god will never end.
Chaz Kirshcmann Dec 2013
Im gone
turn me around
succumbed to pomposity
all i think about is success city

life is just a challange
gift from him
i am him
thats right
its all me

give till im dead
thats my plea
hate seeing species hate
im here for progression

whats up with this fake?
replace fear with a blunt
i like it raw
reality is how i draw
any canvas i want to unfold
hold, make glow, and show to every inch of mind in the scene
planet earth is what i mean,
thats the lives.
Chaz Kirshcmann Nov 2013
Thought I could find peace
Instead I couldn't breath
Success left me
She put my head in the dirt
I left without a word

Voiceless I was misunderstood

Looking for purpose
Or maybe to propose

**** I don't want to be alone
But it seems the greatest men are

Ill just have to marry success
Sounds like a promise
Chaz Kirshcmann Nov 2013
My heart on my sleeve
I didn't think I could be a romantic

I was always better at hiding who I am
Whats love if you don't take a chance
Again.... . . and again
You bring out who I am

Happiness is all I could ever ask for
I don't want our relationship to be a chore

I'm not trying to score
Use you or start a cold war
I'm to tired and tore
We have both had our wars

Id like you to know that I am yours
For better or worse

I fall for you over and over just because
The pain is a little easier to take with a buzz

It doesn't have to hurt....

We can make it work....

As long as we are willing to trust
As long as we are willing to be hurt

I'm sorry for the tears I caused

I would give my life to make the wrong right

I'm tired of restless nights
Without you by my side
Chaz Kirshcmann Nov 2013
Beauty is no disguise

Seen with our eyes
Felt with our heart

True beauty is art
There are no words to break it apart

It holds you tight from the start
Letting go only when you let it so

Know my heart grows
Every time we touch our nose
When we play footsie with our toes
And when I give you a tea rose

Even in the lows
Know I'm here to compose
A way to your heart
To make you glow

Like I did from the start
Chaz Kirshcmann Oct 2013
Proud of our mistakes
Love was one I never Embraced
Lost in this home
I feel alone

Tears roll down my face
I find anything hard to embrace

Time is lost
Everyone is gone

Why did death do us part

Oh I loved you so

Perfect reflection of our summers spent
Winters were always missed
I never thought I could feel pain like this
You will always be missed

Beautiful reflection
I will always miss
I will never forget
Just how much you meant
And how we did

Come the friends, wives, and trends  
In the end we all forget
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