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1d · 44
the way I see it
Some days I just sit and wonder what it must
be like to be the author of all things both
big and small. At times I feel bereaved
at the thought that he has abandoned me
all together that the thought I must be a
disappointment to the great creator A God
of high intelligence and moral fiber. Shoot, I
invented moral fiber to cast a shadow over
my imperfections and short comings. At the
time he calls me home to glory I shall be given
a brand new station in life as my preference
would be either a new heaven or a new earth.
Where the rubber meets the road I will leave
the particulars to the great I am as I will gladly
take the crumbs that fall off the table. I'm not
smart enough nor good looking enough to catch
a gaze from a spectator in want of a man
not interested in being hitched with a gal
and young ones to boot. As those children
rarely grow up to respect a man who takes the
place of a dead beat dad not giving financial
support not respecting the new suiter. No sir,
my desire is to make it from here to eternity
a solo act as I dont yearn to play God to *******
children that will never honor the step dad or
his maker.
3d · 31
bone marrow
She is like a hot water on an opened wound
She believes she's the smartest one in the room
Her words cut the marrow from the edge of my bone
Although she grow's older She still isn't grown
I've been praying to Jesus Lord set her free
I believe he will help her for the whole world to see
She drinks in the morning and throughout the day
When she's on a binder get out of her way.
So in the end I know just what she needs
A touch from the Father I think you'll agree.
It is sad to see her controlled by the drink,
she looses her cool and the ability to think.
I'm afraid of the nightfall, she turns the music up
loud, she harbors resentments, she wears her hate
just like a shroud. So I'll just keep on praying for
the answers to come. She'll keep on drinking while
the rest of us run.
May 8 · 39
how we met
charlieboy May 8
The way I met the woman whom
I came to love
Must have been an angel from God
up above
While I was sitting on the bed in
my room
I received a call and my heart just
went boom!
She said Charlie this is Karen from
work book press
She said we've got some issues that
we need to address
I said you have the wrong Charlie
I've never published a book
Then I said I am a poet would you
please take a look
So I read her a poem and she was
I could feel my heart beating inside
of my chest
She asked would you like to get
published I said yes I would
She made it so simple then she
said that I could
Since then I've been writing and
I'm on book number three
Karen is my queen and I am
her king.
I'm in love with my agent Karen
May 8 · 28
old school
charlieboy May 8
I am a killer my weapons are real
I should be in prison for the drugs
that I deal
I've got no compassion no pity no
I walk the streets with my eye's
opened wide
I control the city the police work
for me
If you need a hit man I'm the
one you would see
Think of me as a broker with
all the money I make
I collect from the hookers and
I take and I take
My father was a gangster and
his father too
They invented all the things
that most gangsters do
I'm hooked on the life style and
I'll never quit
To put it plainly I'm the man
and the ****
this is just meant to entertain you I'm not really
a gangster
May 8 · 93
What God is to me.
charlieboy May 8
I am lowly in stature, my message is this,
I try to be humble and greet all friends
with a kiss. I found out early that God
knows me whole. He is my blanket when
I'm tired and cold. God is my teacher
I learn every day. My language is simple
I watch what I say. He is my defender
when I am attacked. He is my provider
for the things that I lack. He gives me
wisdom when I need a guide. He keeps
me humble when I'm full of my pride.
He takes my defects of character and
lifts them from me. He sends me through
the fire and my spirit is free. I stand in
awe of my master, my teacher my
friend. He is my strength when mine
comes to an end. These are the things
that God is to me, he is eternal and
always will be.
May 7 · 65
The break-up
charlieboy May 7
Menace to society, the evil deep
inside of me I doubt that I will
live another day. Over here I
thought the grass was green there
were no praises I could sing, , I
guess the broken woe's are here
to stay. I miss the way you held me
tight, you kept our promise in
the light, you turned your back
on me to be with him. You told
me that our love was real, my
broken heart will never heal, for
me the light has faded bright to
dim. That's all well and good for
you, the day you said that we were
through, the time for me has come
to take a breath. I know now we
wouldn't last, I refuse to linger in
the past, I'll be sorry for the moment
of your death.
Apr 23 · 401
The face
charlieboy Apr 23
I cannot draw faces but if I could,
I would add every detail be they
proper and good.
