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1.6k · Nov 2021
charlieboy Nov 2021
Sharp jagged rocks, a river
doe's flow, I hear
your voice on the breeze
I've learned a lot and
one thing I do know
is your cry in the pine
on the trees. Lover
of life with a care free
spirit induces me to
see, that you are wild
and I'm nowhere near
it is why it's unsettled
in me. It's your way
caused me to see
that you were a lover
of all, the sign I was
under came crashing
like thunder and I'm
no longer six inches
1.5k · Mar 2020
charlieboy Mar 2020
the pain you try to cover up deep inside your heart,
the abuse that you endured just ripped your world apart.
the anger that you cannot shake how ever hard you try.
Day by day it eats at you but doesn't tell you why.
Everyday you mask your hurt afraid that someone just might see,
I'm here to tell you Jesus does and longs to set you free.
What ever it was that happened
you are not to blame, the source of your unhappiness , your ill
unwanted shame.
gently kneel and bow your head , open up your heart.
you don't have to change a thing
he loves you just the way that you are.
if you are hurting , depressed alone . this poem is for you
1.2k · Apr 15
the funk
charlieboy Apr 15
I woke up this morning and I was feelin
the funk
I lost all my money and had sores on my
I went to see the doctor and he gave me
a pill
But that didn't help cause I was still feelin
Sometime in this life we may get what
we want
But there ain't nothin you can do when
your deep in the funk
Had to go to a meeting with the boys
in the band
I asked the drummer if he'd give me
a hand
He said sure just let me put down this
And that's the way that it goes when your
deep in the funk
That's all that she wrote cause the boat up
and sunk
So I'm strolling on down back to town
in the funk
1.2k · Jan 15
I'll keep it short
charlieboy Jan 15
Where is this all going?
Where will it all end?
Be thankful in this
precious life if you had
one good friend.
1.2k · Mar 4
your call
charlieboy Mar 4
The morning brings a moment
frozen in time. Your heart is still
with-in thee. I can count a dozen
one less or one more of angel's
that protect and surround me.
Given the time to ponder and
weigh the atoms that bind me
together. I'm left to wonder,
the marvels escape, and I'm in
for cold stormy weather. As for
the question's that bereave and
lament, seldom do answers come
calling. My situation has me high
on the fence, in a moment I'm
hopelessly falling. Gone are the
day's we smiled to trick, people
into thinking we're winning. I've
got a mind and the matter is
thick, as for good times they're
now just beginning.
1.2k · Nov 2021
A demons tale
charlieboy Nov 2021
The ground is molten lava
there is fire in the
air we breathe, it is
my one desire to have
you here with me.
You may want to
pray to Jesus when
this story ends. Will
you keep my company
I guess that just depends
I count the souls here
by the trillions, we get
more every day. Some
times it's by the billions
and they are here to stay.
Here you will find Buda,
Allah's in here too
I know this may upset
some, not what it's
meant to do. I am just
a demon and soul's
are up for sale, the next
step when the wicked
die is here with me
in hell. This description
is not over, river's of feces
on the floor. You will seek
to find a way out but
will not find the door.
each person here doe's
suffer, the torment never
ends. If a name is
not in the book of
life the suffering  just
1.2k · Jan 15
the death of me
charlieboy Jan 15
There is nothing in
this world that we
can get for free. Every
boy and every girl
were born with eye's
to see. While I was
walking down the
street a man did
approach. He asked
me for a cigerette I
told him I dont smoke.
later on that very
same man was driving
a brand new porche
it turned he was very
rich his daddy was a
morche.The moral of
this story we really
never know the score.
A little bit is not enough,
we all cry out for more.
So in time the man
died from cancer from
the cigerettes he smoke,
life can be a real big
game not meant to be
a joke. So remember
this suggestion do not
accept anything for
free. It may be the death
of you or maybe the
death of me.
1.1k · Feb 2021
my world
charlieboy Feb 2021
In the deepest, darkest of night you have invaded my dream.
Your ruby lips are full , beautiful pillows that when kissed by them I am set on fire.
You must know that in that heat, that one simple act my blood boils over consumed by your juices forcing me to swallow every drop.
No other woman could take your place for you have branded my *** with your name and I will always be ready to make sweet, hard love with no reservations, for I long to inhale every part of you , my lover, my mate, my world.
