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Charlotte Aug 2017
When you wake up, I'll be gone. I forgot you, so it's okay you forget me too.

We burnt out, it's raining now. A place so near, so it's okay that you leave me here.
Charlotte Apr 2017
You don't actually have to win to succeed
In the face of a world that demands everything of you
is still a choice
Charlotte Oct 2015
I loved you
I worried about you
I followed you
I cried

You loved me
You cared about me
You left
You lied

I gave up and let you go
*I love you
Charlotte Aug 2015
Covered in gasoline
holding fire
their bond got stronger.
Little did they know
when it broke
they were only covered in water.
Charlotte Jul 2015
Do you think she regrets no paying attention to every moment she was with him.
Thoughtfull friends love bond life
Charlotte Jul 2015
He had to break himself to carry on.
Charlotte Jun 2015
Listen to me. You are not no-one, you are someone. You are you. That is important. Be proud.
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