I would trace all the lines, and
the dimples to boot. Not forgetting
the eye's with an aim when they
shoot. The nose and the ears put
down in good style, the chin and
the mouth with a beautiful smile.
The neck would be long and pretty
to kiss, when you called her name
you would first call her Miss. You
would be amazed when you saw
her take form, the gleam in her
eye's will make you happy and
warm. This would be a face created
in spring, her long black hair
would entice you to sing. When
the picture was done and finally
through, I might get the notion to
draw a picture of you.
this one is for my friend Karen
Apr 22 · 210
charlieboy Apr 22
There is little like mercy, just when you feel
like you've lost.
When the chips are down and your salad
gets tossed.
When you cant pay your mortgage and
wherever you turn, the walls they come
crashing if you still didn't learn.
If your woman up and leaves you it may
be for the best. The topic is mercy and you
know the rest. Cling on to the hope that is
sore and deferred, mercy will come if you
just lean on his word. Many a time did I
feel I was done, My inheritance spent and
my heart weighed a ton. My cries for mercy
were finally heard, and in the end there
was nothing deferred.
Apr 21 · 35
charlieboy Apr 21
I'm walking a path which enlightens,
it tells me when I'm in the wrong.
No longer do I feel frightened, in
my heart is an old fashion song.
With wisdom I'll vanquish the monsters,
I'll stomp out the thick ugly fire.
The flames although they are high,
My faith in the Lord reaches higher.
We all of us just need a nudge to
encourage when we are frightful.
When the demons come I wont budge,
I'll make it home before nightfall.
All we need is some faith in the morning,
when we set out for the day.
Seek your father if there is a warning,
tip your hat and then be on your way.
Apr 16 · 571
charlieboy Apr 16
I've come to the end of my journey
I've been through the deep dark
I'll go on and keep learning to look
for the peace that I missed
Apr 16 · 315
charlieboy Apr 16
I've given mid morning devotions
I give thanks to my father above.
I cant be sure but I've got the notion
I'm swimming in God's perfect love.
I offer up all of my praises, I give
God the glory in awe!  There is no
other way I can phrase it. I am free
no longer bound by the law.
Apr 15 · 722
Change in the weather
charlieboy Apr 15
Summer sun I can almost feel your warmth
on my back
The smell of cherry blossoms coats the edge
of my nose
Telling me that the much needed season has
finally arrived
Lovers walking side by side the picture of
brighter days to come are at hand
Birds are singing praises to the heavens
telling me to give thanks for the blue opened
The grey scenario that clutches my mind will
all but soon fade away
Now we do in time have reaped the sun upon
our faces which brightens our countenance
and hugs our hearts
The change in the weather has finally
come and I am glad because of it
Apr 15 · 1.2k
the funk
charlieboy Apr 15
I woke up this morning and I was feelin
the funk
I lost all my money and had sores on my
I went to see the doctor and he gave me
a pill
But that didn't help cause I was still feelin
Sometime in this life we may get what
we want
But there ain't nothin you can do when
your deep in the funk
Had to go to a meeting with the boys
in the band
I asked the drummer if he'd give me
a hand
He said sure just let me put down this
And that's the way that it goes when your
deep in the funk
That's all that she wrote cause the boat up
and sunk
So I'm strolling on down back to town
in the funk
Apr 10 · 48
charlieboy Apr 10
I’ve never been known to be boastful,
A braggadocio fool. Where ever I’ve
Heard a mouthful I’ve learned that it’s best
to be cool. To all of you arrogant *******
I’m not impressed not at all, To those who
steal weight from their masters, there’ll be
no one to help when you fall.
I’ve come to learn to be humble, On that
I believe is worth a boast. Steer clear of the
one that causes a stumble,  he needs you more than you need him the most.
Apr 9 · 588
No hope
charlieboy Apr 9
There is no hope for the wicked
who will not bend or repent,
They mock and hurl insults
at the lamb the precious one
that was sent. I will pray for the
souls who are ready, to surrender
their heart's to the Lord. I'll walk
and keep myself steady, there'll be
a time to pick up the sword.
Apr 9 · 135
So say's you!
charlieboy Apr 9
Why do you sit in
judgment as I'm no
worst than you? Is that the kind of
                              man you are to a
                              man who's paid all
                           of   his due's? Well go  
ahead and do it judge
me where you are, I'll
keep writing my poem's
in the room of my home
                             or with a drink in an
                             old whiskey bar. It might
                             make you feel so much
                             better to label me with
your names, to insult me
when I'm under the weather,
I've no time for your childish
games. For with the length
                            of your judgment the,
                           same will be spoken of
                           you. Then you may find
                           yourself in the fire if the
words in the bible are
true. I'll do my best to
forgive it, too keep my
heart pure and right.