I dont actually have a woman in my life right now but if I did it would have to be real , I can dream right?
1.1k · Dec 2021
charlieboy Dec 2021
I've heard the pines
bending under the
gail forced winds,
blowing, tarring down
the gate. I did my best
not to let my fear
showing but I was
three hours to late.
Now here I stand
awaiting my judgement
for all of the sin's of
my youth. Please take
my hand as I hit the
ground running I'll
never let them judge
you. For as you were
walking a soft gentile
breeze blew across
your pink supple cheek
I could smell your
perfume  by the light of the
moon it gave me the
answers I seek.
So despite all of
the distractions, the hum
of the crowds, I did stand
firm like a rock. You'll
never need to question
my actions, I'm defined
by the way that I walk.
The storm that was
blowing, making life
hard, has finally come
to a close. I see your face
the one you are showing
how ever hard the wind blows.
1.1k · Dec 2021
My desire
charlieboy Dec 2021
Your face is forever eternal
your knowledge comes
complete I would kneel
before you dear just
to wash your feet
I'm lost in the feelings
you give me I can see
you in the sky When
I hear your lovely voice
your words just get
me high There is much
more I could tell you
so I'll leave you with
this One thing that I'm
lacking is the thrill of
your passionate kiss
959 · Feb 2021
charlieboy Feb 2021
I think of the people who's lives have been wrecked, to offer them kindness with some love and respect. Look past their failures as God see's the heart, that is sufficient and a good place to start.
Remember God's greatest and most humble command, to love thy neighbor when you offer your hand. A voice to speak wisely, with an ear listen close, give what is needed and yearned for the most.
953 · Apr 2021
An ode to Lori (np)
charlieboy Apr 2021
A memory on a soft still breeze travels through the tall pine trees, a whisper spoken in the dawning night. I long to feel your dark long hair the look you give when I catch you stare my love for you the only thing was right. I make this solemn holy vow to give my heart to you right now, I will only take that which I give. The gentle waters calm your fears as I collect your coming tears with righteous prayers to help you really live. For you I've found a brand new love sent to me from God above amazing is this overwhelming gift. I beckon for a blessing to you in all you'll ever say or do, each burden comes and I shall gladly lift.
This poem was written with complete conviction as I now realize I lost my one true love.
934 · Mar 12
God is
charlieboy Mar 12
God is love, God is light.
When you are weak then
God is your might.
God doesn't sleep, God
doesn't quit. If I'm keeping
it real, then God is the ****
God see's your trouble, God
see's your pain. God see's
your sorrow because God's
in the rain. God knows that
we sin, God is quick to
forgive. Let him reside at
the place where you live. God
is polite, God always knocks.
If you listen close you can
hear when he talks. God is
omnipotent, his power is
real. God knows your
thought's and the way that
you feel. Just one more thing
before I am done, God conquered
death with the blood of his son.
932 · Dec 2021
charlieboy Dec 2021
Just when I feel it
   is over, like I've
      nothing more I
         can write all
            things must
               come in
                  an order
               if I'm
       in a
  corner I'll
fight. You will not
   see me coming for
I know  my way in
   the dark, you'll only
      hear the bird humming
and I'll find you just
     where you are.
         Just when you
             feel like it's over
         like you are through
    with the pain, I'm
here to say there'l be
    more dear memories
are all that remain.
  Just know this is the
      way love, the time
        in the world which
           we live, No more peace
                 with a white dove  for
                     pain is the gift that I give.
           You will call me a monster
       but I know one thing that
   you dont.  There are no men
among there who'l bend to
my will cause they wont.
   for I am an exicutioner and
      I'll take your life with respect
         I have been ordered to **** you
for all of the lives you have wrecked.
     I'll hear you crying for mercy
          but there'l be no mercy for you
                    I'll beat you in to submission
                          my methods are vial and cruel
                     what was that you were saying?
               your whimpers are hard to
          make clear, all of your crys
      are in vain now there will be
no more crying here.
    one more thing you
       should know now
            before my eye's turn
                to red, the only way
              for a good **** is to
          say off with it's head
932 · Dec 2021
charlieboy Dec 2021
Here I wait in the
twilight hour seeking
a place I can stay. I'm
just a man but I've
got the power, I use
it when night turns
to day. Standing alone,
I fight off my foe's
my spirit and heart
unafraid. The courage
i've shown has a voice of it's own  My
overdue debt has been
paid. Society has become
micromanic, shoveling
it's dirt in the street.
