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  Jan 14 charlieboy
three darts to the left
might have tried poisoned arrows instead
but it's about the pain not the death
and life, it's a wonderful mess
three strokes from dawn, now that's the true test
to dream, to rise
and do it all again
thank you, God
I feel so *******
  Jan 14 charlieboy
He loves her.
She loves him.
It's love that makes their world beautiful.
  Jan 14 charlieboy
Yellow birds flap wings
Taking off to the blue sky
Flying high in style.
  Jan 14 charlieboy
Tabitha Lee
Truth be told...this is a hard day
Running on empty
No gas

Truth be hurts always too
Empty holes in chest
Nothing left

Truth be always smiling
Maybe edging numbness
Maybe its real

Truth be told...It still haunts me
The screams ring free
The photos show truth

Truth be told...I am not ok
And truth be told...thats ok...
charlieboy Jan 10
My goal is to become
an oeuvre, the content
must be complete, I’m
trying to find the middle
ground strong beneath
my feet. The reason I’m
so boxed up the smell of
dead disdain, maybe then
I just might find the lost
link on the chain. We all
of us need a reason for
The act to be humane
Maybe then we just might
learn to heal from all the
pain. I am just a student
my teacher is my mind,
Some of you may want to
judge the answers you can’t
find. Now just try to be
quiet, and listen very close.
The person that you really
hate is the one you need the most.
This writing has enough content
I hope you will be pleased,
That is all I’m gonna write
to those with this disease
They all have a need to be honest
and if I'm gonna be true
go ahead and ask how a bout
me? then I'll ask how a bout you?
  Jan 8 charlieboy

haven't watched the sun rise
      in quite some time
but i can remember its warmth when
the corners of your eyes curl up in a smile

it's such a beautiful thing
when you get to sleep in
with no where to go
but up

It's tough to say — bye!
When you know, From tomorrow...
You will not exist!
For u — 2021... Goodbye... "We'll meet again"... I wish I could say so but we can't ...And that's what, this life teaches us... That, nothing is permanent, everything has to be vanished... Even our existence!!
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