                        I've got a life and I'll live
                        it, by keeping my walk in
                        the light.
Apr 8 · 805
two souls found love
charlieboy Apr 8
We have been silent, soft spoken,
never once did we fight.
Our hearts were contrite, maybe
broken, now we both walk in the
light. Our love mixed with joy is
our staple, the grace that we have
she runs deep. We always sat at our
table, together we dined on a feast.
Never did we ask the questions that
only bring pain to our heart. Loving
each other our mission, nothing
to keep us apart. All we need to
know is we're happy, there is nothing
I wouldn't do for you. your rhythm has
got my foot tapping, you lift me up
when I'm feelin blue.
Apr 2 · 38
charlieboy Apr 2
Can we pull ourselves together
just enough to think as one?
Can we be forgiving with a heart
that weighs a ton?
Can we just meet in the middle
if it's going to bring us peace?
Can we all not go to war and
let the fighting cease?
Can we show some courage
when our heart is soul afraid?
Can we earn somebodies trust
when they have been betrayed?
Can we return an insult with
a blessing that really did us harm?
Can we compliment the one we
love by throwing them some charm?
These are just some questions designed
to help you think and had one sheet
of paper and introduced some ink.
charlieboy Apr 1
Quietly, all is peaceful. There is
a calm spirit serving as my
Outside it is raining, wind
blowing, I feel serene in my
room, taking it all in as though
I'm dreaming of a place with
a blanket of lucidity stretching
from corner to corner. It is
here that my thoughts are
working in unison giving me
a much needed sense of being
as one with the author of all
So grateful for the quiet, the
silence, the peace.
Mar 26 · 777
Spirit in light
charlieboy Mar 26
There is something
comin soon
all across the land.
I'm not known to talk
about things that I dont
understand. Many heart's
are going to break, broken
and contrite. You'd best
be paying attention and
keep your spirit in the light.
He understands your deepest
moans when you cannot
speak. Temptation will not
have it's way when you
are feeling weak. Be slow
to show anger, quick to
listen, you'll hear him
speak to you. You will be
wiser for the ware before
the day is through. This world
is going to pass away a new
one he'll create. But first will
come the birthing pains the
hours getting late. You only
need to read his words to see
what must be done. Persecution
and saints harassed, the worst
has yet to come. Be of good cheer
when these things come to
pass, trust his perfect love.
We will meet in the sky on the
sweet bye and bye. Every good
thing is from God up above.
Mar 25 · 371
How many times?
charlieboy Mar 25
How many times does a man
have to die?
How many times must we
see eye to eye?
How many times must I buy
you a rose?
How many times must a
fight come to blows?
How many times must a
man help a friend?
How many times void the
love we should send?
How many times is my heart
filled with hate?
How many times with no
food on my plate?
How many times must
the world go to war?
How many times do we
pick at the sore?
How many times do we
cover the truth?
How many times doe's
a man waste his youth?
How many times must I
get you to see?
How many times do you
sit in judgement of me?
How many times did you
want me to quit?
How many times did I
put up with your ****?
How many times did I fail
to learn?
How many times did you
watch me burn?
I dont know the answer to
How many times?
did I write a poem which
had mass and good rhymes?
I've come to understand and
I do believe, that there aren't
any answers that we will
Mar 25 · 383
We are
charlieboy Mar 25
We are always together
We are breathing as one
We are happy in the good
We are warm in the sun
We are giving to the
We are smart in the game
We are safe when the floods
We are one and the same
We are strong when it's
We are fearless In the fight
We are warm when it's
cold out
We are cozy in the night
We are quick to listen
We are quick to forgive
We are resourceful in the
place that we live,
We are feeling, breathing,
We are stronger as one
We are blessed and so
grateful for GOD's only son
For now we are existing
For now we're alive
For now we are acting
For now we're the bride
Mar 25 · 365
the walk
charlieboy Mar 25
I was walking around in
the dark, my eye's failed
me to see. I was drawn to
one little spark, all of the
sudden my blind eye's
were free. How many
years did I stumble in
darkness? until my way
became clear. My senses
were alive with a deep
moving sharpness, no
longer did I walk in fear.