Some say that I am
just a fanatic that moves
to a mean funky beat.
So, looking forward,
seeking the light that
has been here all along,
I am dedicated the dog
in the fight my will is
unbroken and strong.
So save all your insults
they are tired and weak
not to be thrown on the
brave, I'll seek the wise
for the answers I seek
and I'll take them all to
my grave
927 · Feb 26
charlieboy Feb 26
You are so precious and you need to know
how much I love you from your head to your toe. You are ******* yourself please give it a break that’s a lot of abuse for one girl to take. Your soul alone has more value than gold, treat it with love as you
live to grow old. I see your heart and the grace that you keep, your tears come at
night and your sorrow runs deep. You are a
friend to the one left to die, you give your time and you never ask why. These are the traits that I see in you, there are more things to say but I think these will do.
906 · Feb 5
wretched man am I
charlieboy Feb 5
I've come to believe I'm not worthy, to walk on through heavens gate.
I'm a wretched man and I dont understand why in my heart lye
pockets of hate. I ask the lord to forgive me, but I dont know if he will,
I'm just as doubtful as Thomas and I beg my heart to be still. Why I
ask am I like this? What is so special in me? that I will go on feeling
distant, I've a lock on a door with no key. In my eye's there is one
thing I'm missing, and I do not know what it is. In my mind there's
a crowd booing and hissing. Telling me I flunked the quiz. All of
these trait's bring depression, the rabbit hole she runs deep, the,
reason that I am so restless, no promise there for to keep. One tiny
ray of light given, for that I'd be grateful and glad. I strive for a life
of clean living, but hope deferred drives me mad. In this I've been
real and transparent, a glimpse in my life on this page. For me any
peace seen inherent, real nice for a man of my age.
899 · Mar 2021
wicked heart lives (np}
charlieboy Mar 2021
The wicked heart is not from above , never has it felt the warmth of unconditional love. It doesn't know mercy as it has only known hate, it did not feed the poor man that begged at it's gate. This heart is evil in every way, selfish and greedy, unkind to this day. How doe's this happen? it's way is unclear, in place of your courage it will feed on your fear. Steer away from this one that brings only death, it will take all the good as it drawls it's last breath. These are my feelings in all the years that I've known, this heart is hard mostly made out of stone. This is what happens as it never forgives, the good heart dies and the wicked heart lives
882 · Dec 2021
The bitch
charlieboy Dec 2021
Roses wither, time moves on,
any chances you had
are totally gone. I've done
my best just to make
you see that you are
definitely not the woman
for me. Your not my style
your values are wrong,
your whimpers and
whining the same old
poor me song. I've packed
all your clothes they're
on the porch in the
back, you did me wrong
you cheap, lying sack.
Now who's the *****?
who's all alone?
who spends their time
waiting by the living
room phone? just one
more thing that I'd like
to say, come get your
crap and get it today.
871 · Mar 2020
charlieboy Mar 2020
do not be relaxed , be on your guard , do not be a fool .
for when we give in to strong drink we sin
and the demons sit laughing and drool.
In darkness we're lost such a steep heavy cost the rips and the tares hard to mend,
so come to the light you may have to fight but I will
fight with you my friend.
short but to the point
856 · Mar 19
death giver
charlieboy Mar 19
You long to see me suffer
you do enjoy my pain. You
want my muted cries to be
the only thing I gain. For
when you see my torment
it makes you feel alive. misery
of my tortured soul is the
place you really thrive. My
skin is just like vinyl, my
hair is hard like bark, the
only thing that makes you
what you are is cold and
dark. Today you did fillet
me, you removed my torso
skin. The pain was more
than I could take, you added
salt then rubbed it in. I tried
to  free my hands there to
find that they were gone.
You encouraged me to beg
for death, it didn't take me
long. Finally I made it to
the moment of my death,
you put the razor to my
throat, right then you took
a breath. This is a scenario,
it happens every day. Mostly
down in Mexico, your safe at
home so stay.
this poem is unfortunately based on true accounts of the cartels doing these
horrible things to a lot of the people considered to be their enemies
charlieboy Jan 15
It was 1982 my father
wound up dead. I dont
know the demon who
put a price upon his
head. It was my mother
who found him, his
face she said looked serene.
