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long and wide is the road to hell , many there be that find it . The devil promised them riches and fame , with a contract and they up and signed it . Some believe that hell is the world , their sorrows are many to be counted , if you come across a bag full of woe's , leave that **** where you found it . I'm just a spectator leaving my mark in a world full of grave confusion , the grass being greener on the other side of town is just a grand illusion . I'm certain of many thing's that this life has taught me , when I was falling , spiraling out of control Jesus reached out his hand and he caught me . All of you have value and worth , if your struggling my friend's just hang in there , I assume that you know the rest ,  I believe life can be fair .
Life is here but for only the living , are you trapped in the dark void never giving? Are you down for the challenge that I'm bringing before you ? In my heart I love and adore you .
Mesmerized by the way that I say it , if your playing a game then go on and play it . The merry-go-round that you ride around there , has to stop no one said life would be fair .I'm writing about what this ugly world up and gave me , not once did anyone offer to save me . It's not a resentment , I hold no grudges I'm not the stubborn mule that never budges . Now I'm in the mix , I got that paper , I picked up the love and I put down the razor . these day's I am loved , that is my treasure , this is my gift of significant measure . the day's turn to night so I'll leave the light on , now your a man and it's time to walk-on .
I've been in a funk and it's cramping my style someone please come feed the beast , on  my neck he is breathing his anger is seething , he thought he would dine on a feast . My mind is made up , I'm ******* and fed up , if he move's just one more inch , I gave him fare warning , I'll be glad in the morning and be rid of his foul smelling stench . In this life we have choices we just need use our voices and sometimes we might make a scene , do what you must , what is wrapped up in trust , in the end keep your feet dry and clean .
We're like dog's in a corner itching to bite , when push come's to shove we are in for a fight . This is the way I feel it need's to be , we have to throw punches if we want to be free . When the fighting is over , it's time for peace , it's the way I prefer to say the least . It's been said love thy neighbor as we want to be loved , my friend's we can do this with help from above . Please know as you read this it's a good way to live , dont be a taker and learn how to give . In all of my years I've come to believe , it's better to give than it is to receive . I'll leave this impression and you can be the judge , how much should we give ? what we have is enough .
I'm having a hard time , I'm failing to see ,late is the hour for you and for me . As for what to write I've made a list , punching my pillow with the ball of my fist . I will be candid , I'll make it clear , not knowing what come's next is the what' that I fear . We all of us have value , all of us have worth , we all begin dying at the time of our birth . Rhadamanthine , now there's a big word , it mean's incorruptible and a chance to be heard . So I will forge a new iron I will lead without fear , because I know how to follow so be of good cheer . When it's all over , all said and done , pick up the love and put down your gun .
My life has been a long winding road , lonely and tired no sympathy showed . I hold to no grudges , no resentments nor hate , I've learned some hard lessons the first? was to wait .
In this life of trials I seldom did know , the love of a father and onward I go . Still I'm no sceptic , it's plain to see ? the scars on this heart beating inside of me . They are not random , I know every one , each has a name , the damage is done . Now I am older , wiser for the wear , I look to the future with a thousand yard stare . one more round for the end of the show ,   the cuts come quickly but the healing is slow .
with the right kind of encouragement we will reach for the star's
the still morning slumber , the thousand yard stare , the children eat ashes but why should we care ?  the mephitic bodies lye dead on the floor , ten to a pile we make room for more .  Repine by nature , why shouldn't we be . we open our eye's still we're to blind to see . To the lost and those hurting that need to be heard , to offer them healing and a couple kind words . So kneel at the alter , acknowledge your shame , brother forgive me and I'll do the same .
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