There in that space I
came across a stranger,
he was familiar and
straight to the chase. He
called me friend and said
there is no more danger,
compassion just oozed
from his face.  He said' I
have a name why dont you
say it? He said I know every
inch of your heart. For a
moment I thought and
then I said Jesus!!! that is
the one that thou art. Oh
how I wish to see him 10
times a 1000 and one. The
heir to the throne, a crown
of gold he doe's own. JESUS!
God's only son.
Mar 19 · 856
death giver
charlieboy Mar 19
You long to see me suffer
you do enjoy my pain. You
want my muted cries to be
the only thing I gain. For
when you see my torment
it makes you feel alive. misery
of my tortured soul is the
place you really thrive. My
skin is just like vinyl, my
hair is hard like bark, the
only thing that makes you
what you are is cold and
dark. Today you did fillet
me, you removed my torso
skin. The pain was more
than I could take, you added
salt then rubbed it in. I tried
to  free my hands there to
find that they were gone.
You encouraged me to beg
for death, it didn't take me
long. Finally I made it to
the moment of my death,
you put the razor to my
throat, right then you took
a breath. This is a scenario,
it happens every day. Mostly
down in Mexico, your safe at
home so stay.
this poem is unfortunately based on true accounts of the cartels doing these
horrible things to a lot of the people considered to be their enemies
Mar 12 · 493
Charlieboy’s ballad
charlieboy Mar 12
I do not presume to know all the secrets of the creater of all things as I’ve been mostly ignorant and unlearned of a scholarly advancement. I’ll do my best to be accurate and
respectfully the student of a man in need of
answers to the mysteries of this indigenous teaching. Bare with me as I try to explain the particulars of what I call a relationship of holy matrimony, me and my creator.
I’ve often been practicing undesirable and unlawful activities to quench the thirst of my sinful nature. In the beginning everything seemed to work in my favor, I was given to strong drink and women of an unsavory intentions. This went on for several years until I lost my job and had nowhere to lay my head because of my ignorance of the bad fortune that came due to weaknesses and poor decisions. After my pilgrimage from California to sequin Washington I made roots at my older brothers house until I wore out my welcome. 2 years earlier I made a pact between me and my maker. But because of
The cravings for illegal properties and strong drinks to wash them down I paid little to no attention to the author of all things big and small. Now I’ve decided that my well-being is totally intact and I’ve finally made peace with the God of my understanding. I call him Jesus. Yes Jesus, the light of the world, the son of God, my
magna carta. I've come to know him as the most humble man
I'd ever seen. I saw his face while offering up supplications and my
deep desire to see his countenance. I dont remember how long I
pleaded and shared my intention to see the face of the most humblest man I've ever known. Some of you may be thinkin they're just fairy tales but the one undeniable fact is that yes!!! I did see it.
My friends some of you might be thinkin that yes I would love to
know Jesus, a man with a face breathing compassion, love so deep
you could drown in it. Find you a quiet space, get down on your knees and say, Jesus will you please come into my heart? and you know
what? he will. Then and there your journey begins. Sincerely charlieboy's ballad
Mar 12 · 934
God is
charlieboy Mar 12
God is love, God is light.
When you are weak then
God is your might.
God doesn't sleep, God
doesn't quit. If I'm keeping
it real, then God is the ****
God see's your trouble, God
see's your pain. God see's
your sorrow because God's
in the rain. God knows that
we sin, God is quick to
forgive. Let him reside at
the place where you live. God
is polite, God always knocks.
If you listen close you can
hear when he talks. God is
omnipotent, his power is
real. God knows your
thought's and the way that
you feel. Just one more thing
before I am done, God conquered
death with the blood of his son.
Mar 4 · 1.2k
your call
charlieboy Mar 4
The morning brings a moment
frozen in time. Your heart is still
with-in thee. I can count a dozen
one less or one more of angel's
that protect and surround me.
Given the time to ponder and
weigh the atoms that bind me
together. I'm left to wonder,
the marvels escape, and I'm in
for cold stormy weather. As for
the question's that bereave and
lament, seldom do answers come
calling. My situation has me high
on the fence, in a moment I'm
hopelessly falling. Gone are the
day's we smiled to trick, people
into thinking we're winning. I've
got a mind and the matter is
thick, as for good times they're
now just beginning.
