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Saige May 26
I wish that I was a vsco girl.
A perfect bodied 10 who lives next to the beach.
With tanned skin from those endless summers on the family's boat,
and all my beautiful friends alongside me.
Driving in my white Jeep to see my cute as hell boyfriend,
while he is playing at his baseball game.
Only then to come home to my huge house,
to greet my wholesome family.
Oh what a life that would be.
Saige May 24
As soon as I saw you,
I was done for.
I fell for you faster than I ever have before.
I didn't fall for your looks,
(even though they were a plus)
but instead I fell for the way you made me feel.
You gave me a reason to come to school everyday
Making me laugh with ease,
and your ability to make me blush each time we make eye contact.
I felt safe around you,
and you took advantage of that.
With your hazel green eyes,
and your prince charming smile,
had me falling more and more each day.
You knew it too,
don't even act like you didn't.
You told me it's going to be us until the end,
and you didn't want me going anywhere.
You liked the idea of being loved so much,
that you clipped my wings, and took them for yourself.
So I could never fly away from you.
Thats when I had quickly awoken from my hopeless fairytale.
One that was so full of false love, and meaningless first kisses.
i want my wings back *****.
Saige May 22
Rate: 5. TBH- You're almost pretty
Saige May 18
I am a candle.
I'm not the best at lighting up a room,
and I melt when I get over heated.
But I would do my best to light the way,
just for you.
But then when you found a flashlight.
A light that a little candle couldn't compare to.
You didn't need me anymore.
So you turned towards me and blew out my flame,
and you left me burned.
Saige May 17
I used to really love you
This is going to be a "series" of poems that I will be writing ig

— The End —