My father was a proud
man, he was a bad *** marine.
Some days I wonder who
did this, he died before
his time. The facts were
also so unclear, the words
just didn't rhyme. If I could
give him his justice then
I would make it known
that I would invoke an eye
for an eye with my heart
as hard as stone. There
is a punishment coming
that Iv'e heard people
tell. The wicked man
that killed my father will
suffer down in hell.
Between heaven and hell
theres a casym, I will go there
every day, to watch the man
who killed my father with
the God who made him pay.
807 · Oct 2021
There is a place
charlieboy Oct 2021
There is a place which we all must see,
the streets are paved in gold.
There is a mountain where all men are free,
no one there ever grows old.
Fields of wheat go on for miles,
the flowers offer up praise,
all the women are dressed up in style.
when the suns out we all catch some ray's.
There is a time coming when God doe's something real,
a new heaven and a new earth.
These are my thought's just the way that I feel,
an idea before the time of it's birth.
805 · Apr 8
two souls found love
charlieboy Apr 8
We have been silent, soft spoken,
never once did we fight.
Our hearts were contrite, maybe
broken, now we both walk in the
light. Our love mixed with joy is
our staple, the grace that we have
she runs deep. We always sat at our
table, together we dined on a feast.
Never did we ask the questions that
only bring pain to our heart. Loving
each other our mission, nothing
to keep us apart. All we need to
know is we're happy, there is nothing
I wouldn't do for you. your rhythm has
got my foot tapping, you lift me up
when I'm feelin blue.
798 · Dec 2021
a particular day
charlieboy Dec 2021
The wind moving
like a ballerina
blows gently upon
my cheek Fireflys
are everywhere they
have the light that I seek
All things are connected
we all think as one
my prayers have
been perfected I
invite you all to come
As I was on the
straight path a man
stood out from the rest
his face was full of
compassion with a
golden crown upon
his head He said
'where have you been
child I have been waiting
for you he was so humble and very kind
too I explained I'd been
searching for what I can't
say I looked everywhere
through the night then
the day It is my good
fortune that we finally
met this was a day I
will never regret
You see he was the one
searching while I was
just lost here was the
Mesiah whom was naild
to a cross The lamb who
was slain did rise from
the dead wih a crown
jeweled and golden
on his preciuos head.
I dont know what else
I can say accept this was what
happened on a particular day.
796 · Feb 2021
charlieboy Feb 2021
Do you feel like your drifting? like doves gliding on the breeze? You feel so high as your kissing the sky and it brings you down to your knees .     Here there is nothing to be afraid of , here the lion lays with the lambs, how much love and respect do I dish out? 7.70 x70 grams.
For you see I love without limits, I 've learned to forgive every wrong ,in our hearts we can be without hatred, we can all just get along, In this world we will have trials, in this world we will know pain, love each person as we want to be loved again, again , and again. I am going to do my part as my higher power shows me to do, to give from the heart is a good place to start by giving all my love to you.
new poem
785 · Nov 2021
My king
charlieboy Nov 2021
It’s been said be quick to
                    listen, be quick to
                 Understand, if
              You need a
           Real good
              friend I’ll take
                  you by the hand
                      For you there is an
                   answer it travels
               On the breeze
            You can see an
        Eagle perched
           High on tallest
               Trees. One thing
                   I know for certain
                       Is I’ve been saved
                    By grace, I have a
                Heavenly Father too
            And I have seen
        His face. My
           Troubles may be
               Endless but they
                   Do not compare
               With the gift that
            Jesus gave his
        Life he did not
            Spare. For now I will
                 Remember, his praises
                      I will sing, for Jesus is
                  The prince of peace,
               And Jesus is my
779 · May 2020
put down your gun
charlieboy May 2020
I'm having a hard time , I'm failing to see ,late is the hour for you and for me . As for what to write I've made a list , punching my pillow with the ball of my fist . I will be candid , I'll make it clear , not knowing what come's next is the what' that I fear . We all of us have value , all of us have worth , we all begin dying at the time of our birth . Rhadamanthine , now there's a big word , it mean's incorruptible and a chance to be heard . So I will forge a new iron I will lead without fear , because I know how to follow so be of good cheer . When it's all over , all said and done , pick up the love and put down your gun .