Feb 26 · 424
born under a bad sign
charlieboy Feb 26
Mother dont cry for me
I done chose the life I lead
lined with trouble, doubts
and pain. Marked for death
with lifes cold stain. They
caught me driven down
highway one, Thrown in
jail, my freedom done. I
killed a man to watch him
die, I couldn't tell the sheriff
why. I did my time and paid
my debts, I smelled like *****
and cigarettes. I could never
quench  the hate, not much
food upon my plate. My
conscience was muddled with
guilt and shame. clothed in
sorrow, bathed in blame. If I
added up the cost, It wasn't
worth the time I lost. I was void
of love and pride, I could not fill
the hole inside. If you see
me coming you best step away,
I might take your life to start my day. Under the sign of which I was born
Is stuck in my side like a  
jagged thorn. As I come to my end
My journey through, I’ve nothing more to say to you.
Feb 26 · 927
charlieboy Feb 26
You are so precious and you need to know
how much I love you from your head to your toe. You are ******* yourself please give it a break that’s a lot of abuse for one girl to take. Your soul alone has more value than gold, treat it with love as you
live to grow old. I see your heart and the grace that you keep, your tears come at
night and your sorrow runs deep. You are a
friend to the one left to die, you give your time and you never ask why. These are the traits that I see in you, there are more things to say but I think these will do.
Feb 25 · 55
Holy Spirit
charlieboy Feb 25
Blue green streaks of light,
fading in and out, flying
through and in my heart
just makes me want to
shout. Holy spirit you
bring me comfort when
I feel alone, you softened
up my aching heart that
was once as hard as stone.
I pray to never grieve you
for that would be a sin. On
the day you spoke to me
I asked you to come in.
I just want to thank you,
you mean so much to me.
You are the spirit of the
father and son, and in my
heart will always be.
Feb 25 · 68
the journey
charlieboy Feb 25
My soul lies deep within
me, my God speaks to my
heart. He told me when I
was a child, that I'd have
a holy spirit head start.
                                       I was deceived by the devil,
                                       he came as an angel of light,
                                       the drugs made me feel on
                                       the level, they kept me up
                                       through the night. In 1988
I was locked up, my
drinking had caught
up with me. I did 90
day's in the kitchen,
some things were not
                                    meant to be. After 70 day's I
                                    completed, my time behind
                                    bars and walls, I was finally
                                    ready to leave there, I could
                                    almost hear freedom calls.
When I was released I
was happy, but I had
nowhere to go. So I hit
up a friend named
George Baker, at first
                                  he just told me no!!! Finally
                                  after I begged and pleaded,
                                  George will you just let me
                                  stay? I promised I wouldn't
                                  be any trouble, he let me in
by the way. After two
day's was a problem
he said that I had to
go! it was 2 o-clock in
the morning, by then
                                  I was hurt, feeling low.
                                  I said please let me stay
                                  till the morning? he just
                                  said fine, go to bed! I went
                                  back to my room feeling
worried, if I had a gun
I'd be dead. The room
was dark and cold there,
I said God what do I do
now? in an instant the
                                 room was a glowing, the
                                 peace that I felt was just
                                 wow!!! In the morning I
                                 grabbed my belongings,
                                 I headed out up the road.
In my heart I felt joy
like no other, it was a
light easy load. I hitched
a ride to the next town,
I saw my old neighbor
                                and then? he gave me a ride
                                to the ferry, he was a God
                                fearing friend. I made it home
                                to my family, with open arms
                                they invited me in. It was my
chance for a new life.
Where do I even begin?
Feb 21 · 119
turn to stone
charlieboy Feb 21
A siren sings on a mountain top,
she stands there all alone. If she
catches you in her gaze your sure
to turn to stone. Her beauty goes
unmatched you see she was created
by the God's. You must come up
from behind if you want to beat
the odds. Many men have fall
victim to her beauty on the hill.
