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Chase Hunter Apr 2015
I didn’t mean to interrupt
Focusing in on her oddly specific features
I really didn’t mean
She cuts me off with a slight glance before acknowledging my statement

She stares into my eyes as if she had once known me
Slowly turning her body towards me
Walking in my direction as if she had done this before
She looks me up and down as she says
come with me

As she turns her shoulder her hand finds mine
Fingers float smoothly through my palm
like water from the faucet

She takes me to a room with the light drained out
I can smell her perfume spread throughout the room
Her presence becomes closer with seconds
lust fills the room overtop of her already crowded perfume

The light switch clicks on
Light dances down her chest as she slides her shirt over
I lean up to feel her eyes glazing towards mine
Her smile cracks suddenly throwing her eyes down

Walking out the door I turn as she tugs my shirt
Staring into her eyes I can feel her pain
Suddenly there is a pause as someone approaches
He clears his throat with a curious puff to say

I didn’t mean to interrupt
Chase Hunter Apr 2015
The freckles on your face blend your skin in a blanket of unique criteria
Chase Hunter Apr 2015
You would stand there in the kitchen holding our son
Light shining through the window
Just hitting the stranded strings of your hair disturbed by the wafts of air creeping through the window your father never had time to finish
Chase Hunter Apr 2015
Frustration building like water on the stove
Trying to reach out but constantly get stuffed down
Into the unknown grove which vibes to a different groove
Trying to stay out of the way but can’t seem to move
Your words feel like waves pulling me under
I can feel it in my slumber
Chase Hunter Apr 2015
We walk in and start looking around for something we want
We wander around trying to choose the next chapter
but its hard with so many surrounding us

Then the owner comes over and shouts at you
saying, you are taking too long
everyone else has already chosen

You start getting anxious because you are searching
for what feels like forever
and still can't figure out what you want

Your rush and grab something that looks safe
Just to find out that it wasn't what you needed
It wasn't what you wanted

So you close it
put it back on the shelf
maybe to find interest in it in the future

Until then, we will just keep looking
for something that catches our eye
and inspires us to turn the page.
Chase Hunter Mar 2015
We portray things to be so off-putting
clashing words together
building them up to eventually fall from the ceiling

Leaving these previously spoken ideas to die with time
Embarking on these imaginary journeys
just to have them left and forgotten behind

By the start of a new conversation
or the words are interrupted
to transfuse into a new formation

If we truly seek to pursue these thoughts
we must not feel distraught
but grateful that they were able to be caught

Knowing we have to work for them
for they cannot be bought

So go out and capture these journeys
These are no longer pictures from our imagination
these are no longer just thoughts in our head
you are no longer talking with your friends
or dreaming in bed

For the first time
You are alive
not dead
Chase Hunter Mar 2015
We have to set our minds free
Speaking how we all think differently

The ones who sit back in silence
are usually the ones who have the most to say

They are just unlike some
and express their ideas in a different way
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