777 · Mar 26
Spirit in light
charlieboy Mar 26
There is something
comin soon
all across the land.
I'm not known to talk
about things that I dont
understand. Many heart's
are going to break, broken
and contrite. You'd best
be paying attention and
keep your spirit in the light.
He understands your deepest
moans when you cannot
speak. Temptation will not
have it's way when you
are feeling weak. Be slow
to show anger, quick to
listen, you'll hear him
speak to you. You will be
wiser for the ware before
the day is through. This world
is going to pass away a new
one he'll create. But first will
come the birthing pains the
hours getting late. You only
need to read his words to see
what must be done. Persecution
and saints harassed, the worst
has yet to come. Be of good cheer
when these things come to
pass, trust his perfect love.
We will meet in the sky on the
sweet bye and bye. Every good
thing is from God up above.
777 · Dec 2021
the noose swingin
charlieboy Dec 2021
I've got the sorrow
of ten broken souls
my fence doe's need
a mend I have no
token for the joy
the man holds
the agony just never
ends Green broken
bottles the deep
smell of *** I cant
just get up and go
that's how it is when
your strength only
throttles I begged
for peace but his
answer was no
I'm near the end
and the noose hangs
there swingin calling
just like an old friend
with no letter to write
I could hear the bell
ringin the dog in me
came to an end
there will come a
day when the chains
might be broken
they hold me tight
to the floor never
was there a wiser word
spoken but it will be
spoken no more
767 · Apr 2020
charlieboy Apr 2020
My life has been a long winding road , lonely and tired no sympathy showed . I hold to no grudges , no resentments nor hate , I've learned some hard lessons the first? was to wait .
In this life of trials I seldom did know , the love of a father and onward I go . Still I'm no sceptic , it's plain to see ? the scars on this heart beating inside of me . They are not random , I know every one , each has a name , the damage is done . Now I am older , wiser for the wear , I look to the future with a thousand yard stare . one more round for the end of the show ,   the cuts come quickly but the healing is slow .
with the right kind of encouragement we will reach for the star's
722 · Apr 15
Change in the weather
charlieboy Apr 15
Summer sun I can almost feel your warmth
on my back
The smell of cherry blossoms coats the edge
of my nose
Telling me that the much needed season has
finally arrived
Lovers walking side by side the picture of
brighter days to come are at hand
Birds are singing praises to the heavens
telling me to give thanks for the blue opened
The grey scenario that clutches my mind will
all but soon fade away
Now we do in time have reaped the sun upon
our faces which brightens our countenance
and hugs our hearts
The change in the weather has finally
come and I am glad because of it
720 · Mar 2020
one thousand faces
charlieboy Mar 2020
I cannot draw pictures but if I could , I would draw every detail
be they proper and good.
You would be amazed as you get lost in each curve ,
the bitter church lady would yell , you have some nerve !!!

But as it stands a face I cant draw , instead I write letters ,

if you read them all?
You may see faces , mountains and trees , or someone that is dying from an unchecked disease.

Words retain power and the ones that I write
paint one thousand faces when their read in the light
charlieboy Jan 28
With her jet black hair
      and her light green eye's
             I gently stroked her long
                   slender thigh's. I looked
                        out her window the moon
she was full, the stars they were
      bouncing and we broke every rule.
           She was my soul mate, my lover, my
                 friend, all things are started and then
all things end. As the years past
    her memory was all that I had, my
         heart in me broken, the sorrow was
              bad. Never again will I come to see
some one like her for some one like
697 · Dec 2021
it's about us
charlieboy Dec 2021
Time sifts seamlessly through
space gifting all those that it
touches. I look at the world
through eye's full of grace
but in a couple of years I'll
need crutches. I've come to
believe in a world filled with
pain to somehow give that
world healing. In the depths
of our hearts bad memories
remain love is the card that
I'm dealing. It's not enough
to say to yourself that I'll
help somebody tomorrow,
Today is the day to get up
off your shelf there are plenty
whom suffer with sorrow!
You've been a slacker and
you may complain your
selfish, hard hearted and angry,
get out of your head with your
eye's burning red I promise
some day you will thank me.