Now they are just statues there
where they all stand still. Listen
too these words of wisdom, they'll
save you on this day. It's far better
to be alone than with a siren by the
Feb 18 · 522
bare with me
charlieboy Feb 18
There is a time for every season
a time to give and to take
Although we may not know the
reason for some of the choices
we make Allow me to stand on
a soap box please let me spin you
a tale I come from the land known
as hard knocks and I listed my
soul up for sale I am not known
to be greedy sometimes I give
till it hurts I wish life were more
easy but I know for all that it's
worth That's not the story I'm
spinning that is not it no indeed
for the first time I feel like I'm
winning and it started with one
little seed There was a time I felt
empty inside me was something
I missed In time I knew something
would tempt me Fool me with one
little kiss Her name seemed to
escape me and no matter how
hard I tried the winds in the pine
started to hate me It was there
by it's roots that I died Given a
glimpse in a tunnel I saw a vibrant
light there were people in what
appeared to be a funnel it was a
strange foreboding sight There I
witnessed a being bright as a sun
in the sky I could not believe what
I was seeing I turned away lest I
would die He held in his hand
a large tablet he cried out my name
Charlie B!!! In an instant I flew up
to heaven I made it home I was
Feb 11 · 416
Lord in thee
charlieboy Feb 11
Lord I pray for whom ever
      reads this, rest your peace upon
            their heads. Let them have their joy
                  complete just like the good book say's.
Lord help those in trouble,
       protect them all the way, let
             them know your perfect love
                  and guide them on this day.
Lord for those whom are
      suffering, let them know your
            strength, show them that your love
                  is real and let them know the length.
Lord for them that endure a loss,
       show them you are there, help them
             lord to bare their pain, show them that
                  you care. Lord I thank thee for it all and
what you did for us. Lord in thee I do
      believe, in thee I put my trust.
Feb 5 · 906
wretched man am I
charlieboy Feb 5
I've come to believe I'm not worthy, to walk on through heavens gate.
I'm a wretched man and I dont understand why in my heart lye
pockets of hate. I ask the lord to forgive me, but I dont know if he will,
I'm just as doubtful as Thomas and I beg my heart to be still. Why I
ask am I like this? What is so special in me? that I will go on feeling
distant, I've a lock on a door with no key. In my eye's there is one
thing I'm missing, and I do not know what it is. In my mind there's
a crowd booing and hissing. Telling me I flunked the quiz. All of
these trait's bring depression, the rabbit hole she runs deep, the,
reason that I am so restless, no promise there for to keep. One tiny
ray of light given, for that I'd be grateful and glad. I strive for a life
of clean living, but hope deferred drives me mad. In this I've been
real and transparent, a glimpse in my life on this page. For me any
peace seen inherent, real nice for a man of my age.
charlieboy Feb 4
I hear the wind blowing,
and the willows they weep,
the rooster is crowing, it's
a moment I'll keep. Lost
is the distance for the miles
I'll walk, with quiet persistence
we just sit and talk
I hear the wind blowing
again I must say, the face
that I'm showing defines
me today. The engine is
running the noise never stops,
For you I'll come gunning,
and the hammer that drops.
I hear the wind blowing and
the message it sends, my cat
eye's are glowing, I'll say goodbye
too my friends.
Yes I hear the wind blowing
and this is how it ends.
Feb 4 · 556
any ones guess
charlieboy Feb 4
Let me slide you a solid
    let me into your mind, a
       pinch of confusion, dead
            fruit on the vine. I'll whip
you with compliments
   I'll steer when I drive,
     in utter contempt is the
the place that I thrive.
  If, is the word that defines
   the price at the gate. Walled
     with a gesture and the love
that we hate. Blind mice running
    ran into the cat. He is the hit man
      and his belly is fat. Now comes
the punch line you'll role on
      the floor, I wont give to much
when you beg me for more.
      Gone is the distance, the love, and
the wind, just ask for forgiveness if
     you feel like you've sinned. I've said
my piece and I'm finally through,
     all debts are paid at the time they
are due.
Some times you just gotta go with the flow
Jan 30 · 504
now I can see
charlieboy Jan 30
My righteousness can be
compared to this. It's like
filthy rags and my aim
didn't miss. My clothes
are humility, humbleness,
and love, I learned all these
things from my savior above.
                                         I live every moment like it is
                                         my last, I'm no longer a child
                                         he is back in the past. I'm a God
                                         fearing man and my calling is
                                         clear, but sometimes I wonder
                                         what I'm doing here. I speak
                                         words that give grace to those
who need love, in my heart
there's a symbol of a pure holy
dove. I give to the needy and
make myself known to give
God the glory as he sits on his
throne. I worship in spirit,
I worship in truth, and I've
been forgiven for the sins of
my youth. Simply put I'm God's
                                           servant and it's plain to me
                                           that once I was blind, but
                                           now I can see.