688 · Jan 2021
dying wish (np)
charlieboy Jan 2021
Sunlight glistening waves crashing down , living waters , you shall thirst no more . Inner beauty without blemish unflawed. Love unrequited is thy reward. A beating heart living long in your disdain , yours is a tumultuous companion ,seek thee a dry quiet plain and there find your peace , not undone but complete without end.
new poem
686 · Mar 2020
charlieboy Mar 2020
I will never judge you with hatred or disdain,
I will never cause you strife that you may in peace
God forbid anyone insult you or clip your angel wings ,
I will stand in awe of you and the wonder that you bring.
I will knock down all the walls and break the lock on the door
I will help you take the leap and watch your spirit soar
for you I wrote this insignificant poem to tell you of your worth
you will have your portion and your cup , you will be my friend
you have value and worth , don't let anyone say you dont
681 · Mar 2021
sad but true (np)
charlieboy Mar 2021
Tens beyond millions wait to decide, with nowhere to run to and no place to hide. Get out of the darkness, step into the light, do not be ashamed of what's good and what's right. I understand you are hurting, with sorrow's and more, look into your heart till you come to a door. Open it wide and let courage come in, get rid of your guilt and say goodbye to your sin. This was that something that only he could do, he paid with his life and the blood that they drew. Now there is mercy as he forgives every wrong, no man suffered like he  as the nail's were so strong. So, it is completed if we only believe, he is the salvation for you and for me.
new poem
668 · Apr 2021
Time (np)
charlieboy Apr 2021
I look at all the years gone by their substance gulfed in time. Days are in the mix with all of they're tricks the weeks and months sublime. With all of the time that I've been given I'm grateful for it all, for a new chance at life with all of it's strife even when I take a fall. You see time is so precious the millionaires would give it all for just one more drop, I'm sorry to say that time can't be paid it always has to come to a stop. So, while we're all here stay true to what's dear and when time is over for you, I pray no regret I haven't had any yet and part of me will be glad to be through.
I wrote this poem thinking about what is really important in life and for me it is time, the poem tells the rest.
640 · Mar 2021
charlieboy Mar 2021
I will never judge you with hatred or disdain,
I will never cause you strife that you may in peace
God forbid anyone insult you or clip your angel wings ,
I will stand in awe of you and the wonder that you bring.
I will knock down all the walls that have made you poor
I will help you take the leap and watch your spirit soar
for you I wrote this insignificant poem to tell you of your worth
you will have your portion and your cup , you will be my friend
you have value and worth , don't let anyone say you dont new poem
630 · Dec 2021
You should know this by now
charlieboy Dec 2021
I know of a man incredibly humble
whom died for the sin's of us all.
Before he died he was horribly tortured
the crowds watched as he took the
fall. I've made several attempts to
tell him I am sorry for nobody
suffered like him. He looked me
straight in the eye, with one humble
reply and said child come enter
in. Well' I was just blown away
as with one single touch I was forgiven,
made clean. I stood there and wept,
and the demons just crept, My Lord is
a sin forgiving machine. If you are beat
down and you feel him tugging,
my friend simply cry out his name!
Jesus! my lord! I surrender my sword,
I confess your the mesiah whom
627 · Nov 2021
charlieboy Nov 2021
Moon beam I feel
                                                you your touch
                                               warm and light
                                                I want to love you
                                               with all of my might
                                              I'm in love with your
                                              expression which causes
                                             me to feel that you are
                                               golden and totally real
                                                   moon beam you
                                                    whisper I feel your
                                                      breath­ upon my neck
                                                   you gave your hand
                                                and I kissed it I played
                                             the card in my deck
                                          I can close my eye's
                                      and I can see every line
                                  there are none that match
                              your beauty girl your
                         looking so fine so for
                           now I will retreat and lay
                             my head down to dream
                               to me you are heaven you are
                                 the milk in my cream
607 · Feb 2021
No more
charlieboy Feb 2021
Telling my story is so hard to do , the pain is so hard to bare , there is much I confess was a terrible mess , to what of it can I compare? there is so much you see? so unsettled in me I would look out my window and stare. I had my first drink at age seven , I smoked my first **** hit at nine, at age fourteen I overdosed on tequila , I drank so much that I nearly died. From there my life seemed so confusing, I hardly knew what to do with my time, so I just kept on using to forget about this life of mine. I lost every job that they gave me, I drank until I was a corpse, once I even went to Las Vegas and bet on a high loosing horse. In the eighties things just got harder as I got addicted to ****, my skin literally crawled as I stood by the wall and I prayed for a slow painful death. Now I've put it behind me, now I'm finally clean, it's been three years in the making with no more of that life for me.
588 · Apr 9
No hope
charlieboy Apr 9
There is no hope for the wicked
who will not bend or repent,
They mock and hurl insults
at the lamb the precious one
that was sent. I will pray for the
souls who are ready, to surrender
their heart's to the Lord. I'll walk
and keep myself steady, there'll be
a time to pick up the sword.
583 · Mar 2021
eighteen tears (np)
charlieboy Mar 2021
I'll cry eighteen tears for you, I hate what I had to do to make your life a little better. I hope you can forgive me, be happy and out live me, just know I mean every letter. You were my sunshine, my light in the dark times, every day without you makes me so empty. We were always so close, what I miss the most, is the time we shared and we had plenty. I pray God will bring you, before I'm worn like an old shoe, my love for you only grows stronger. I'll never give up, nor will I drink from that old cup, in my heart I know it wont be much longer.
I wrote this for my daughter Raequel Schmidt , 10 years ago I gave her up to be adopted. Now, she is 18 yrs old and now will reside with me.
579 · Jan 22
white lightening
charlieboy Jan 22
The wheels on
the wagon rattled
down a mountainous
path. Through the
trees you could
       see the still fires
       burning charcoal
       and sap. The moon
       shine was heavily
       guarded it was
one hundred proof
if not more. Her
brother was ******
*******, after all
that's what kin folk
were for. Her pappy
        taught her to make
        white lightning, she
        worked for the sweat
        of her brow. She
knew the grip of the
law was a tightening
she had to make her
delivery some how.
        She carried a map
        of the county, she
        knew where to hold
        up and hide. She knew
on her head was a
bounty but she never
broke down and cried.
She had a good reputation
      along with a very good
       head. In her there was
       no degradation, she
slept with a gun in
her bed. Some folks
just called her Maddy
she was the pride of
      her town, sometimes
      you'll catch her drinking
      moonshine, when ever
      the law ain't around.
579 · Mar 2020
his face
charlieboy Mar 2020
I have seen the most beautiful face , glowing with compassion ,
mercy and grace.
I could see he has power to forgive every sin ,I was just blown
away as I invited him in. The love unlike anything I have known ,
ever so humble with a spiritual tone
he took a beating because of men and their laws , willingly he did this , he believed in his cause
Someday we will see the whole , heavy , cost , the day he was nailed to that old rugged cross and I will remember his face for ever .
575 · Mar 2020
charlieboy Mar 2020
I've been down to hell below , third seat to the right the second row ,
old friends were in torment
crying out for mercy.
I was there a frightened man , my legs were to weak I couldn't
stand I thought that I was condemned and left to suffer.
All of the sudden I saw a light it was radiant and so was I ,
the peace that I felt just blew me away in that moment.
So if your lost cry out his name , he wont judge you nor will he cast any blame , all of your sins and wrong doings can be forgiven.

he knows your struggling , inside your a mess , he sees your heart hurting inside your chest , one at a time he will heal all cuts and bruises .
So when your questioning your motives and faith , you need to make some room on your plate , his love is always there for those that choose it.

this was a hard one to write but only takes a minute to read
572 · Nov 2021
charlieboy Nov 2021
Some days are muted
with not much to see
there's a blanket
of smoke in my eye's.
There will be no one
that cares about
me, that's really no
no big surprise.
I'm lost in a feeling
that caters my pain,
served up like a
rich mans cuisine.
All that I see are
the thought's that remain,
no longer do I
follow my dream's.
Darkness it seems is an enemy,
blocking my way
to the light. I have no
captains, no soldiers
to, that will
stand with me and fight.
With all that said
there's one thing
I remember, I
have a will that is strong,
and it was God
that gave me the armor
to think I am weak
would be wrong.
What ever the battle,
the troubles we face,
we have the power
to win, when our
number is up dont
let your mind rattle,
victory is ours
once again
571 · Apr 16
charlieboy Apr 16
I've come to the end of my journey
I've been through the deep dark
I'll go on and keep learning to look
for the peace that I missed
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