Jan 29 · 419
Gene Devier
charlieboy Jan 29
Have you heard of the child
who was murdered and *****?
she was at home in bed sleeping
when he came through the gate.
She was only twelve and she
never did wrong. Daddy your
my hero was her favorite song.
       How doe's this happen? What can
       we do? this could happen to me or
       it may happen to you. I pray for the
       families whom have suffered a lost
       it is so tragic when we add up the cost.
This may bring you some closure
and you may heal up some pain.
but you'll never forget your child
and the thought that remains.
     This is also the story of Gene Devier
     They fried his *** in the electric chair.
     He begged and he cried out please
     spare me for this? The crowed looked
intently and they all booed and hissed.
To take the life of a child is the most
tragic cost, That mother and father
and the time that they lost.
   All because of a man named Gene
    Devier a man without feelings
     in a world so unfair.
charlieboy Jan 28
With her jet black hair
      and her light green eye's
             I gently stroked her long
                   slender thigh's. I looked
                        out her window the moon
she was full, the stars they were
      bouncing and we broke every rule.
           She was my soul mate, my lover, my
                 friend, all things are started and then
all things end. As the years past
    her memory was all that I had, my
         heart in me broken, the sorrow was
              bad. Never again will I come to see
some one like her for some one like
Jan 22 · 579
white lightening
charlieboy Jan 22
The wheels on
the wagon rattled
down a mountainous
path. Through the
trees you could
       see the still fires
       burning charcoal
       and sap. The moon
       shine was heavily
       guarded it was
one hundred proof
if not more. Her
brother was ******
*******, after all
that's what kin folk
were for. Her pappy
        taught her to make
        white lightning, she
        worked for the sweat
        of her brow. She
knew the grip of the
law was a tightening
she had to make her
delivery some how.
        She carried a map
        of the county, she
        knew where to hold
        up and hide. She knew
on her head was a
bounty but she never
broke down and cried.
She had a good reputation
      along with a very good
       head. In her there was
       no degradation, she
slept with a gun in
her bed. Some folks
just called her Maddy
she was the pride of
      her town, sometimes
      you'll catch her drinking
      moonshine, when ever
      the law ain't around.
charlieboy Jan 15
It was 1982 my father
wound up dead. I dont
know the demon who
put a price upon his
head. It was my mother
who found him, his
face she said looked serene.
My father was a proud
man, he was a bad *** marine.
Some days I wonder who
did this, he died before
his time. The facts were
also so unclear, the words
just didn't rhyme. If I could
give him his justice then
I would make it known
that I would invoke an eye
for an eye with my heart
as hard as stone. There
is a punishment coming
that Iv'e heard people
tell. The wicked man
that killed my father will
suffer down in hell.
Between heaven and hell
theres a casym, I will go there
every day, to watch the man
who killed my father with
the God who made him pay.
Jan 15 · 1.2k
I'll keep it short
charlieboy Jan 15
Where is this all going?
Where will it all end?
Be thankful in this
precious life if you had
one good friend.
Jan 15 · 1.2k
the death of me
charlieboy Jan 15
There is nothing in
this world that we
can get for free. Every
boy and every girl
were born with eye's
to see. While I was
walking down the
street a man did
approach. He asked
me for a cigerette I
told him I dont smoke.
later on that very
same man was driving
a brand new porche
it turned he was very
rich his daddy was a
morche.The moral of
this story we really
never know the score.
A little bit is not enough,
we all cry out for more.
So in time the man
died from cancer from
the cigerettes he smoke,
life can be a real big
game not meant to be
a joke. So remember
this suggestion do not
accept anything for
free. It may be the death
of you or maybe the
death of me.
Jan 10 · 556
How about you
charlieboy Jan 10
My goal is to become
an oeuvre, the content
must be complete, I’m
trying to find the middle
ground strong beneath
my feet. The reason I’m
so boxed up the smell of
dead disdain, maybe then
I just might find the lost
link on the chain. We all
of us need a reason for
The act to be humane
Maybe then we just might
learn to heal from all the
pain. I am just a student
my teacher is my mind,
Some of you may want to
judge the answers you can’t
find. Now just try to be
quiet, and listen very close.
The person that you really
hate is the one you need the most.
This writing has enough content
I hope you will be pleased,
That is all I’m gonna write
to those with this disease
They all have a need to be honest
and if I'm gonna be true
go ahead and ask how a bout
me? then I'll ask how a bout you?
Dec 2021 · 798
a particular day
charlieboy Dec 2021
The wind moving
like a ballerina
blows gently upon
my cheek Fireflys
are everywhere they
have the light that I seek
All things are connected
we all think as one
my prayers have
been perfected I
invite you all to come
As I was on the
straight path a man
stood out from the rest
his face was full of
compassion with a
golden crown upon
his head He said
'where have you been
child I have been waiting
for you he was so humble and very kind
too I explained I'd been
searching for what I can't
say I looked everywhere
through the night then
the day It is my good
fortune that we finally
met this was a day I
will never regret
You see he was the one
searching while I was
just lost here was the
Mesiah whom was naild
to a cross The lamb who
was slain did rise from
the dead wih a crown
jeweled and golden
on his preciuos head.
I dont know what else
I can say accept this was what
happened on a particular day.
Dec 2021 · 932
charlieboy Dec 2021
Just when I feel it
   is over, like I've
      nothing more I
         can write all
            things must
               come in
                  an order
               if I'm
       in a
  corner I'll
fight. You will not
   see me coming for
I know  my way in
   the dark, you'll only
      hear the bird humming
and I'll find you just
     where you are.
         Just when you
             feel like it's over
         like you are through
    with the pain, I'm
here to say there'l be
    more dear memories
are all that remain.
  Just know this is the
      way love, the time
        in the world which
           we live, No more peace
                 with a white dove  for
                     pain is the gift that I give.
           You will call me a monster
       but I know one thing that
   you dont.  There are no men
among there who'l bend to
my will cause they wont.
   for I am an exicutioner and
      I'll take your life with respect
         I have been ordered to **** you
for all of the lives you have wrecked.
     I'll hear you crying for mercy
          but there'l be no mercy for you
                    I'll beat you in to submission
                          my methods are vial and cruel
                     what was that you were saying?
               your whimpers are hard to
          make clear, all of your crys
      are in vain now there will be
no more crying here.
    one more thing you
       should know now
            before my eye's turn
                to red, the only way
              for a good **** is to
          say off with it's head
Dec 2021 · 697
it's about us
charlieboy Dec 2021
Time sifts seamlessly through
space gifting all those that it
touches. I look at the world
through eye's full of grace
but in a couple of years I'll
need crutches. I've come to
believe in a world filled with
pain to somehow give that
world healing. In the depths
of our hearts bad memories
remain love is the card that
I'm dealing. It's not enough
to say to yourself that I'll
help somebody tomorrow,
Today is the day to get up
off your shelf there are plenty
whom suffer with sorrow!
You've been a slacker and
you may complain your
selfish, hard hearted and angry,
get out of your head with your
eye's burning red I promise
some day you will thank me.
Dec 2021 · 932
charlieboy Dec 2021
Here I wait in the
twilight hour seeking
a place I can stay. I'm
just a man but I've
got the power, I use
it when night turns
to day. Standing alone,
I fight off my foe's
my spirit and heart
unafraid. The courage
i've shown has a voice of it's own  My
overdue debt has been
paid. Society has become
micromanic, shoveling
it's dirt in the street.
Some say that I am
just a fanatic that moves
to a mean funky beat.
So, looking forward,
seeking the light that
has been here all along,
I am dedicated the dog
in the fight my will is
unbroken and strong.
So save all your insults
they are tired and weak
not to be thrown on the
brave, I'll seek the wise
for the answers I seek
and I'll take them all to
my grave
Dec 2021 · 630
You should know this by now
charlieboy Dec 2021
I know of a man incredibly humble
whom died for the sin's of us all.
Before he died he was horribly tortured
the crowds watched as he took the
fall. I've made several attempts to
tell him I am sorry for nobody
suffered like him. He looked me
straight in the eye, with one humble
reply and said child come enter
in. Well' I was just blown away
as with one single touch I was forgiven,
made clean. I stood there and wept,
and the demons just crept, My Lord is
a sin forgiving machine. If you are beat
down and you feel him tugging,
my friend simply cry out his name!
Jesus! my lord! I surrender my sword,
I confess your the mesiah whom
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